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I recently got my hands on a very, very powerful viral marketing tool called “Super Tell-A-Friend”. I decided to review it because I honestly think this is the best viral marketing tool available on the market. Why?

In a nutshell, what this tool does is it allows you to virally promote your site by allowing your users to invite their email contacts to visit your site. Sounds familiar? It’s the same concept that Facebook and Linkedin use, among others. The really cool feature about Super Tell-A-Friend is that it also allows you to incentivize your visitors to mass invite their friends by showing daily and monthly rankings of each user (email is not shown fully) and how many people they invited. I think this is an awesome idea because it opens the door to many possibilities how to further incentivize your users to promote your site virally, such as prizes for top inviters. So what exactly does the Super Tell-A-Friend do?

  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONALITY : allow your existing users to promote their affiliate links, allow your visitors to invite their friends to join or visit your website, email list building and newsletter software.
  • To send the emails, the script can use your hosting internal email server or a SMTP server.
  • The script is able to send the email invitations immediately or using a cron job (email queue).
  • The possibility to define maximum number of emails sent per hour and day.
  • Newsletter module – it can send recurrent emails to all emails in the database (invited contacts, users and subscribers).
  • Personalized email invitation. It contains special tags, automatically replaced by the script :
    “Recipient’s Name”, “Recipient’s Email”, “Sender’s Name”, “Sender’s Email”, etc.
  • Detailed REPORTS : users, visitors, subscribers, rewards – the ability to download as CSV file.
  • The system can automatically send personalized recurrent REMINDERS to :- All users who invited their friends and ask them to send more invitations (to win the rewards).
    – All recipients who did not visit your website (to remind them about the benefits of your website)
  • 10 FREE skins included in the package. The skins are also customizable.
  • Customizable thank you email, confirmation email, redirection link and visitor’s landing page.
  • The visitor’s landing page may be a fixed page or sender’s referral page (“email this page” feature).
  • Full Html support. All features, content, text blocks are optional and customizable.

And much, much more. As I stated earlier, Super Tell-A-Friend is, hands down, the best tell-a-friend script.

Where can you get this all-in-one tell a friend script, contacts importer, invitation system and much more?

Get It Here

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