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Tumblr is a very popular blogging platform, ideal to be used as a portfolio or photo gallery. Because it is very flexible and very easy to use, it is used by millions of people worldwide! There are so many Tumblr themes on the web, but if you’re looking for some really populr Tumblr themes, you should check out these all-time best free Tumblr templates for beautiful blogs.

These best Tumblr templates are all free, high-quality Tumblr themes! You can use them for various purposes, from simple portfolios to regular blogs or photo galleries.

If you want to improve your Tumblr blogging experience, you should think about changing your theme. We decided to gather here some free Tumblr themes worth checking out. You will find themes with infinite scroll, responsive designs, flat styles, grid layouts and more!

Grow your community of followers by attracting them with a sleek, fresh design for your Tumblr! You can easily modify these pre-defined themes and turn your blog design from boring to outstanding!

If you see a free Tumblr theme you like, you can download or install the theme from the preview page. Enjoy!


This is a fluid, responsive Tumblr theme which will scale perfectly to any device. It has a minimal design and beautiful typography. This is a personal theme that’s suitable for people who have a peaceful and minimalist life.

 Ultrazen Tumblr Theme

AppBlog Theme

AppBlog was designed for more IT/technology-related Tumblr blogs. It has a simple and modern design you and your visitors will love. You can easily change the overall view of the theme – you can show or hide theme elements.

 AppBlog Theme

Maqfee Minimal Theme

Maqfee is a clean and minimal theme with many customization options. It comes with a customizable background color for body and sidebar, customizable link colors, customizable colors for body text, site title and description, and more awesome features.

 Maqfee Minimal Theme

Bright Day Tumblr Theme

Bright Day Tumblr theme is a free theme that you can install from the preview page and customize it to make it your own. Showcase your artwork with complete focus on the posts.

 Bright Day Free Tumblr Themes


Yuki is a responsive masonry-style Tumblr theme with a very clean, minimalist look. Perfect for photoblogs with a more neutral/monochrome atmosphere. This is a very versatile portfolio theme for Tumblr, aimed mainly at creatives: designer, illustrators, photographers, and any kind of visual artists.

 Yuki Tumblr Theme


This is a free grid-based Tumblr theme for creative bloggers who put content first. Ohmygid is a light & simple template that comes with lots of options & functions to show your content in style.

 OhMyGrid Tumblr Theme

Grid Well Theme

Grid Well is a modern grid-based theme with infinite scroll and sidebar support. It includes a large header image, custom backgrounds, and social network icons. It is clean and trendy-looking theme with a number of cool features.

 Free Tumblr Themes

Telpher Tumblr Theme

Telpher has a beautifully fixed sidebar and grid layout. It stands out due to the bold use of flat colors and infinite scroll gallery. Suitable for any type of Tumblog, from photography to business, this is a great starting theme for developers, designers and bloggers of any skill level.

 Telpher Tumblr Theme

Luci Tumblr Theme

Luci is a fresh theme built for high-resolution content. It comes with a unique lightweight design. Showcase your work in a modern way with Luci, a responsive template for Tumblr.

10 Luci One Free Tumblr Themes

Magazine Grid-based Infinite Scroll Theme

Magazine is a free theme for Tumblr with a great array of customization features and a beautiful, simple grid-style layout. This is a responsive and expressive theme for Tumblr, designed to display your media in grand style. Luomo gives you complete control over your blog’s color palette.

11 Magazine Grid based Infinite Scroll Theme

Retrospective Grid layout Theme

Retrospective theme is a perfect fit for photo blogs. Post permalinks and sharing features are pushed away until the post is hovered. This is a Tumblr theme which provides a classy and clean experience, especially for pictures blogs. It features a great scroll experience for your visitor.

12 Retrospective Grid Free Tumblr Themes

Editorist Infinite scroll Theme

This is a striking theme that emphasizes your content and comes with an optional infinite scroll feature.

13 Editorist Infinite scroll Free Tumblr Themes

Rubric Tumblr Theme

Rubric is a beautiful theme with full-screen background images, and a glossy magazine-style design. This is a feature-rich, responsive Tumblr theme perfect for any kind of blog niche.

14 Rubric Tumblr Theme

 Sidebar Theme

The Sidebar theme has a great layout that lets your posts shine with high-resolution imagery and light-weight text. it comes with custom designs for each Tumblr post type.

 Free Tumblr Themes

Juggernaut Tumblr Free Theme

Check out this beautiful and minimalist grid style theme for Tumblr users. It is highly customizable and has a gorgeous layout. This is a clean and functional, grid-based portfolio Tumblr theme, focused on your talent.

16 Juggernaut Tumblr Free


Candice is a single column Tumblr theme with a great layout on which the posts are displayed beautifully. Everything is easily customizable, plus the theme is retina ready and 100% responsive.

17 Candice Single Column Free Tumblr Themes


Install this elegant Tumblr theme that comes with a three column layout and a responsive design. It can be used as a portfolio, photo gallery or even a photo-centered blog. Check out all of its features and see if it’s a right fit for your needs.

18- Wallstocker Tumblr Theme


Indy is an elegant, minimal and beautiful theme. It has some great fonts and clever layout options. It will make your Tumblr blog look stunning.

19 Indy Tumblr Theme


This is another brilliant theme for Tumblr, that is packed with great features including social icons, infinite scrolling, sharing buttons, etc. It’s pastel-toned and has a clean, minimal and feminine atmosphere making it perfect for fashion and design blogs.

20 Wordy Tumblr Theme


Hipster is a premium looking yet free Tumblr theme with a single column layout. It comes with a static sidebar and it is perfect for many types of blogs.

21 Hipster Tumblr Theme


This is an inspiring theme for portfolio showcases. It comes with infinite scrolling and it is also responsive. It is a very versatile theme that also has lightbox support for better image previews.

22 Void Tumblr Theme


This theme comes with features such as social sharing, minimal design, and responsive layout. This Tumblr theme is unique and its full-width layout will showcase your photos and projects in style.

23 Pation Tumblr Theme


Persona is efficient for personal as well business blogs. Customization is easy and so is the install process. This Tumblr theme is aimed for any creative professional.  It looks very versatile.

Pop Gallery Lite

Pop Gallery Lite is a Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present distinct thumbnails on the front page. It has a beautiful and clean design.

25 Pop Gallery Lite Tumblr Theme


Sugar is a Tumblr theme using a variable grid layout. This is a clean and simple portfolio theme built to showcase your awesome work. This theme is responsive so try it on your phone and tablet!



Basic is a simple starter theme to get your blog up and running in seconds. It’s pixel perfect and has a fully responsive design. The theme is easy to customize, such as color scheme, font color, icon color, compatible with all modern mobile devices and more amazing features.

27 Basic Tumblr Theme


Observer is designed to focus the visitors on your photos, text, and music. It has a fluid layout, lets you choose from two header designs, customize fonts, colors, and header image and also choose between extra-large and regular-size images.

28 Observer Tumblr Theme


Wicked is a clean and simple photography theme for any blog and supports a responsive multiple & one columned layout. There are 30+ options available for your customization. This is a complete portfolio theme for Tumblr, and its unique look will allow designers or photographers to showcase their creativity.

29 Wicked Tumblr Theme


Simplify Tumblr theme comes with sticky navigation. You can navigate from anywhere to anywhere on the blog, as the menu follows you as you scroll the page.  Simplify has been designed with mobile experience in mind, and works perfectly on every device.

30 Simplify Tumblr Theme

Single A

The Single A Tumblr theme has a sticky and featured posts options. It is a simple, but fully  customizable free theme.

 Free Tumblr Themes

Art She Said

This Tumblr theme was designed and developed by ALLDAYEVERYDAY. it is free and has a simple, minimalist and black and white design. It gives you the endless possibilities to design your blog(no coding skills required!) and unlimited colors to choose from.

32 Art She Said Tumblr Theme


Syndex is a highly functional mood board theme. All Tumblr options are minimized yet only a click away and has Infinite scroll built in. This responsive theme will look great on any tablet, cell/mobile phone, laptop, and desktop device.

33 Syndex Tumblr Theme


Eclipse theme amazes with its ultra simplicity. Let your photos set up the atmosphere for your blog. This is a responsive grid layout theme, suitable for all blog types and niches. It is fast and user-friendly.

36 Eclipse Tumblr Theme


Square is a clean and simple Tumblr theme that is completely free to download and install. If you post vibrant, colorful photos, this theme is for you. This is a triple columned theme, perfect for bloggers. It supports all types of posts.

37 Square Tumblr Theme


This is a clean, simple and a minimal theme. It provides four different layouts to use. It can be used by any creative individual be it photographer, writer or web designer. The most efficient feature of Salvia is its hidden menu which provides very minimal look to the page.


Minimalism is a minimal Tumblr theme that offers plenty of customization options allowing your content to shine. This is a clean Tumblr portfolio theme made especially for photographers, graphic designers, or any visual designers. Very lightweight and minimal yet powerful and feature-packed!

39 Minimalism Tumblr Theme


Rue is a clean theme featuring a big header image. It comes with a responsive layout and a header image, with optional color overlay.  This theme is light, responsive, and good looking. It has unlimited possibilities for color customization.

40 Rue Tumblr Theme

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