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We’ve compiled a list of 20 infographics and cheatsheets to help you be more productive in your design process. From Adobe keyboard shortcuts cheatsheets to typography and logo infographics, these will surely help you get better at what you do. Learn what makes up a great logo, how to combine colors, use Photoshop shortcuts and more, with these awesome and useful infographics!

iOS and Android Design Cheatsheet

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers ios cheatsheet

In order to make app designing a lot easier, the guys from Kinvey made this very useful cheatsheet for both iOS and Android. This infographic helps you better understand the differences between iOS and Android regarding screen sizes, icon sizes, touch gestures and more!

The Psychology of Color

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers colors

A very important element which is also commonly overlooked by some designers is the influence of colors on a website’s visitors. Learn more about colors from this infographic that explains very clearly what is the meaning of each color and where and how to properly use it. It includes everything from warm to cool and neutral colors.

Color Emotion Guide

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers logo colors

When designing a logo for your business, it is very important to take into account the way people react to the color. Find out what kind of emotions will your logo inspire by looking at some well-known examples. This guide shows us what each color means and for which purposes it’s best to use it.



designContest presents an infographic weighing the pros and cons of using both RGB versus CMYK color codes in the printing process. This infographic teaches you everything you need to know about the differences between these two color modes, their strengths and why RGB is ideal for digital media and CMYK for print design.

Printing Size Guide


This is a very useful cheatsheet for print designers. Print it and stick it to your desk wall so you’ll always know the exact standard dimensions of International paper, business cards and more! This is a very clean and easy to understand guide.

Paper Sizes In Graphic Design

Helpful Infographic paper dimensions

Find out all about paper sizes in graphic design. Very useful for beginners and it is also free to download. You don’t need to know the paper sizes by heart, you can always look at this chart and find out the correct answer. This cheatsheet covers paper dimensions from A0 to A7.

Cheats for Designers logo

This is an infographic which shows you the main principles of designing a creative, unique logo. It can be very useful for graphic designers because it easily explains what is a unique logo, what is the correct workflow, how to draw it and pick the perfect font.

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

 Infographics and Cheats for Designers fonts

Beginner? Find out what are the top 10 fonts web designers love most and why! Learn how to choose beautiful, high-quality fonts for your website design project. This infographic shows you which are the 10 most favorite free and premium logos and it gives great examples of fonts that can never go wrong when used in graphic design!

Typography Infographic

InfographicDesigners typography

CreativeMarket brings the typographic history, usage & character to life! This infographic shows the great history of typography. It’s very helpful for beginner print and graphic designers and makes some rather complicated information easily understandable for everyone. It’s good if you want to find out more about font families, popular first characters, typefaces and more!

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers good logo

In this infographic, you’ll see how famous logos were analyzed in order to discover what makes a good logo? It may be the color or it may be the fonts. This infographic will show you what certain colors suggest and which are the most famous logo designers that you should know about!

Elements of Design 

InfographicDesigners elements of design

Discover what are the elements of design with this cool infographic, which also has downloadable .jpg and .eps files! It’s great if you want to find out more about basic elements such as line, color, texture, size, shape, value, and space!

Principles of Design

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers principles of design

Print-ready principles of design infographic which comes in two color choices, light and dark! This is a vital infographic for any beginner because it teaches the basics of contrast, alignment, proximity, and repetition. This cheatsheet gives very precious information which you can use in your day to day practice.

Adobe Flash Keyboard Shortcuts

Infographic Designers flash

Become more productive by using these awesome Flash keyboard shortcuts! By accessing the link you can also find the keyboard shortcuts to other famous Adobe programs. This is a very simple way of making your work easier!

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts


Want to know all the shortcuts in Illustrator? Learn to use them with this awesome cheatsheet that explains what are the most important shortcuts for the type panels, color panel, text & paragraphs, tools and more!

InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time by using these cool Indesign keyboard shortcuts. You and I both know that inDesign can be a really hard and complex program to use, especially for a beginner, but after you’ll check out these vital keyboard shortcuts, your projects will become a lot easier.

InDesign CS6 Tools Panel Cheatsheet

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers indesign

New to Indesign? Get a quick introduction to its tools panel with this awesome cheatsheet that tells you everything you need to know about both basic and complex inDesign tools and how to use them, including the screen views!

 Pen Tool Technique

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers pen tool technique

Using pen tool can be a little difficult for beginner designers. Learn how to use it properly with this great Adobe cheatsheet that offers really precious step-by-step information. You only need this cheatsheet and a little practice to master the pen tool!

Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

 Cheats for Designers photoshop keyboard shortcuts

Once again, shortcuts are the best way to make your work faster and your life easier! This cheatsheet illustrates the best PS keyboard shortcuts for faster work, delivered in a nice, creative format that’s both pretty and easy to understand.

Photoshop CS6 Brush Guide

Helpful Infographics and Cheats for Designers photoshop

Learn all about Photoshop CS6 brushes, with this helpful cheatsheet that tells you literally everything you need to know about the flow control, pixel diameter size, hardness control airbrush mode and more!

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