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Zarget Review (Now FreshMarketer) – Conversion Optimization Software for Websites

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Today we will be reviewing Zarget, a service that specializes in conversion optimization software for websites.  Anyone who has ever created a website knows that creating a website is just part of success for any business. Creating a website that converts, a website that achieves the purpose for which it was built for – is a much harder task. That is why a tool like Zarget is essential to every website. Let us look at some of Zarget’s features to see why it is an excellent conversion optimization tool.

A/B Testing



What exactly is A/B testing? This practice refers to testing several versions of your website to find out which one converts and performs better. For example, if the purpose of your website is to get people to sign up for a subscription to chocolate bars, a headline that says “Never leave your chocolate cravings unfulfilled.  Automatic refills.” could perform better than “Subscribe to ____ website and get a recurring subscription for chocolate bars.” But you would not know which one converts better unless you do A/B testing. Through A/B testing, you are able to show different versions of your website to visitors, and gather data on which version has resulted in better conversions.

Zarget takes this one step further by providing you with a Chrome plug-in for A/B testing. The plug-in allows you to optimize and and test pages right from your Chrome browser – creating A/B tests has never been easier.

As another bonus, Zarget allows you to A/B test behind log in screens – something that has generally not been possible to do via website optimization software.

Split URL Testing


Split URL testing is a bit different from A/B testing. A/B testing allows you to test different sections of the same page, such as calls to action, images, etc. Split URL testing on the other hand, allows you to test whole new versions of your landing page. Generally speaking, split URL testing has previously been a complicated process, requiring you to write long code to creating a split URL test. With Zarget’s “Regex” targeting option, you are able to split test through an easy online interface.



Perhaps one of the most useful features any website can use is heatmaps. Heatmaps are visual representations of where your visitors are looking and clicking. As most people scroll their cursor to where they are looking, heatmaps provide an accurate representation of what page elements your website visitors are paying most attention to. As designers, we are sometimes biased and can not look at our own design objectively. Testing a heatmap will provide scientific data of which page elements stand out to visitors, and what they are clicking on, allowing us to better achieve the goals of our clients.

Heatmaps themselves aren’t new and other conversion optimization services do provide you with heatmaps. What makes Zarget stand out is their ability to track interactive elements – something that other website optimization services may not necessarily allow.

In addition, Zarget’s heatmaps come with built-in clickmaps – showing you the raw number and percentage of clicks on each element on the page.

Funnel Analysis


Funnel analysis answers one simple questions: why are my visitors not doing what I want them to do? In other words, businesses don’t really care about visitors – they care about conversions. You can have 1000 people coming to your eCommerce store every day, but if nobody is buying anything, you’ve got to figure out what you’re doing wrong. This is where funnel analysis comes in. Through funnel analysis you are able to see exactly which pages result in visitors abandoning your website. Perhaps those pages do not have enough detail, or perhaps your visitors are confused about something. Doing funnel analysis is necessary to every online business.

Zarget’s funnel analysis provides real-time reporting, funnel conversion rates, ability to filter based on traffic sources, date and more.



Scrollmaps are a very interesting feature that Zarget offers, especially considering that more than half of websites’ typical visitors use mobile devices. Scrollmaps are exactly what they sound like – maps that show which parts of your pages people pay most attention to. On mobile devices, the screen real estate is quite limited, so visitors always do quite a bit of scrolling. Zarget even offers device-specific scrollmaps to help you identify visitors’ behavior on both mobile and non-mobile devices.

Pricing Plans

Zarget’s pricing plans are quite affordable. There are 2 types of packages: Standard and Professional.

  • Standard Plan

Pricing starts at $15/month for 10,000 visitors in the Standard plan.  The standard plan comes with heatmaps, scrollmaps, funnel analysis, real-time heatmap reporting, IP filtering, customizable URL tracking, device specific heatmaps and can be used on unlimited domains.

  • Professional Plan

Pricing starts $35/month for 10,000 visitors in the Professional plan. Professional plan includes everything that’s in the Standard plan, plus: A/B testing, Split URL testing, Google Analytics integration, HTML, CSS and JS editor, as well as the WYSIWYG editor.

Overall, we’ve found Zarget to be an excellent website testing tool, and something that any website owner should consider. You can even try Zarget for free to make sure it’s the right tool for your business.

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