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With digitization in every nook and corner of the world, people turn towards greeting cards that can be sent across using the Internet. Hence, graphic designers have to come up with new and fresh designs for each card design. They have to design the cards according to events like weddings, Christmas, Invitation, and more. These cards can be sent across to the recipient, along with a personalized message, according to the event. With such availability, the handwritten greeting cards have been replaced with Vector cards and their vector cards.

With these vector cards for every event, you can customize the vector card according to your requirements and send it across. A vector file is a file that can be edited as and when required using the right applications. For instance, a PSD file can be edited in Adobe Photoshop, while the EPS file requires you to use Adobe Illustrator.

In this blog, we have made up a list of the vector cards so that the designers don’t have to look somewhere else for the designs.

1. Father’s Day:

Father's Day

This is a father’s day vector card with bright yellow colors with bold and stylish typography over it. The card is depicted in the form of a brightly shining sun that is similar to the father’s role in every child. You can edit this vector card vector card in Adobe Illustrator. The vector card is free for download, and you don’t require any user registration to do the same.

2. Marriage Anniversary:

Marriage Anniversary

The best way to wish someone on his or her marriage anniversary is by sending them a custom made anniversary card. This card comes with pre-designed graphics like balloons and festoons. The website lets you download the anniversary card vector card for free without any charges or user registration. Moreover, you can edit the vector card on the site without the requirement of downloading the software to customize it. The customization can be applied to text, as well as the graphics on the vector card.

3. Business Visiting Card:

Business Visiting Card

This vector card talks about a visiting card for a business. The file size of the vector card is 1.49 MB, and the file format is EPS. With blue and white color combinations, the vector card seems perfect for creating a visiting card. All the elements of the vector card are customizable. You can modify the detailing according to your requirement. The vector card is available for free download without any type of need for user registration.

4. Birthday Card:

Birthday Card

You can always use a birthday card vector card to design a birthday card for your near and dear ones. This birthday card has a bright green backdrop with a happy birthday text on the front. A girl with a flower in her hands, and her pet sitting beside her is something a kid would love to see. The vector card’s design is apt for creating a greeting card out of it for young kids and toddlers. You don’t require a user account registration to download the vector card. Moreover, the vector card is freely available for download.

5. Season’s Greetings:

Season's Greetings

With a greeting card for every reason and season, you have this vector card that lets you send a customized greeting card apt for the seasonal greetings. With an attractive background and multicolored tassels in the front, you get a beautiful greeting card vector card. It’s a simple card with no complex decorative themes. Just a little red heart in the middle of the strings of the tassels at the top and the bottom define its simplicity. To download the file, you don’t have to register yourself on the website.

6. Mother’s Day:

Mothers Day

Mothers are always special because they do everything for you silently. We often tend to forget that we enjoy our existence only because of her. Hence, this vector is for those who desire to wish his or her mother on a mother’s day. It is a beautiful greeting card with light pink background and a simple “Happy mother’s day” message on the front. This vector card is provided by vexels and the file format of the card is AI. With yellow and pink design, it becomes even more stunning and fascinating. The image’s size is 1601 x 1000 pixels and can be modified with Adobe Illustrator. It is a layered file which you can edit according to your requirements. The size of the package is 11.0 MB.

7. Christmas Greetings:

Christmas Greetings

Internationally, lots of greeting cards are sent across to each other during the Christmas festival. This card template lets you download and modify the card to suit your requirements. The card is editable and printable, which is available in 5 x 7 inches size. You get front and back face readily designed. The template lets you customize the colors and the text. With CYMK colors and 300 dpi resolution along with landscape orientation, it comes with a nicely arranged layer and layer groups that you can modify. You can download it for free from the website without the creation of any type of user account.

8. Mockup Greeting Card:

Mockup Greeting Card

This is a type of vector that lets you create a greeting card out of it according to your requirements. The card can be designed and modified for any occasion, event, or festival. You can customize the inside and outside of the card and create graphics that suit the card. With the package, you get a layered PSD file, with a size of 26.68 MB, and a resolution of 300 dpi. You require Adobe Photoshop CS4+ to modify and work with this vector. The size of the file is 600 x 394 pixels and is available for download for free. Without registration, you can download the files.

9. Halloween:


Halloween is celebrated on 31st October before the Christian holidays begin in the US. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and enthusiasm across the world. Hence, this greeting card vector is apt so that you can send it to your loved ones across other countries. The greeting card is based on a green and black theme to offer it a spooky appearance. You get the vector in the form of EPS file, which can be customized using Adobe Illustrator. It provides space so that you can add the message to your loved ones and friends. Download this from the website without having a user account registration with them.

10. Free Top View Envelope:

Free Top View Envelope

This is an invitation card mockup which comes with golden and silver foil prints and customizable backgrounds. The paint is natural while the text is embossed and letter pressed with foil effects. It is customizable, easily using smart objects. You can change the background color and add your customized text on the front and inside of the card. The text can be according to the requirement of the event. It can be an invitation card or a greeting card. You can download this template for free and modify it as you will.

11. Thank You Card:

Thank you card

There are so many ways to say thank you, and sending a greeting card across to express it is one of the best ways. This card has a simple front edifice with a floral periphery and “Thank you for everything” text in the middle of it. You can modify the template using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It is easy to add the text in the front and inside of the card. The template is available for download without any charges from the website, and you don’t require a user account for it.

12. Cinco De Mayo:

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on 5th May in the USA to commemorate the US army’s victory over the French Empire. This greeting card matches the occasion of Cinco De Mayo. It has a simple frontal design with flowers and other graffiti with the text in the middle “Cinco De Mayo.” You get AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, and JPEG files in a zipped folder when you download the package. The download is available for free from the website, and you don’t even need any type of user registration for the download.

13. Valentine’s Day:

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the right occasion to express your love to your beloved. You can either tell your beloved that you have fallen in love with them or just show your appreciation. This card vector conveys the message to your beloved in the right way. You can customize the file using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. The card comes with a blue-themed design with a heart aligned to the right. You can place your text in the white space inside the heart. The card appears beautiful with distinct designs and patterns over it. It is available for download for free from the website, and you don’t have to create a user profile to gain free access to it.

14. Happy Weekend:

Happy Weekend

This card is the best way to wish a colleague a happy weekend when he or she is looking forward to the weekend. The graphics on the card display meadows and a sunny day with green landscapes. It also has balloons flying in the air, and flowers on the other side of the card. You can customize the card with Adobe Photoshop. The package, when downloaded, includes JPEG and PSD files that are layered for easy customization. The image size is 1920 x 900 px, and the file size is 9.67 MB. You can download the card from the website for free without having any user profile registration on it.

15. Coffee Shop Visiting Card:

Coffee Shop Visiting Card

How you choose to design your visiting card defines what kind of impression you create in your client’s mind. And as they always say, the first impression is the one that lasts; you should get as creative as possible while designing the visiting card. This card is one such example of creativity. The template is perfect for someone that works at a coffee house or a café. With a cup of coffee over the visiting card, you can quickly skim that the person works at a coffee house. The card allows you to add name, surname, and position along with contact details, addresses, and websites. You can also include social media handles on the other side of the visiting card. This template can be downloaded from the site for free in EPS format. The EPS format file can be easily modified in Adobe Illustrator application. You don’t require user registration on the website to download the vector card.

16. Baby Shower:

Baby Shower

The arrival of a baby is always a special occasion for any family, specifically for the new parents. And sending the invites to announce the arrival of the latest member of the family requires a special card that you can customize. This vector card is customizable in many ways. You can change the text on the front as well as inside of the card. A stork carrying a baby is symbolic of the arrival of a baby in the family. You can send this card to your guests once you have planned the day of the baby shower. With a blue backdrop and white frame, the design is pretty simple yet exciting.


A vector card design is a readymade design that a graphic designer can use to edit the graphics and texts. These greeting card vectors can be used to design new cards out of it. A graphic designer who requires these cards to use it for an event makes it easy for him to modify them. A greeting card exchange never goes out of fashion, and this is a trend that is going to last even if the cards are virtually sent and received. As you can look at the list, we can have the card for above-given events, festivals, or occasions. It also includes designed invitations for the events. These vector cards are available for download at no extra cost. A designer can easily edit the contents of the card, including the images and text on the front and inside of the template.

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