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There are many situations when you are required to fill out a login form, thus you’ve definitely seen lots of login forms online, some with more or less creative designs.

This collection of login form designs will not only inspire you to create beautiful login forms but also offer you some free login forms you can actually download and use. You can use them for both personal and commercial purposes, without any attribution required.

These freebies are ready for download and they include fully customizable components that guarantee amazing results. Also, they come with various designs: flat, transparent, with shadows, colorful, simple, with animations, etc.

Also, these free login forms are compatible with all major browsers, so that your design is perfectly viewed at all times. Download and use these templates to create excellent login form designs.

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DropDown Login Form

This is a beautiful login form design which has a creative dropdown animation. The required fields are hidden and are displayed only when clicked on the login button.

DropDown Login Form Pin

Simple Login Form

This is a simple login form with a beautiful design. You can quickly customize its features and integrate it into your WordPress websites.

Simple Login Form Pin

Animated Login Form

Here you have a stunning login form that includes a smooth animation effect. Have a look at the demo and see if it meets your requirements.

Animated Login Form Pin

iPhone Login Template

Here is a beautiful login template that you can use for iPhone apps. You can use it in various situations with exceptional results. Download and use it for your current or future projects.

iPhone Login Template Pin

Bootstrap Snippet Form

This is another wonderful login form which includes the required fields: email address, password, login button, and the optional remember me checkbox.

Bootstrap Snippet Form Pin

Trendy UI Kits Form

This is a stunning login form that you can download and use right away. This freebie will look amazing in various website or app designs.

Trendy UI Kits Form Pin

Flat Login Form

Here is a gorgeous login form with a flat design. This item uses simple icons, with neat colors and an overall stunning design. Moreover, you can download and use this form for free.

Flat Login Form Pin

Login With Google Chrome Extension

Here you have a beautiful login form that uses Google Chrome extension as a secondary login. This form has a minimalistic design which looks stunning.

Login With Google Chrome Extension Pin

Transparent Login

This is a marvelous login form with a transparent background. The transparency, with the strong blue color, looks incredible and your users will definitely appreciate it.

Transparent Login Pin

Stylized Login Form

This is a lovely login form with a detailed design. You can download and use this item for personal or commercial projects for free, with no attributions.

Stylized Login Form Pin

Responsive Login

Download and use this responsive login form to create outstanding designs that automatically fit any screen size. Customize its features and make it fit your style.

Responsive Login Pin

Transparent Form

This is another outstanding login form with a beautiful transparent design. The design uses the required fields, email, password and the action button. It also includes simple but intuitive icons.

Transparent-Form Pin

Log ‘N Load Animated Form

This is a stunning login form design with a creative animation effect. You can download and use it in your projects for free, without any attributions.

Log Animated-FormPin

Flat CSS3 Form With Animated Background

Here is another wonderful login form with a flat design. This element has a stunning animated background that looks incredible on both desktop and mobile versions.

Flat CSS3 Form Animated Background Pin

My Login Form

Download and use this simple login form with a handwritten style. This freebie can look amazing in various digital projects and it will function perfectly.

My Login Form Login Form Design Pin

This outstanding login form was created using CSS3. It includes a logo and a couple of minimalistic icons with intuitive designs. Download and use it in your web design projects.

CSS3 Form Logo Pin

CSS3 Form With Shadow

This CSS3 login form has a stunning shadow effect that gives the illusion of depth. The design of the login itself is simple and it includes the standard fields.

CSS3 Form Shadow Pin

Fancy Login Form

This is an excellent login form with a simple but very effective design. You can download and use this item for various digital projects.

Fancy Login Form Design Pin

Password Protected Form

Should you require a password protected form, this is a great design that offers just that. Moreover, this login form has a stunning design that is available for free.

Password Protected Form design Pin

Have a closer look at this beautifully designed login form with a transparent design. This item can be downloaded for free without any attributions.

Transparent Form Logo Pin

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