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If your privacy online is important to you, then you’ll find this list of 15+ best free web proxy servers very useful.

These free web proxy servers ensure your privacy online by letting you browse the web as an anonymous user. Prevent websites from tracking your every move, IP address, geographical location, web browser, and other personal information. Using any of these great web proxy servers will make your browsing experience totally anonymous and will hide your IP address and other personal info from web servers.

These are all free anonymous web based proxy services and VPNs. Use any of them to browse your favorite websites anonymously. They work even from behind a firewall with blocked ports.

You can also use these tools when you’re at your job, school, college/university, in a public place or anywhere else. Secure your web browsing and keep yourself protected from prying eyes. They are particularly useful for when you need to make a secure payment or an important transaction from a public, unsecured wireless network. 

You can also use these tools to view your favorite sites, if they’re blocked in your country. YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks may be blocked in some countries around the world. By visiting these sites through the tools below, you will be able to access them with ease.

Your privacy is  important, so use these tools to keep yourself protected. 


Hidester is an anonymous free web proxy site you can use for various purposes. Whether you don’t want to be spied on by corporations, the government, hackers or simply want to access blocked content at your workplace, this is the web proxy you want to use. 

1 Hidester Free Web Proxy Servers

Proxy Site

ProxySite.com can be used to view pages fast, keep your web browsing save, route web pages and basically get connected from any place to anywhere – access information worldwide.

2 Proxy Site Free Web Proxy Servers

Hide My Ass

This is a VPN – virtual private network – that has the purpose of letting you browse the Internet anonymously and securely. It offers encrypted connections between your device and the internet. This is particularly useful for making online payments securely. 

3 Hide My Ass Free Web Proxy Servers


Proxify is another anonymous proxy service that lets you surf the Web privately and securely. Use it to visit websites and not letting them track you, anonymize your IP address, use the Internet via encrypted connections and enjoy the benefits of online privacy. 

4 Proxify Free Web Proxy Servers

Free YouTube Proxy

This is a Youtube proxy service that’s fast and secure. It lets you hide your IP address and even change it regularly. You can use encrypted connections to unblock websites and works on multiple operating systems.

5 Free YouTube Proxy

Fast USA Proxy

Fast USA Proxy is a free, secure and stable web proxying service that offers you the tools you need to protect your online privacy with ease. Use this anonymizing tool so you will never expose your IP address.

6 Fast USA Proxy

New IP Now

NewIPNow.com protects your online privacy by letting you browse the web anonymously, it lets you change your location through their geographically diverse servers and also secures your browsing history with their URL encryption scheme.

7 New IP Now Free Web Proxy Server


This tool is fast, free and easy to use. Anonymize your browsing patterns by using this tool. Prevent websites from logging in your visits or revealing where you are coming from.

8 Anonymouse Free Web Proxy Server

Anony Mizer

This is a tool unlike any other VPN providers. It keeps you safe, private and secure. This website offers powerful privacy and security protection for your online activities.

9 Anony Mizer Free Web Proxy Server

K Proxy

You can use K Proxy to bypass online blocks to access foreign content, bypass government or workplace censorship, browse securely even on public wifi connections, prevent hackers from stealing your personal details, and hide your IP address . 

10 K Proxy

Ninja Cloak

Ninja Cloak is a free anonymous web based proxy service that helps you browse any websites anonymously. If you’re at school, at work, or in a public place, use this tool to view your favorite websites!

12 Ninja Cloak Free Web Proxy Server

Quick Proxy

QuickProxy keeps you hidden and safe on the Internet. Without any delays or downtime, QuickProxy will anonymize your online activities in a blink of an eye! 

13 Quick Proxy

VPN Browse

VPN Browse is all about anonymous web browsing and will automatically change the IP address that your device displays. Browse the net without any blocking, by using this free VPN tool. 

14 VPN Browse Free Web Proxy Server

Zalmos Web Proxy

Zalmos is a great tool to unblock any popular website on your device. It is ideal for unblocking YouTube country-targeted videos. It offers a great and easy solution for this and works from mobile devices as well. 18 Zalmos Web Proxy


YouTube or other social media networks may be blocked in certain countries of the world. If you use this tool, you will be able to unblock YouTube without any restrictions. Listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite videos in high quality at full speed due to this web proxy and server.

19 Zacebook Free Web Proxy Server

Xite Now

Surf the web with the much-needed protection without revealing your identity, by using Xite Now. This tool lets you hide your IP and uses a 128 bit encryption SSL Certificate. 

20 Xite Now Free Web Proxy Server

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  1. I see these free proxy pages everywhere. Are they safe to use? I used to have access to Oxylabs paid proxies, but now I need something cheap, but not sure about the safety of these services, won’t my details leak somewhere, what are the guarantees?


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