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20 Royalty-free Photos for Designers

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Web design involves not only designing the website. It also seems to include photography and graphic design to make the site more engaging. Moreover, photography is an integral part of marketing. Many companies have chosen a particular image to represent themselves for a lot of years. A photograph is worth a lot of words, and that makes photography useful.To talk about the brand of a company, to depict specific procedures or to signify designs.

Graphic designers use a picture to edit and send across an idea through the combination of the image and colorful designs. Individual companies also hire graphic designers that are also photographers. Particular designers take pride in maximizing the power of photographs while designing some things. And, this blog focuses on the list of royalty-free images available for the designers.

1. App store on MacBook Air:

App store on Mac Book Air

This image shows a man using MacBook Air with a blurred silhouette of the person using it, while the Macbook is given all the focus in the picture. The lens of the camera was 50 mm f/1.6 1/40s ISO 400. The size of the image is 10.7 MB, with a resolution of 5616 pixels x 3744 pixels. They clicked this image using Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera while it was edited in the software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with version 4.3 for Macintosh. This image has an aspect ratio of 3:2 and is available in five color variants.

2. Mockup Editor: 

Mockup editor

This image shows a clean minimalistic bench with an iMac as the centre piece of the frame. There are other supporting props like the pencil stand with pens and markers, as well as a kettle of tea and a cup. Other creative add ons like the panda stuff toy and the headphones with the lamp perfectly encompasses the vibe of a designer. The crumpled paper especially symbolises the struggle of designers where they keep doing drafts after drafts.

3. Apple iPhone with Bluetooth wireless earphones:

Apple iPhone with Bluetooth wireless earphones

This image shows a person trying his new black wireless Bluetooth while playing music or video on his iPhone. The photograph is available for free download from the website Unsplash, with a resolution of 4308 pixels x 6031 pixels. You can download this photo without creating an account on the site. Hence, the download is completely hassle-free.

4. iPad with a cup of coffee:

iPad with a cup of coffee

It is one of the most beautiful pictures captured so far. The image depicts a work desk that has an iPad placed screen down on the table along with a cup of coffee. It also shows the scattered u-pin clips along with the stylus placed on the iPad. A notepad is visible in the image with a blank page open. The resolution of the image is 1018 pixels x 572 pixels. It is available for download in both high as well as low resolutions. When you click the download button, you are asked for your email address while the download begins in the background.

5. Selfie Click:

Selfie click

The image shows a woman with a hat on, clicking her selfie through the rear camera of an iPhone. With a clear selfie visible in the foreground, the background is out of focus and is blurred. It has a high resolution of 5184 pixels x 3456 pixels offering an excellent quality image. The image is available for free download without the requirement to create your account.

6. Blogger’s Desk:

Blogger's desk

The image talks about the desk of a blogger with no requirement to sign up or sign in to download the image. It is a desk with a pink colored top, atop which there lies over the ear headphones, Apple keyboard with Apple mouse. A notepad with a pen lying on top of it is also visible. The notebook features a bookmark and an elastic band to keep the notepad pages in place. They captured the image with a Nikon D5300 camera with lenses having configurations 50.0 mm, f/9.0, 4/1s, and ISO 100. The image is available in JPEG file format with a resolution of 6000 pixels x 4000 pixels.

7. Barista with his Latte art:

Barista with his latte art

The photo shows a table where a coffee cup with a complete latte art is visible where the barista is busy creating a latte art in another cup of coffee. He looks like he is pouring frothy milk in the cup of coffee. It surrounds an empty saucer, milk jug among the other apparatus. The image is available for download for free in a high-resolution format of 6000 pixels x 4000 pixels with JPEG file format.

8. Open Road:

Open Road

The image captures an empty, open road surrounded by grassy terrain, tiny water bodies, and green grass. It overlooks a straight highway that curves in the end and seems to lead you to snow-clad mountains. The photo also has a visible blue sky with white cottony clouds. To download the image, you must press the download button. You don’t have to create a user account to download the photo. This photo is available in JPEG format that has a seemingly high resolution.

9. Festive Table Setup:

Festive Table Setup

This picture shows a table set up on the eve of a festival. The resolution of the image is 1000 pixels x 667 pixels. A high-quality picture shows a laced table spread, with forks and spoons of various sizes placed around the plate. Two wine glasses in two different sizes are visible, while the white candles of multiple sizes softly lit in the blurred background. The image focuses on the plate where a table napkin is rolled, tied with a twig of grass and a string.

10. English Breakfast:

English Breakfast

The image overlooks a small breakfast spread in a bed surrounded by white bedspread and a pillow beside the table. It features a waffle drizzled with maple syrup, surrounded by a bowl of berries, a bowl of ice cream, and a golden-toned spoon. With a resolution of 2973 pixels x 4460 pixels, you can download the image in JPEG file format. It also shows a pillow that has written “dreams” with golden calligraphic handwriting. You don’t require a user account with this website to download the photo.

11. Sunset in the city:

Sunset in the city

A sunset is always one of the most beautiful things to watch. This image is of one such sunset in the evening, amidst a busy Brooklyn street. The sunrays are visible through the building gaps in front of the sun, with cars parked in front. It overlooks a busy street with high rise buildings, along with winding roads and street lamps. The image is available for free download in various sizes and resolutions with three colors variants. You also get an option to Edit, Resize, and Save the image according to your requirements. The image resolution is 1650 pixels x 1237 pixels. With custom size selection, you can set your custom size for the image and then download the image.

12. Jute Twine Gift Wrapping:

Jute Twine Gift Wrapping

The image shows five jute string sets along with tailor’s scissors placed on a white table. It also shows a cropped picture of a plant in a pot. Along with the strings and scissors is a gift tag strewn on the table. The original image is available in the resolution of 6720 pixels x 4480 pixels. But, the image is also available in a medium resolution of 1280 pixels x 854 pixels. The best part of this website is you can customize the size of the image by entering the width you need. It also generates a color palette with the photo, with corresponding HEX colors in the picture. You can download the palette along with the photo.

13. Boat in the sea:

Boat in the sea

The image with a resolution of 5878 pixels x 3918 pixels overlooks a blue sea with a floating fisher boat tied to a wood. It features the opposite shore side with plantations and rocks while a pier on the right side of the sea. The pebbles are visible in the transparent waters under the sea. The aspect ratio of the image is 2939:1959. They captured the picture with a Nikon D7100 camera with 46 mm f/8.0 1/3200 s ISO 3200 lens. The picture is available in JPEG file formats and has a size of 21.55 MB. It has five different colors available.

14. Waterfall:


The image overlooks a humongous waterfall with free-falling white water off the rocks surrounding lush trees. The image is free for download and is available in the JPEG file format. With a resolution of 3456 pixels x 4320 pixels, the image is a very high-quality photo. You can download the image without any hassle of creating a user account or following their social media pages.

15. DVD Collection:

Dvd collection

The image shows a massive collection of DVDs that are available in open for people to explore. People are walking around the tables clad with thousands of DVDs looking at the group and exploring the titles. This image is available for download in a high resolution of 4084 pixels x 2723 pixels. There is no download button on the site, but once you enlarge the picture, it opens in the browser window. From this browser window, you can save the image on your device.

16. Vintage:


This website features a stock of vintage photographs that are monochrome in color. It shows a regular day with a tram visible on the road, English men and women on the street, and buildings with different heights lining the street. The image also shows a family consisting of a child, a father, and a mother beside the road. With no download button on the website, you can save the image from the browser window only. The image has a resolution of 1024 pixels x 740 pixels.

17. Light at the end of the tunnel:

Light at the end of the tunnel

The website featuring this photo has zero to minimal interactive features where you see a download link. By clicking the download link, the image opens in the browser window, where you can save the image. The resolution of the image is 1920 pixels x 1280 pixels. It shows a tunnel with a street, where a biker is driving a bike along with a car following him. It depicts the light at the end of the tunnel and hence the name of the image. The image is monochrome.

18. Yellow:


This image has everything in shades of yellow. It features a cream-colored pot of yellow flowers, a piece of pumpkin, lemon, and chili. The image is available for download in JPEG file format with a resolution of 800 pixels x 600 pixels. When you click the download button, it allows a free download without account creation.

19. Café:


This image is of a woman sitting at a café browsing her phone through her fingertips. She appears stooping over a table along with a plate of cookies and a black mug of coffee beside her. The size of the image is 1.02 MB, with dimensions of 4460 pixels x 2973 pixels. This image is available in the JPEG file format. You can download the image by clicking the download button without creating a user account on the website.

20. Autumn Leaves:

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves represent this image of a woman holding leaves that fall off the trees during the onset of autumn. It shows the leaves turning into different hues of red, orange, and yellow in her hands. The image is available for download and editing for free, on the website. It is possible for download in JPEG file format with a resolution of 1080 pixels x 720 pixels.


We glanced at some of the best websites that avail the designers with high-quality images that are available at zero cost to their pockets. Hence, the designers don’t need to use low-quality images that lose quality when stretched further than a limit. The most significant part of these websites is that the photos are available commercially as well as for personal projects which are perfectly legal. The designers can always look up the stock images search engine to search a specific themed image. It is for when the designers don’t have time to go through each website that we have mentioned here. Therefore, we conclude the blog here that offers designers a list of royalty-free photographs that are freely available.

Iggy is an entrepreneur, blogger, and designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design fonts, themes, plugins, inspiration, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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