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10 Best Free Volusion Templates for Online Stores

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Have you heard the latest news? Volusion is a very cool and useful online platform created by experts that will help you create and manage your eCommerce websites. Their expert team can assist you with anything you need in starting an online shop for your business.  Volusion is super useful if, besides creating the website, you also want to increase your selling and reach new customers for your products or services.

The Volusion themes are one of the best that you can find on the internet and they come packed with tons of options. All their themes were designed by professionals developers for eCommerce websites, so you can rest assured that your online shop will be in line with the latest web design trends. They have quite a bunch of website templates and each one of them has a very clean and eye-catching design, full flexibility and responsiveness on a wide range of devices and screen sizes. The best part of it all? All of them are super easy to customize even for beginners that don’t have any coding knowledge. You don’t need to insert one line of code in order to create your website!

More than 180,000 people have used Volution templates until now which means they are trusted by lots of people who have seen that their products and services and high-quality. The possibilities are endless when creating an eCommerce website using Volusion. We recommend their templates for a wide range of shops including apparel, toys, home decor, furniture and any other theme or product you may be selling. For each one of these categories, you can find a perfect theme that’s both beautiful and fully responsive. The Volusion comprehensive website builder is super easy to use and you will get your online shop up and running in minutes! You just need to pick your favorite theme and fill it with your most important information, products and offers and you’re good to go!

If you need payment collections, countless product options, fully functional contact forms or efficient inventory management, then Volusion is the solution! Their themes come packed with all these features and a lot more. You can easily use them to add full functionality to your website and to create an unforgettable experience for your visitors and customers. We think this platform is perfect for getting your business started or just refresh the look of your old eCommerce website.

Volusion comes with a free trial for 14 days that you can use to get a hang of things and see if this can be the perfect solution for you and your business. We recommend trying the free trial along with one of their free website templates that you can twist and change to test their limits.

In this article, you can find 10 of our favorite Volusion themes that are completely free to use. You won’t see any difference between any of these and the premium ones, so we suggest you start scrolling and see if any of these catch your eye!

If they do, make sure you tell us which one is your favorite. All of them have an incredibly modern and minimalist design packed with lots of features and eCommerce apps.


Let’s start with ‘Craft’, which is a stunning Volusion template that combines new and powerful features with a simple and clean design in order to get the best possible outcome for your projects. ‘Craft’ comes with a very minimal but eye-catching design that focuses on content and it will draw attention to your products so you can sell more. This Volusion theme includes a full width slideshow which can be an amazing tool if you use it for showcasing your offers and special information about your products and services. This template lets you insert your own logo and color palette that will enhance your brand’s look. This template is completely free to use, so start customizing it to see if it’s perfect for you too!

Craft - Best Free Volusion Template


‘Boost’ is a Volusion template that comes with a stunning full-width slideshow, sharp lines, and a cool header. These unique features will help you create a website like no other. This template is entirely free to implement on your own store and it will give you the option to create memorable websites if you put a bit of effort into customizing it. ‘Boost’ has a clean, simple but effective design with black and white accents that are very classy and fail-proof. We recommend it if you want to make sure your website follows the latest web design trends. We strongly recommend it for various eCommerce websites from sports equipment, furniture, toys, shoes and more! ‘Boost’ is fully responsive Volusion template and it scales automatically to fit any web browser, device or screen size.

Boost -  Free Volusion Template


Here we have another gorgeous free template for Volusion that can be used by anyone that is looking to create a powerful online website for their business. Even though it’s completely free to use, this theme doesn’t lack powerful features and tools that will help you create a professional and modern website for any personal or commercial project you might think of. This fully responsive template has a design that features sharp lines and a well-organized layout that will help you enhance your brand’s identity and reach new customers. The navigation menu on the left is perfect for websites with a large number of products and categories. This way you can keep your websites’ aspect neat and organized. The large header is perfect for presenting your most precious information like new products or special offers. You can use this free Volusion template if you want to make a website that will stand out from the rest.

Warehouse - Free Template for Volusion


‘Details’ is a complex but minimal-looking Volusion template that has a very user-friendly and well-organized look. Its design was well-thought and will help you sell more and attract new customers. Its airy layout will provide a very enjoyable navigation for your visitors. The full-width slideshow is a handy tool that will impress your clients and will help you showcase your product images and details in a professional way. This Volusion theme is also fully responsive and completely scalable on any device and screen size. The friendly and soft color palette completes the design in an elegant way. You won’t even realize that this template is completely free to use for your projects or businesses!

Details - Free Volusion Theme


Vibes is a refreshing theme that brings a fresh perspective to classical templates. We think you should use this theme if you want to create an eye-catching website that your clients will love and come back to. This Volusion template has a minimalistic and fresh look it’s so flexible and versatile so that it can be used for lots of different eCommerce websites. ‘Vibes’ is fully responsive and it will look and work perfectly on any mobile device, on a wide range of browsers and on any screen size or type. This free Volusion theme comes with a very nice and easy to comprehend homepage that will catch everyone’s attention. Your images and product information will look great in this layout. ‘Vibes’ is a great option if you want to create a professional eCommerce website without spending a cent.

Vibes - Free Theme for Volusion


‘Minimal’ is a Volusion template that doesn’t like complex and cluttered looks. It comes with a very modern and clean layout that will fit perfectly any cool brand that needs a website. Its sharp, straight-to-the-point home-page layout comes with a pleasant color palette and great typography choices that can be easily changed and customized. ‘Minimal’ is content-oriented and it doesn’t’ provide any distractions or useless information for your clients other than your products and services. Another awesome feature is the menu that automatically collapses and helps to preserve a minimal and perfectly organized look. ‘Minimal’ gives your online shoppers a wonderful browsing experience so that your clients will easily find what they’re looking for. This Volusion theme is completely free to use and fully responsive.

Minimal Free Volusion Template


Just like the other Volusion template, ‘Credo’ has a clean and minimalist look that is combined with rustic details. We think this is a perfect match for modern brands that need a great website to showcase and sell their products and services. This theme comes with a clean, white background and nice black accents. This elegant design is so simple yet effective and it will help you sell more and find new clients. One of the most beautiful features of this free Volusion theme are the color palettes that offer a rustic feel, perfect for any creative entrepreneur. We think it’s a perfect fit for any kind of shop including furniture, restaurants, handmade items, beauty products, watches and more! Use it to create stunning websites that are in line with the latest design trends on the market.

Credo - Free Volusion Template


Eclectic is another great example of a simple but effective template for an eCommerce store. This template comes with gorgeous fonts so your texts will stand out from the crowd, marigold highlights and a lot more! This Volusion template provides awesome navigation experiences that are both beautiful, efficient and easy to understand. This theme has a super fresh and clean look to it that will attract new customers and help you sell your products faster. ‘Eclectic’ comes with an awesome hero graphics section that you can use to write eye-catching texts and messages to your audience and showcase your favorite products. Another great feature of ‘Eclectic’ is the well-thought spaces that we recommend for showcasing your best offers. By using these already-made features that come with ‘Eclectic’, you can make sure your eCommerce store will work and look perfect on any device and screen size. You won’t even believe it’s completely free to use!

Eclectic -  Best Free Volusion Templates


Vitality is another cool example of a free Volusion template that comes with a fully responsive theme and a clean and exciting look. This template includes a wide sized image header that you can customize with easy to showcase your products, special offers or the most important information for you and your brand. Another awesome feature of this free Volusion theme is the mobile-friendly navigation bar at the top that is fully responsive on any device and screen size and it offers great browsing experience for mobile and tablet users. ‘Vitality’ also allows you to customize your footer and top navigation bar in order to create a modern and effective website that’s both beautiful and fully functional. We strongly believe that ‘Vitality’  is a perfect Volusion theme that can be easily customized. The best part? It’s completely free to use! The awesome homepage will help you increase your brand visibility and find new customers.

Vitality - Free Volusion Theme


Mission is one cool Volusion theme that’s completely free to use for any project or eCommerce website. ‘Mission’ has a fully responsive layout that looks and works perfectly on a wide range of screen sizes and devices. This template has a sharp and eye-catching design that combines a black and charcoal color palette that’s super modern and beautiful.  These color choices are in line with the latest web design trends. The contrasting white text is super easy to read and it’s not hard on the eyes. ‘Mission template’ was designed by the professional web designers at Volusion so you will be able to create a stunning website in minutes. This template is content-oriented and it will make your products stand out from the crowd. The simple yet effective homepage lets you showcase your best products and offers so your visitors will get the right idea. ‘Mission’ is a free-to-use template that comes packed with premium features!

Mission - Free Template for Volusion Platform

This completes our roundup of the best free Volusion templates and themes. We hope that these templates will serve you well in creating a functional and profitable eCommerce business using the Volusion framework.

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