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There’s no point in having an awesome website and an awesome product if your product comparison table is crap. It will throw people right off, and believe me I have seen some bad tables. Anyway here is a collection of the best product comparison tables handpicked by WebDesignDev. We think we have picked the top 25 comparison tables based on creative design and how clear it is to read and compare.

By all means if you think we have forgotten any tables that look stunning, drop us a nice comment.



This is a simple comparison table with a very basic design. Even though the design may not look like much, the information is very well structured and easy to read.



Big Cartel’s pricing table has a very beautiful design. Also, the watercolored background is a very nice touch. 



SquareSpace’s table is unique and has some nice, large icons for each column. The prices are very visible and also, each package has a brief description. 



FormSpring has a simple, modern design. the Professional column is marked as being the most popular choice. Green is a great color for this design. 



Wufoo’s bright colored pricing table is fun and friendly! The fonts look handmade and a bit childish. 

Concept Share

Concept SharePin

ConceptShare has a professional pricing table with a basic design. The accent color in this case is dark green. 

Mind Meister

Mind MeisterPin

This pricing table has some nice 3D icons with glossy effects. Also the bright pink accents are a nice touch. 



CrazyEgg’s pricing table features the Basic Package. Green is again the best color for accents in pricing tables. 

Are My Sites Up

Are My Sites UpPin

This pricing table uses icons to let the visitor know what the packages are about. 



This modern pricing table uses both dark orange and green as accent colors. The background greys are a good, neutral choice. 



Pink and blues go great together. This pricing table emphasizes the Business pro premium hosting package. 

Income Diary

Income DiaryPin

Income Diary has a nice pastel blue and green colored table with a pretty basic, easy-to-understand layout. 

Invoice Machine

Invoice MachinePin

This lovely pricing table belongs to Invoice Machine. The blacks and greys with green accents are a great color palette choice. 

Media Temple

Media TemplePin

This unique hosting pricing table has large icns for each package. Also it has some large blue buttons to click on if you want to buy the packages. 



Traffik’s awesome dark themed pricing table shows the pros and cons of each one of the 5 packages. 

The Resumator

The ResumatorPin

Kaki green is an unusual color choice for featuring a product in a pricing table. The reds and blues are a nice choice. 

Big File Box

Big File BoxPin

This all-pink pricing table has a girly, feminine design. It’s small and doesn’t feature any particular product. 

Action This

Action ThisPin

Greens and greys all the way! This two packages table has a very simple layout design. 



BallPark’s table is very creative and nicely designed! It also has a great structure. The elecric blues and greens look great in this table design. 



The beautiful mint green goes great with the dark grey background. The Solo package is emphasized in a very subtle, elegant manner. 



LinkPatch emphasizes their SignUp buttons in order to grab the visitors’attention. The beige mai not be the best choice here. 



This unusual, unique design uses mostly large icons to show the packages. It’s a pretty creative idea! 



This beautiful pricing table is a great source of inspiration. The icons are cleverly designed and it looks clean and modern. 

Cobble Stone

Cobble StonePin

The Signup buttons are a little too small but the benefits of each package are the main elements in this pricing table design. 

Rocket Theme

Rocket ThemePin

Rocket Theme’s small pricing table has a nice shadow effect and cool 3D elements. It has a great glossy effect and the 3rd package catches the readers’ attention.

43 thoughts on “25 Clear And Beautiful Comparison Tables”

  1. Interesting list 🙂

    I disagree with the inclusion of SquareSpace though (and then again I might just not be using your meaning of ‘clear’ ;-)).

    I do not know what SquareSpace is about but when someone gives me only different prices and a short blurb on what *they* think any particular choice is capable of without giving me some facts I tend to go look for competitors instantly.

    Just my 2¢

  2. Hi I need to make a comparison chart for my website and for emails. can you help me with this- I need for comparing my real estate office with others thank you

  3. Awesome List.
    I adore the “FormSpring” , “CrazyEgg” and “ActionScript” they are so cool !


  4. Thanks for the compilation. I was just researching on how a client of ours could improve their table data. From this list my pick is probably the Formspring layout. Clean and Easy to read!

  5. after watching this great post i am thinking of updating my website packages page. I love the style tables you have used in these design and the color effect is so professional

  6. Nice list. Take note of the layout of the pricing as well – the smart ones know to go from High > Low, with a callout on the mid level. The other guys are missing the boat.

  7. You should add a ” Stunning Table ” on PRODUCTS Menu of FNOmantra.co.in to your List. This table has got ” Mouse-Over ” Effects Column !

  8. These are awesome! I wish there was a site that could allow you to input the information and than get the code/files to implement your own on your website. This is goof stuff.

  9. Great list –
    handy tip for those showing off your price plans:
    Showing the highest plan first usually results in higher sales for that plan.

  10. Loving BIG CARTEL mainly for the bg sexyness. Love the article. Much needed in times of “information overload and impeding creative doom”.

  11. Nice nice collection.. This is exactly I was looking for my SEO plans to cover…:) You provide me really helpful thing my friend..

  12. Really nice collection of tables. All professional looking and I particularly like the Wufoo and Heroku ones. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  13. Good picks.
    I like FormSpring best it’s bright and easy on the eyes.
    Big File Box
    Ball Park
    Cobble Stone


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