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10 SEO Tools Which Will Help You Optimize Your Website

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One of the most challenging parts of running your site is search engine optimization. The way search engines and Google rank your website keeps changing numerous times a year. This means that you have to be updated every day about the current SEO developments if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Although SEO is hard, there are various tools which you can use to handle SEO and get the necessary data which is needed to boost your rankings. If you know these tools and what they can do for you and your site, you will be ready for success.

Here are some of the SEO tools which will help you to optimize your website and boost your rankings in Google and Bing.

  1. Google search console

Google search console is a tool created by Google that is used to figure out how your website is doing in Google search. This service offers different tools which can be used to cover many aspects of search engine optimization. For instance, the tool enables you to check whether there are any errors in your website so that you can fix them immediately. It can also notify you when your website is affected by malware; the keywords people are using when searching for your site and the backlinks which you have received.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is probably best known for helping you to find the best keywords for your website. It assists you in getting information on the keywords which most people search for. Apart from researching keywords, the tool can also provide you with information about the strategies which your competitors are using. For example, it can tell you how much traffic they are getting on their website, the type of backlinks which they are using and the traffic which is coming from paid ads. SEMrush lets you keep track of your website’s monthly organic traffic, the new keywords you’ve started ranking for, and the keywords which increased or decreased in rankings.

  1. Buzzstream

Buzz stream gives you a whole collection of tools which you can use in email marketing, domain search, and project management. Buzzstream can assist you in collecting results of the keywords which are searched for. The tool also provides you with information on different sites you can use to outreach and get links from, their overall ranking, domain age, authority, and related social media accounts. You can use this tool to research who your competitors are and the content which they are publishing. The tool can also help you create a list of their authors to reach out to.

  1. Google analytics

Google analytics is used to give feedback on your website’s performance. This tool gives a clear picture on your website traffic, where it’s coming from, the devices used and other meaningful information. You will also get all the information which you might need to monitor your ROI and website performance. Google analytics is something that every single website needs to have.

  1. Google trends

Google trends is a tool which helps you to search for some of the popular news on the web, the popular keywords, compare the keywords and get insights. Google trends is useful especially for news-related websites or any websites which need to see what the latest search trends are.

  1. Linkody

Linkody is mainly about backlinks. The tool allows you to view who is linking to your website, learn about the keywords which they are using and can even assist you in removing links which you don’t like. Linkody also has some extras like an option which will help you to generate reports which you can send to clients, connect to google analytics and monitor your website’s social shares.

  1. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a collection of tools designed to assist you in tackling SEO using an approach which is data driven. The tools can help you to research both on domains and long-tailed keywords You can use this tool to avoid irrelevant keywords and also to improve on the strategies which your competitors are using. When you use Moz Pro to look up a keyword, it will show you how difficult or easy it will be to rank for that phrase. You will get an overview of the number of people who are searching for that keyword. Also, Moz Pro has a Google Chrome extension that you can use to get helpful information for any domain which you visit, such as website’s domain and page rank.

  1. Ontolo

Ontolo is a tool which is used in research to help you find SEO and marketing opportunities. It can also help you to find guest posting opportunities and back linking which is rare to find with other automated tools. The primary objective of Ontolo is to assist you to find methods of growing your traffic. If you want your website to be more authoritative, you will be required to use backlinks, but finding the right opportunities can be a challenge. Ontolo helps you locate these opportunities so you can pitch them.

  1. Hubspot’s Website Grader

Hubspot’s Website Grader is less complicated than the other tools which have been featured above. To use the tool all you need to do is to enter the domain name and wait for Hub spots website grader to generate a report. When the report is ready, you will find different scores on your website performance security, SEO and mobile friendliness. It’s crucial to note that security, mobile friendliness, and performance will directly affect your search engine optimization. The entire report will be about how your website is faring overall from an SEO point of view.10. WooRank

  1. WooRank

WooRank is quite the same as Hubspot’s Website Grader in that you provide it with a link and it gives you a report on your website. However, in this case, it will only give you a single report on the performance of your site. After it gives you the report, it will also give you a list of the things which you can do to improve mobile friendliness and SEO.

There are numerous tools which you can use to boost your SEO rankings this year. The above are some of the best which you can use to optimize your website to ensure great performance in search engines.

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