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Today cards are the new creative canvas in web design. They are widely used in Facebook, Twitter, Google Now layouts, and mobile design. At the same time, their original concept as playing cards is still very popular. You can find playing cards by well-known illustrators showing various artistic images, and cards that contain some information. These can be used as an extremely useful source of educational content. It can be a deck of cards telling you about the principles of good typography, or a deck showing the main ideas of copywriting, even a deck dedicated to graphic design, etc.

One of the most interesting decks deals with web design. Many of you may have heard about The Design Deck, which is a deck of custom playing cards created by a talented guy and which enables you to learn more about graphic design while playing a game of cards. This deck created a real impact online. Today TemplateMonster is replicating this success with the launch of a Web Design Trends deck. This deck is a guide to the history of web design, showing the major trends over the last 12 years (from 2004 to 2015). These cards were inspired by the web trends Infographic that was recently launched on the TemplateMonster web site. It is the most complete repository of web trends from the past decade, and most trend seekers, as well as the average user, visit it for knowledge and inspiration.

Have a look at it one more time. Today the home page has been redesigned, and it enables you to check out both Infographic and cards:


Each card from the deck is created as a custom illustration of a particular trend. A short description outlines its main idea. You will notice that the backs and suits are inspired by the material design trend, which is so popular today. 300gsm smooth cardstock and high-gloss effect of a matte black tuck box make this deck of cards look and feel good.

Cards and a tuck box:


And what’s important, is that you can easily acquire a deck of these cards. Enter a quiz during the week of May 26 – June 2 2015 and get a chance to win them. Each day there will be 1 randomly chosen winner (via random.org). To win you have to answer at least 3 questions (the whole list contains 7), and share your results via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The more social networks listed you choose for sharing, the more chance you have of winning a prize.

Here is a badge that you will receive after having successfully passed the quiz.

7 lucky winners will be contacted by emails or via social media profiles. Also, they’ll be announced on the official social media accounts of TemplateMonster.

winner badge


These cards are designed to teach you more about web design, and provide you with inspiration for your own creative projects. Even if you’re not a professional poker or bridge player, you’ll enjoy browsing the cool illustrations printed on cards and reading short stories about web trends. Win this deck and enjoy web design magic!

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