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In this article I will focus on Fortune3 review. From small to large online retailers, Fortune3 ecommerce software is one of the easiest and user-friendly platforms in the shopping cart space. With over 10 years in development, the Fortune3 shopping cart software was developed by online retailers for online retailers to build an ecommerce store within minutes.

Customization on the Fortune3 platform is as easy as it is on any other platform and if you’re looking to hire a team of designers, Fortune3 is an easy platform to work with. Over the past two years, the company has had hundreds of online retailers switch from their shopping cart software to Fortune3.

One of the most important elements of Fortune3 software which is a critical part of any online retailer’s success is the way it optimized in the search engines. Fortune3s background is heavily focused on search engine optimization and the software was developed with that in mind that online retailers need to rank well, from their homepage to any product page to be real successful in the online marketing space.

The software has built-in HTML editor and FTP client. You can link your Web site and shopping cart system to any credit card processing, merchant account, or payment gateway. It integrates with Google Checkout and Paypal. It creates optimized Web pages for the search engines–SEO. You can acquire product data directly from any accounting software; import and export directly to QuickBooks. It retrieves live shipping quote directly from major U.S. carriers to offer several shipping methods and costs to online buyers during the shopping cart checkout: FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. You can fully customize the Web pages layout and meta tags. Sell downloadable products online; software and pictures using the multi-currency and multi-lingual functions.

You do not need to have ANY html knowledge to start your online ecommerce store with this platform and creating products to upload is as easy as 1,2,3. Fortune3 offers a free 30 day trial and you can see the video tutorial below.

Compare and read on the features of this shopping cart platform and its ratings from ZippyCart, which is a website which offers great insight on all the shopping cart platforms out there.

Fortune3 Shopping Cart Software Tutorial from Fortune3 on Vimeo.

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11 thoughts on “Fortune3 Review”

  1. I am a fairly new client of Fortune3’s, but in the few months that I have taken my online store to them my business has skyrocketed. My website is so much simpler and my hosting is so reliable that when paired with Fortune3’s marketing and SEO tools, we have quadrupled our sales in just 5 months, with very little investment. Their staff is also just about the best and most helpful customer support team I have ever worked with. A highly recommended host and shopping cart!

  2. I’m not sure if these reviewers are talking about the same shopping cart Fortune3, or what their experience was like, but I switched to Fortune3 just over 9 months ago and my business has quadrupled ever since. Fortune3’s staff is always friendly and ready to help and I’ve never had a better customer support service from any company, and their software does everything I need and more, and is easy to use. I would recommend this cart to anyone.

  3. a less than average cart with very few or no feature upgrades,they say it is easily customizable but it is not, and if you need fortune3 to do any customization, then get ready to pay through your nose, for eg, a normal Geotrust ssl(quick ssl premium)
    certificate which cost$149, fortune will charge you $349, a whopping $200 margin.
    like this you will be paying a premium for every small modifications/changes

    and above all like a cherry on top the most abusive support staff I’ve ever seen, they will insult you without any reason

    If i have to rate them I will give a generous 1/5

    if you are planning to subscribe, do it at your own risk

    • Thank you for your review Sandy… unfortunately, none of the things you are claiming are true or factual, so we have to assume that you are either deeply mis-informed on these facts, or that these comments were left to purposely hurt Fortune3. Our Geotrust SSL certificate pricing was reduced as soon as Geotrust reduced its pricing. Our support staff is always highly praised for being friendly and extremely helpful, and we have no record of your account or name on our user history.

  4. Aside from the fact that they try to hide the fact that they charge a transaction fee, their software is fragmented, disjointed, and buggy. Their technical support is downright lousy.

    Their software is fragmented into two parts- a so-called Wizard that runs on your PC (sorry, MAC users), and a web interface. There is overlap between the two which causes confusion. If you make a product change, you can not preview the changes without first uploading your store, which means it goes on-line. You then have to upload it a second time to be able to create a rescue file- otherwise you can not retrieve your store. There is even a situation where you have to do a dummy upload from your PC when you use their web interface, otherwise changes made on the web interface won’t take effect. Ridiculous!

    Technical support is insulting and rude. They consistently push back if you report a problem in their software to them. For example, if you click on a product, and a DIFFERENT product opens for editing, they say that is fine and there is no problem.

    Fortune3 offers an over-priced and very clumsy approach to eCommerce, and their support is worthless. If you need eCommerce, go elsewhere.

    • Jill, if you ever read this comment from me – where else would you go for ecommerce? I researched and read reviews of several ecommerce solutions prior to choosing Fortune3; and decided on Fortune3 based on everything I found (and the available functions/features).

      I’ve had my site live for 8 months – what a nightmare they made it just to get it up and running correctly! And I just noticed that half of my site is MISSING. The service is absolutely horrible, and I wish I had a better – less time consuming and glitchy – solution. Any advice?

      • Rachael,

        We apologize for the troubles you had with your online store. However, after further looking into your issues, they all seem to be caused by improper use of our software. Your content is missing because you are using Microsoft Word to create your content, and then copying that content into the Fortune3 HTML editor. However, Microsoft Word’s HTML editor is not a true HTML Editor. It creates code that only works with Microsoft programs (Word, Interet Explorer), but this content does not show in other browsers because the code is not real HTML code. Fortune3’s support dept. is currently working with you to clean up your Word code and fix all the problems you have been having, and we are happy to report that the code has now been cleaned up and the problems you were having have been fixed.

        Please do not hesitate to contact Fortune3 should you experience any other difficulties.

  5. I am very pleased with the Fortune3 ecommerce software and also with their website hosting services and customer support.
    The Fortune3 shopping cart offers an efficient ecommerce website solution to sell online anything from products to services: From real products that can be customized by the customer while shopping online to photos, downloadable products, and gift certificates as well.
    The PC base interface to build the online storefront is fast and easy. The product import feature through Excel is organized and so fast that creating and modifying the online store takes just a few minutes.
    From the data entry to managing the online store, the Fortune3 shopping cart software is an incredible tool to run and online business seamlessly.
    I think that this program can achieve results comparable to the large online shopping carts. Among hosted shopping carts Fortune3 is an excellent choice.

  6. I love their Fortune3 ecommerce blog. I downloaded the software and started going off by the of their tips. Started a website a few months back with Fortune3 (i have another site that I just set up that is basically just paypal pay now buttons) and this Fortune3 site seems to convert better and easy to customize. Good product for those seeking shopping cart software.

  7. Great, tips. I been doing a lot of SEO/SEM in the past and I was pretty sure I know everything about this field but with your article I realized you can still teach new tricks to old dogs. I’ll be reading your other posts.

  8. This is a great online store builder and ecommerce shopping cart solution. It is easy and fast because the software installs in your own pc. You don’t need to connect to Internet to build your online store. I recommemd it to everyone,


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