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Today we will be reviewing IM Creator – a free website builder that is perfectly suitable for web designers. There are many website builders out there, but not all of them were created with web designers in mind. IM Creator is different.

IM Creator was built in such a way that it allows you, the web designer, to give a better solution to clients. Through the IM Creator tools, you will be able to design and build HTML websites faster and easier, without the need for high developer costs. You don’t need to know coding, nor do you need to spend weeks or months developing websites if you choose to use IM Creator. So let’s look at some of the benefits of IM Creator and why this could be a perfect choice for you as a web designer:

Integrated CMS

Once the website is completed,  your clients will be able to update the website freely, using the same simple tools.

Drag & Drop HTML Editor

IM Creator offers a real 100% drag & drop HTML editor, so nothing constrains your design. Use their ready-made galleries, slide-shows, contact forms, video players and other flexible editable objects.

Agile Process With Your Clients.

Quickly complete a successful project. Offer your clients one of IM Creator’s templates or create a brand new design and tailor it to their needs. Your clients can even independently insert content, allowing you to focus on the design and layout.

High-End Templates Catalog

IM Creator comes with a vivid collection of ready-made templates, suitable for a large variety of clients: artists, actors, models, business professionals, restaurants and more. You can base your entire project on one of the designs, or just get inspired by it.


IM Creator’s online editor produces highly-compatible HTML-based websites. IM Creator uses cutting-edge technologies such as jQuery to make the final website you created friendly to PCs, Macs, tablets, mobile phones and even older browsers.

It’s Free

IM Creator’s tools, designs and support service are all provided free for your use. The limit here is that free accounts do not let you use your own domain and put a limit of 50 MB on hosting. Premium plans are available that allow you to put your own domains, and they come with unlimited hosting.

Hosting, Domain & Email

IM Creator will host your clients’ website, connect it to a domain and custom email-services, all in a few steps. No need to deal with HTML coding or any technical aspect of domain and hosting.
So what are you waiting for?

Check out IM Creator

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  1. I am a web designer and i already used IM creator a couple of times.
    for me it was a very good experience and i must agree with every word of this blog.
    thanks for this information!


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