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15 Amazing Artist Interpretations of The Big Lebowski

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There are few things I like in life more than The Big Lebowski. This movie has quickly become a cult favorite. With SO many quotable lines and an amazing quirky cast it’s easy to see why. As with many TV shows & movies that are beloved by fans it provides great inspiration for many artists. “You want a roundup? I can get you a roundup, believe me.” Here are 15 of my favorites that really tie site together.

1) Jeff Mitchell: I love Jeff’s work. He uses pop culture in most of his works but his distinct style creates works of art that are clearly original. Make sure to check out his other incredible pieces.

The Big Lebowski #1

2) suPomon: I not only like the imagery of this particular but the dimensions of this particular piece. It would be a perfect addition to any man cave or living room.

The Big Lebowski #2

3) Tim Murphy: This artist does graphic design but his illustrations are what caught my eye. This style mixes both a quirky and cartoony look with a high measure of  refined illustration. Also his use of bold lines really make his illustrations dynamic & eye-catching.

the big lebowski #3

4) Ale Giorgini: I love the use of colors in this particular piece. It makes it very unique and really cool to look at. The style is kind of reminiscent of the advertising in the 50’s and 60’s. I also like how many references from the film he puts into this one illustration.

The Big Lebowski #4

5) Dave Mottram (Monkeyworks): Don’t you love when things come together? Like web design & The Big Lebowski. This artist has created 4 varaiations of a 404 page design. Each with a different quote from the movie which is perfectly fits an error page.

The Big Lebowski #5

6) Dave Perillo: Another very retro take on the movie but the way he utilizes colors and framing feels very modern. I love that how the single illustration reads as almost a comic strip and you really get a sense of the whole movie from the one piece. Make sure to check out his other great work as well!

The Big Lebowski #6

7) Jim Horwat: Talk about a Lebowski love fest. I love illustrations that no matter how many times you look at you see something different. This great illustration definitely fits that criteria. This pen & ink would make a great art piece for any room or office.

The Big Lebowski #7

8) James Anderson: I love the idea of taking a R rated film and making it almost like a Saturday morning cartoon. The way this artist uses mixed media is something I really haven’t seen in character design before. His work is very bright and fun to look at.

The Big Lebowski #9

9) Brad Pattullo:  I absolutely love the expressions on these characters faces. Such a great mixture of cartooning & caricature. What first might look like a simple illustration on closer inspection you really see how many details and inside jokes are included.

The Big Lebowski #9

10) Giovanni Costa: I always like when artists combine pop culture and advertising. It’s always an interesting mix and creates a unique look. This would look great as a framed piece of art!

The Big Lebowski #10

11) xavier Ramonède: This illustration captures not only the main characters but the  whole cast. He gives a very interesting and stylized rendition of each. I also like how how he was afraid to over exaggerate the characters features and mannerisms.

The_Big_Lebowski #11

12) Lorenzo Fornaciari : I find these interesting because of the monochromatic color scheme he chose to go with. Each character is illustrated with a specific color that matches their overall personality. They are simple yet very eye-catching.

The Big Lebowski #12

13) Zach Burns: I love when a pop culture icon takes on another pop culture icon. This take on the Obama “Hope” poster is the perfect execution and just the right including the tag line “Abide”.

The Big Lebowski #12

14) Vasco Valentim: SOmetimes the simplest things are the best. One of the best things an artist can do is try to capture their subject with just typography. I love how this follows current trends in graphic design and looks very modern. You don’t even notice it’s a movie quote until much later.

The Big Lebowski #14

15) Diogo G.Ladeira: This artist has a very interesting way of illustrating his subjects. I love the rough line look but still the illustration still looks finished and well thought out.

The Big Lebowski #15

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Header Image: Christophe Regnault: http://bisart.deviantart.com/

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