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2000+ Free Mobile Icons for iOS and Android

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Mobile application developers always need to have access to icons and symbols for use in their applications. They need to have links from where they can download the icons for free and don’t have to look up extensively on the Internet. And icons are the most critical components for any type of design. But sometimes they can be challenging to find, especially when you want theme-based icons.

We have found and made a list of mobile application icons packs that are compatible with Android and iOS. You don’t have to go elsewhere to find them; instead, you can download the packages for free.

1. Freepik:


Freepik provides a package of phone icons that you can use while developing mobile phone applications. All the icons are in the form of vectors that can be modified using Adobe Illustrator. The package provides multiple icons that you can use for a variety of purposes. There are icons for call functions, messaging, e-commerce operations, mobile connectivity, and more. It also has icons for user profiles, performance analysis, and symbols for the poor network. The package is available in EPS file format. All the icons are available in black and white form. But since it is a vector pack, you can modify the icons in Adobe Illustrator. Also, you can change the size of the icons as and when you require it. You can download the package without creating any user account on the website.

2. Flaticon:


Flaticon is another website where you can download the pack of 200 flat mobile phone icons and symbols for a variety of purposes. You can take up any icons you require from the package according to your requirement. The icons in the package are black and white. Moreover, all the icons are vector-based. Hence it is easy for you to modify or change the colors using Adobe Illustrator. Each icon is available individually for download in sizes like 512 px, 256 px, 128 px, 64 px, 32 px, 24 px and 16 px. The website lets you edit the icons on the website without the need to install the application. But you have to register yourself on the website to download the icons.

3. Iconshock:


This website provides the link to download the package of around 10000 icons for Android, iOS7, iPhone, along with Windows8. The package is free for download, and you can use it commercially as well as for personal projects. This package is a complete package, and if you download this, you may not need other icons or packages. With a lot of useful icons and symbols, this package is sufficient for your requirements. The icons come with various sizes like 20 x 20, 30 x 30, 60 x 60, 114 x 114, 512 x 512 and other sizes. The package includes add-on symbols and source files for your reference. You can log in or register on the website through Facebook or Google account to download the pack.

4. All Free Download:

All Free Download

This package contains about 30 icons that are taken up from popular websites and applications that contain icons like settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. All the icons are colorful and can suit any project that involves mobile application development. But the icons are in PNG file format; hence you cannot modify them. The icons are not available in vector formats. Therefore, you have to work with tiny images of the icons which you cannot alter. The size of the package is 4.20 MB.

5. Graphic Burger:

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger is another website that lets you download packages of icons and symbols. You can download around 350 icons for all the requirements of mobile application development. All the icons are modifiable and are available in AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, and SVG file formats. The dimensions of the icons are 24 px, 32 px, 36 px, 48 px, 64 px, 96 px, 128 px, 266 px, and 512 px but you can change the sizes too. You can easily find the right icons as they have been arranged in categories like Basic, Arrows, Shopping, Photo, and more. With the given file formats, you can edit and add colors to the icons.

6. Icon Beast:

Icon Beast

Icon Beast offers 200 icons for iOS Tab Bar that you can download for free. They are black and white in color and are available in PNG file format. Because of this file format, you get limited editing options. You can download the entire package without creating a user account on the website. With a 200 icons package, it is sufficient for the developers to find the icons as per his requirement.

7. Glyphish iPhone Icons:

Glyphish Iphone Icons

This package provides a set of 130 icons that have been crafted carefully for a mobile app developer’s requirements. It includes navigation bars, toolbars, table rows, and more. You can also use these icons for Android, Windows mobile, UI designs, stickers, and more. This icon set is free to download, and you don’t need to have a user account on the website. With the availability of a variety of icons, you can use them for various purposes.

8. Glyfx:


This website provides an icon set for Android that is released using a definitive style guide. All the icons are suitable for use in mobile application development, to be used for various purposes. The package contains icons that you can use in Menu, Lists, Tabs, or dialog boxes. All the icons are available in correct sizes with appropriately named folders. It includes icons like an arrow down, arrow up, zoom in, zoom out, and more. You can download the package without registering your user account with the website.

9. Android Icons:

Android Icons

Android Icons provide you with a package of 250 icons that are available for download for free. The icons are available in 5 sizes and 14 different colors, along with fonts and their sources. Along with the regular icons, you can also download the brand-specific icons like Amazon, Android, Dropbox, and YouTube. It also includes emoticons and other mobile-specific symbols that you can use for a variety of purposes. You don’t require a user account or a user profile to download the icons.

10. Icons8:


Icons8 is a website that lets you download the icons according to the kind of application you are going to develop for mobile phones. There are various icon sets available like for applications like Telegram, Taxi application, and more. If you choose to download App symbol icons, you can download them for free and edit them in the provided tool. Once you click the download button, you get the various sizes like 64 px, 128 px, 256 px, 512 px, and custom. With the custom option, you can mention the required format in the pixels and then download it. If you visit this website, there may be no need to take up any other package as the website provides access to a lot of different packages. These packages can be useful for any mobile app developer according to his application development requirements.

11. Iconfinder:


Iconfinder website offers you a collection of icons according to different purposes of use. You can download the icons according to your requirement for the application development. You have to download the icons individually, and they are available as vectors, making it easier for you to edit and modify the size and other icon factors. The icons are available in PNG, SVG, AI, CSH, ICO, and ICNS file formats. The PNG file format has sizes like 16 px, 20 px, 24 px, 32 px, 48 px, 64 px, 128 px, 256 px and 512 px.

12. Nucleoapp:


Nucleoapp provides you with packages of various icons that you can use with multiple app development projects. Each icon is minimalist in the design aspect and can suit a multitude of situations. The package contains a set of 60 icons, and you can use it according to the requirements. Each icon is available in SVG format, which can be modified using Adobe Illustrator. You can add colors or change the original size of the icon. The icons are available for download for free from the website without any requirement of creating the user profile.

13. Find Icons:

Find icons

Findicons website lets you browse through various icon categories and lets you download the selected icon. You can download the icon individually for free. The icons are available in 128 x 128 px by default. You can download the icons in ICO, ICNS, and PNG file formats. The other available icon sizes are 64 x 64 px, 48 x 48 px, 32 x 32 px, 24 x 24 px, 22 x 22 px, and 16 x 16 px. A filtered search result can let you find icons according to your requirements like hand-drawn, three-dimensional, and more. You can also select the background of the icon like white, black, and transparent.

14. Sketch App:

Sketch App

Sketch App lets you download the icons according to your requirement for free. The icons are categorized according to the various available categories. The package that you can download from the link is the latest iOS 11 icon set that you can use for your apps. It is a set of 32 icons that are updated according to the latest iOS 11 software release. As the icons are available in vector formats, you can modify the icons as per your requirement. You can also use customized text for each icon. The icon pack is available for free without you having to register your user account. Sketch app provides you with the categories of icons if you are developing apps for specific domains.

15. Material Design:

Material Design

Material Design lets you download the icons in SVG formats for free. The website is a one-stop point for all your icon requirements. Moreover, you can search for the specific icon set by using the search bar. They provide a wide range of forms of icons like filled, rounded, outlined, and more. Each icon is free for download in SVG or PNG format. The sizes available for each icon are 18 dp, 24 dp, 36 dp, and 48 dp. You can also choose from whether you want to download it for Android or iOS.

16. Ionicons:


Ionicons provide professionally designed icon sets that you can use for any mobile app development requirements. The website’s framework team made each icon, an open-source that you can individually download and use. With SVG file formats, the icons are scalable and modifiable in Adobe Illustrator. You can also download the icons in grayscale where the categories of the icons range from sports, travel, social media, and more. There are three main categories of icons: outline, filled, and sharp. When you select the Outline, you get to see the icons that have only the borders. If you choose filled, you get the icons with filled areas. And when you select sharp, the edges of the icons are sharply formed.

17. Roundicons:


Roundicons provides you with vector icon packs that you can use commercially and for personal projects and applications. They do require attribution when you use or download them. You can download around 100 icons in each pack, and they have various categories like minimal icons, outlines, duotones, and more. The package includes file formats like AI, SVG, PNG, PSD, Sketch, and Iconjar. This makes all the icons modifiable in the Adobe Illustrator. With a free package, you get access to 50 icons. To download the icons, you have to provide your email address. The website offers you with the link to the downloadable package in your mailbox.


The icons that you select are dependent upon the application that you are going to develop. With the category in which your app falls into, you can decide what kind of icons can prove to be suitable. You should also consider the tools that you use to create the application and the file formats that the tools support. Also, the resolution for which you are designing the app makes a lot of difference in the types of icons you select. You should also take into consideration the kind of audience your application is going to target. This blog lets you download various kinds of icons according to your requirements.

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