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WordPress plugin are tiny snippets of program that include and expand the functionality span of websites that are based on WordPress. There are so many WordPress plugin available on the WordPress Plugin Library. A lot of the plugin are free yet there are premium plugin also that are available at a certain cost. The premium plugin helps unlock several functional aspects which makes them worth the price. When you buy paid plugin, you have a lifetime assistance and support availability.

There are professionals who are constantly working to keep the paid plugin compatible and functional with evolving versions of WordPress and its themes. With multiple use of plugin, there is a chance of two or more plugin conflicting each other because of lack of compatibility. With paid plugin, these possibilities nullify because the guidance professional may help you solve the compatibility issues. A slider plugin is used to create your customized sliders that you can place in your website on selected or all the web pages. Let us take a look at some of the best WordPress slider plugin.

1. Slider Revolution Plugin:

Slider Revolution Plugin

If you have played around with a premium WordPress theme, you might be familiar with this slider. It is very popular amongst developers and is widely used because of the features it offers and is said to be one of the most powerful WordPress slider tool.

It is possible to create full screen slideshows with Slider Revolution Plugin as it features a strong and administrative backend with user-friendly visual slider. It is possible to caption your slider and edit it because it comes with transition animation feature.

The biggest disadvantage of using this rich plugin is its rendering time. It takes up a lot of time while it loads and this affects a website’s rank. As the load time is also one of the factors which decides the page’s rank, this plugin should be used carefully.

You may have to pay the price of losing the rank because of this plugin, but you should also consider beautiful templates and designs, and easy customization.

2. Layer slider:

Layer Slider

With an easy to manage and is highly customizable, Layer Slider is a responsive WordPress slider plugin. This plugin provides above 200 pre-designed 2D and 3D slide transitions, along with drag and drop slider builder that works on the base of What You See Is What You Get. It also offers preview that is real-time, a timeline, Google Fonts and a transition builder for animations that can be customized.

This slider does not downplay your website’s loading time. It has upto 13 built-in styles for your sliders that you can choose from, along with around three navigation styles and multiple styles for your sliders.

3. Royal Slider:

Royal Slider

Royal Slider is one of the WordPress Slider plugin, that is known for its high-intensity performance. It was created using HTML5 and CSS3 to make it SEO-friendly. Royal Slider takes the performance of your website tonew heights with its feature-rich code and performance.This helps you create a modernized slider for your website while making your website highly potential.

For ease of its use, you can fill the slider with data from Flickr, 500px and Instagram and also choose to add a featured photo from your blogs. Royal Slider supports Vimeo and Youtube videos hence it is possible for you to create a video gallery. It has a smart loading feature that ensures that your website never takes more than ideal time to load. Because of this, even if you use multiple Royal Sliders on one or more web pages, it never affects your website’s load time.

4. Social Slider Widget PRO:

Social Slider Widget Pro

With an increasing use of Social media platforms like Instagram that use merely images, people have started to showcase their images, on their WordPress websites. This plugin is for the same purpose. It lets you flaunt your Instagram feeds on your website using shortcodes. There is no requirement for API key as you don’t need any kind of authorization to use this plugin. By merely entering the username of the Instagram account, you can show the results to the world.

You can define the size, number and spacing for the images and columns which makes it easy for setup and customization of the layout. Moreover, you can display the images in form of thumbnails or full sized. As this plugin is mobile screen ready, it is possible to use it in the website that can be browsed through various devices.

It is easy to use this plugin without providing the authorization for whatever Instagram account you choose to put to use. Hence, you should understand the protocols of Instagram when it does not show certain content.

5. Hero Slider:

Hero Slider

A high-quality and a premium WordPress slider plugin, it has a myriad of features that can create stunning slider for your website. This responsive slider is easy to use with its drag and drop facility that enables you to create sliders without bothering about the code behind it. Because of its compatibility with WooCommerce, you can use this slider while creating eCommerce Websites too. In addition to this, Hero Slider plugin is SEO friendly plugin as well.

Moreover, this plugin also has an option of using arrows and buttons, unlimited layers on each slide, and using multiple sliders on every page. It also provides an option of playing a video in the background (video element) that comes with option of auto-pause. Hence, you can play any video from any of the slides.

6. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider:

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Ultimate Responsive Image slider is a very responsive slider plugin that is loved widely by the bloggers that have blogs on their WordPress websites. With this slider, there is virtually no limit to how many slides you add in one slider using multiple image uploader.

With a simple drag and drop user interface, a user of any understanding level can use it without worrying about the code behind it. It is a favorite among the WordPress developers as it functions just fine across all the main browsers and operating systems. This plugin is also SEO friendly as it allows you to have an alternate tag for every image you use. You can customize the slider by using slider distance, height and width of the thumbnail, and the position of the thumbnail.

7. Soliloquy:

A sturdy and widely used plugin, Soliloquy offers a wide range of advantages along with drag and drop functionality. It comes with 100 customizable hooks and filters that can be used to create the slider of your desire. To make the slider SEO friendly, the plugin allows you complete control to customize the images you put on the slider. It is equally responsive on all the browsers across all the

It comes with preset slider themes that you can use for your slider’s customization. With compatibility to Woocommerce, you can use it for your eCommerce website. You can create a slider that shows only your important posts, content and images. It can turn any WordPress based slider into a highly robust and responsive carousel. As it is dynamic in nature, you can create sliders that acquire data from different resources. With its security feature, you can prevent your website users from downloading your images.

8. Accordion and Accordion Slider:

Accordion and Accordion Slider

This slider is a very responsive slider that is touch enabled for WordPress websites that bind the functionality of an accordion with the slider. An accordion is a musical instrument.Thisplug in is termed fully responsive with auto and custom responsive modes. Because of its touch enabled feature, it can be used for swipe and tap gestures on touch based devices with mouse drag feature in desktops. Accordion and accordion slider allows use of multiple pages of the panels.

You also get an option to add external links for all or selected images. With the compatibility with modern browsers that support CSS3 transform and transition support, it makes this plug in a favorite among the developers. This plug in helps you create beautiful looking sliders across all the devices. While being SEO friendly, it also has features like deep linking, breakpoints and quick loading capability.

9. Crelly Slider:

Crelly Slider

Crelly slider is an open-source plug in that was developed while keeping in mind the idea of ease of use. This was the first plug in to have integration with elements of animation. As ease of use is its basic feature, it has drag and drop interface and you don’t have to fret for the coding behind it. It can be used to customize your webpage background by addition of transitions.

This plugin, Crelly slider, is compatible across all the browsers on iOS and Android devices. It is very responsive across all the resolutions available. It has the ability to adapt itself according to the screen size of the user’s device.

10. Meta Slider:

Meta Slider

Meta slider is popular among the WordPress website developers because you can create a slider by using the images from WordPress library. With its ease of use, you just have to drag and drop the images in the slider and add SEO settings for the images. Along with that, you also have to configure the links to each image. You can quickly create slideshows of beautiful images and also can preview it before you host it on your website.

With Meta Slider, it is possible to create CSS3 based animated HTML layers by using drag and drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. With thumbnail navigation, your slideshows may look like an image gallery. It has a feature called Post Feed slides that shows you latest images, content, latest eCommerce products or posts of the website. Along with images, you can also create a slideshow for videos on your blog or webpage.

MetaSlider is made in such a way that it gels well with other WordPress based plug ins that include WooCommerce and Events Calendar. In addition to seamless WordPress integration, it is also developer friendly.

11. Slider by 10Web:

Slider by 10Web

This slider, while being sturdy and responsive, helps you create stunningly beautiful sliders on your website. It is also cool to add mobile-ready sliders to your webpage. Slider by 10Web can be added on multiple pages. With its compatibility to Youtube and Vimeo, it has a huge library of effects that you can use to customize your sliders to make it unique.

There are so many ways to accomplish the tasks using the mentioned slider. To add an image to your website, you can add it through WordPress or you can put a link to an external image. You can also use features like watermark, block download, and customization of the design. If you buy the premium version of Slider by 10Web, you can have an access to upto 25 transition and layer styles or more.

While being a quick loader and responsive, Slider by 10Web is also SEO friendly. It also has benefits like User engagement leading to a better user experience. Personalization of the slider allows you to grab the user’s attention. The best part of this plug inis, it is easy to set up, use along with customization. With the team’s quick  response time and high standards, you can get timely assistance from them.


Sliders in your website are the best way to have your user’s attention where you have highlighted your desired content. You can use sliders to show your images, videos or important posts that optimize the space on the website where you can put other stuff. While WordPressplug ins are some of the best plug ins available in the tech market, make sure the plug ins functionality matches the goals and requirements of your website. Once you have figured out the content you want to show in the sliders, you can move ahead to select the right slider according to your required look and feel of the slider.

Plug ins are very important these days, as it would be practically impossible to code everything and work. You need to have certain readymade things that can help you create a functionally optimized website with added features and enhanced look. And the most significant thing about WordPress based website is, plugin are the building blocks of it. Plugin bring about some important functionality like improved SEO, high site speed, creation of online stores, and so much more. You can think of any function of the website, and a plug in can fulfil that function. Hence, these are the reasons why plugin are used widely across the globe by the website developers.

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