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Achieving Optimal WordPress Performance

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One of the greatest open source software’s available on the web is WordPress. The open source software that has been around for over a decade continues to provide many web users with an easy solution to get their professional website up and running with minimal cost and development work. WordPress can be a very powerful tool when it is used and optimized to its full capacity. In this article, we explore the different ways to get the best performance out of WordPress from your setup to tweaks within plugins and themes.

Hosting support

Before getting your website online, it’s important to partner with a hosting provider that can offer you an easy setup solution and ongoing support. Many providers nowadays offer a one-click WordPress hosting setup with their web hosting packages. This is an inexpensive way to get your website online. Furthermore, it is important to know if your hosting provider will provide free or paid for support should you encounter any issues such as server downtime or security threats. You want your website to be live and to have as few issues as possible.

Becoming more visible for keywords with SEO

WordPress is an incredible platform to use if you want your web content to become more visible. Their continuing updates make it easier for web businesses to integrate their web content into the WordPress platform. For example, if you want your web content to appear in Google’s search results, you can have them appear by simply:

  • Adding content to a dedicated website page or publishing the content in a blog feed page.
  • Optimizing digital assets such as images and videos with relevant keywords.
  • Optimizing the web page with keyword tagging, categorization and URL naming conventions.

Optimising your WordPress site with an all in one SEO suite – Yoast.

This is an amazing plugin to enhance the SEO optimization of your onsite SEO. You can customize your meta data to improve the search relevancy for your web pages and your overall website. Yoast is free to install and they do offer support. If you have seen your website suffering from content duplication or non optimized data, then Yoast is a quick and easy solution to use.

Leverage the power of CRM with Newsletter plugins.

You have the capability to turn your website into a CRM suite with CRM plugins. You can add a newsletter and subscriber functionality to your website to communicate with your prospects, subscribers or customers, giving your website a perception of added value.

Improve the look and feel of your website with a user friendly WordPress theme.

One of the other brilliant things about WordPress is the availability of professional themes that you can use for your website. There are thousands of themes available online from websites such as Themeforest or other off the shelf solutions. There are even tools and plugins like Thrive that will allow you to customize and further optimize your website design, to improve conversion rates for increased traffic leads and sales.

Turn your site into a marketing tool with analytics installations

Previously, we had to install tracking codes manually through the back-end of the website in order to collect web marketing data. WordPress automates this through different plugins and allows us to focus on what our collected data means rather than focusing on setting up the code. There is an easy integration with Google analytics and Adwords tracking tags.

Enhance your site for social media activity with sharing plugins

Encouraging people to share your website’s content has never been easier. With simple sharing buttons to bookmark and share your content visibly on the web. Additionally, the use of RSS (real simple syndication) can also help to get your content discovered across the web.

Encourage more action with call to action plugins.

Call to actions on sites are now inexpensive and simple to setup. Whether you are seeking to engage your prospect with offers through a hover ad or floating buttons to encourage engagement, the choice is yours.

Protection against malicious threats.

WordPress themes and websites are great, but they are often prone to malicious attacks. Many themes and plugins are developed as a part of WordPress’ open source project. Whilst many developers seek to maximize security, there are times when it can be exposed to hackers or malware. Should this happen, it could see your website being overtaken or brought down by these malicious threats. Prior to installing new plugins, ensure that you keep your site up to date with the latest platform developments and be careful when installing new themes or plugins. Also ask your web hosting provider if they can provide assistance in cases where your security has been breached.

You can achieve an optimal performance with your WordPress portal. The flexibility of the open source software is incredible and can be used in many ways, as long as it remains on a stable hosting platform. Get started with WordPress and optimize your site for the better today!

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  1. Insightful article. Flexibility, scalability and ability to suit into any business scenario makes WordPress a great enterprise content management solution. It provides thousands of built-in modules that CMS developer can choose from to make their digital dream a reality. It is essential to have responsive and interactive websites to enhance user experience and that can be achieved easily with the tools that WP offers.
    Website optimization is tricky as there are various factors to address. Make sure to list out key elements and search for the tools to address them. Yoast SEO is most reliable tool that allows website to be Search engine optimized. It ensures that all the key SEO criteria’s are satisfied and make sure that focus keywords are used appropriately over the website. Creating a sitemap and submitting URLs to google webmaster tools are important for indexing website.


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