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I was talking to a friend earlier today who works for a large design firm and he admitted to me that he’d never make it as a freelancer.  His reason was based solely on the amount of time it took him to find the perfect font for everything.  That lead to a rather interesting conversation about important fonts are to a site, the most creative layout backed by some amazing imagery could all be lost on a standard Times New Roman font if it didn’t work with the rest of the design.  Let’s take a look at some examples of sites that derive the majority of their design elements from the typography.

There are several ways to implement typography in a site and really make it have an impact on the site.  Whether it’s a different font, increased size, or different color, implementing words on your site shouldn’t come across as a chore, or something that you have to tuck away and hide somewhere so that it doesn’t obstruct the look of all the other images and visual elements.  It should be viewed more as another layer of the design tree, and something to help emphasize other aspects of the site.

Here’s a showcase of websites that use huge typography. Using large fonts on your website can attract attention, and can provide a simple and easy to use interface. Plus you don’t have to worry about the text being readable (unless its in a completely crazy font). Please click on each image to view the website.

Earth Hour

Accueil EarthHour Huge Typography

Earth Hour has a nice balance of typography and imagery.  The overall design elements of the site are drawn from the oversized text, the images just help balance it out, as to not overwhelm the first time viewer of the site.  You’ll notice they also don’t overdo it with the number of different fonts that they used, just as the fonts don’t drastically clash with each other.

Janne Koivistoinen

Janne Koivistoinen’s website is a great responsive website with huge typography.  The different background colors also help liven up the site as well.  The designer did a great job of blending the fonts, as you will notice there are quite a few, but they all work together.  A great site and very well thought out.

Get Finch

Finch Huge Typography

Get Finch is a business card website that not only uses big typography in its logo but also to present details about Francisco Inchauste.

Stuff & Nonsense

Fabulous web design UK

Besides the huge illustration that gives a playful touch to the interface, Stuff & Nonsense also uses huge typography to a lay out a motto. The fact that the fonts are easy to read also takes the strain off your eyes, not to mention brain, when trying to decipher what the text says.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry Huge Typography

Sibling Rivalry is loaded with all sorts of fun fonts.  Again, not a ton of images on the homepage, but a lot of fonts and they’re in a wide variety of colors.  All of these things work together nicely to make up a perfect blend, not something you’d expect from three brothers.  But if you read some of the text on the homepage you’ll understand how fitting it is and how well the designer was able to capture their philosophy and attitude, then portray it in this design.


Typographica Huge Typography

With a name like Typographica one would think that it would be oozing with all sorts of cool fonts.  It certainly doesn’t disappoint, that’s for sure.  I think one of my most favorite elements of this site is the somewhat subtle and almost hidden nature of their top level, main navigation.  At first glance, I thought that “Typographica. Type Reviews, Books, Commentary,” was simply the company name and tag line.  But all it takes is a simple hover to realize those are all links.


Aiga is excellent for creating headlines. This way the visitor will know right from the start what the article is talking about.  Large blocks of text dominate the site with similar toned images to complement the overall look. You’ll also notice that the fonts aren’t anything crazy, just clean, simple, and pleasing to look at.  

What A Lovely Name

What a Lovely Name Huge Typography

What A Lovely Name is a fun site featuring good use of typography.  It carries the fun, a baby theme that surely gets expecting parents excited as they begin the quest of coming up with the perfect name for their child.  You’ll notice that rather than relying on several different fonts to add character to the site they simply relied on various sizes, very clever.

We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles

I think you’ve seen this website plenty of times now. It has a unique, simple design with huge typography and nice, pink accents. Their choice of fonts works nicely.  It’s a great balance of fun and professional, giving them the upper hand over other media service sites that look just like all of the others.

Huge Inc

 Huge Typography

Huge Inc uses HUGE typography for its homepage. The text is nicely positioned and the overall website has a great design.  And you really can’t missed the enormous letter H on the home page.


Blind Barber Huge Typography

Simple yet very appealing, this full-screen website uses large, bold typography to spread its message. Want more large typography websites? Read this Great Typography in Web Design post.

Big Youth

Big Youth Huge Typography

Big Youth is yet another good example of using huge typography in your web design.  It also has a friendly interface and presents content in a creative way through animations, collage illustrations, and thumbnail galleries.


Aftershock Huge Typography websites

Aftershock has a very creative interface design that uses typography and illustrations in an interactive way. Their choice of fonts works nicely with the doodle drawings in the background.

June Cloud


June Cloud’s website uses large typography on header texts. The website is pastel colored and has some really nice illustrations.  You’ll notice that rather than relying on several different fonts to add character to the site they simply relied on various sizes, very clever.


RISD Grad Show 2017 Huge Typography websites

If you’re a fan of Rhode Island School of Design then you might want to have a look at their awesome website. This website uses typography in all shapes and sizes and focuses on presenting 2017’s graduate thesis exhibition.

Chris Biron

Chris Biron Huge Typography websites

This example is Chris Biron’s portfolio exhibition that keeps things simple, as his motto suggests, and presents all the work he’s done until now. It uses typography at the beginning of the presentation to make readers curious, followed by huge thumbnail gallery and ends as it started, with typography.


Language Media Huge Typography websites

This company focuses on language media and they have a really cool website that uses huge white typography on a horizontal band of animated clips.

One Design Company

One Year In Review Huge Typography websites

This example could serve as good source of inspiration for future projects thanks to the hard work and creativity that was put into this web design. They use bold colors for their huge typography and animated illustrations which give this website a friendly vibe.

Salford Stories

salfordstories Huge Typography websites

This website is a great example of how typography can help you spread your message in a very creative and original way. With just 3 basic colors, this website is very attractive and has really nice graphics.


VERMONT Holding Typography websites

With a neat and elegant design, Vermont’s website can be a great source of inspiration. They represent premium fashion brands and their aim is to inspire and offer confidence to their clients, but not only!

CWR Solutions

CRW Corporate Risk Watch Typography websites

With a light gray background and both huge and regular typography,  this company’s website presents content in a neat and classy way. This is a great site and very well thought out.


Polargold Typography websites

Polargold mixes minimalist design with huge light-colored typography to present content to their followers.


Tyler Galpin Typography websites

Galpin has a vintage feel because of its graphics and typography. It is mostly monochromatic with just a small insertion of color, placed just perfect in order to emphasize important elements.


artless Inc. Typography websites

This unique, huge font is a great, unique detail element for this website. The overall layout is very simple and clean.

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