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Geometric patterns have always been a good friend to designers, providing the ability to sustain any design, be it websites, poster backgrounds, flyers, and more. While geometric-designed patterns are rooted in the shapes of geometry, there is still an artistic and creative element to these patterns that can enhance both digital and print design projects when used properly.

Generally, geometric designed patterns are made up of common shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and more. Such a composition lends simplicity to the design and, at the same time, helps to set up symmetry.

Geometric Vectors, Graphics & Images – quick list

As a designer, most likely you don’t have any time to spare, so that’s why we assembled this quick list of patterns with geometric designs consisting of the best premium options with a FREE geometric pattern download option from Envato Elements!

  1. Elegant Geometric Designed Patterns
  2. Abstract Geometric Reflection
  3. Seamless Geometric Pattern Designs
  4. Optical Illusion Patterns
  5. Simple Line Geometric Designs
  6. Black And White Geometric Pattern Designs
  7. 60 Geometric Vector Backgrounds
  8. Seamless Geometric Pattern Background
  9. Retro Geometric Ornament Seamless Patterns
  10. Geopop – Seamless Pattern
  11. 100 Geometric Seamless Patterns
  12. Geometric Collection of Patterns, Shapes, and Posters
  13. Geometric Abstract Patterns Set
  14. Geometric Portuguese Patterns
  15. Abstract Geometric Seamless Patterns
  16. Hexa – Geometric Vector Patterns
  17. Geometric Play Patterns + Tiles
  18. Bauhaus Geometric Pattern Set
  19. Colorful Geometric Seamless Pattern Pack
  20. Retro Geometric Seamless Patterns
  21. Patterns of Geometric Shaped Designs by Unio
  22. Geometric Tracery Seamless Patterns
  23. Seamless Geometric Pattern Collection
  24. Geometric Abstract Patterns
  25. Geometric Art Deco Patterns
  26. 650 Essential Geometric Vector Patterns
  27. Geometric Mosaic Seamless Patterns
  28. 144 Seamless Pointillism Patterns Pack
  29. Geometric Marquetry Patterns
  30. Colorful Polygon Backgrounds

Free Geometric Patterned Graphics Download Option


Envato Elements is the best option for free geometric pattern downloads. Envato provides a wide range of design resources such as graphics, images, illustrations, wallpapers, backgrounds, and thousands more.

3 steps to downloading free geometric designed patterns:

  1. Start a 7-day free trial subscription with Envato Elements.
  2. Download your favorite templates plus images, fonts, graphics, and more.
  3. Cancel before the trial ends if you need to, and still KEEP EVERYTHING!

Yes, you get to keep and use all the design assets and geo patterns you’ve downloaded even if you decide to cancel – It’s really a win-win strategy!

The Best Geometric Graphics & Images for Designers

Here we have compiled some of the most fantastic-looking patterns with geometric shapes that graphic designers can use as backgrounds, wallpapers, websites, and any other digital or print projects.

If you want to download all of the patterns from Envato Elements for FREE, just try out their service for 7 days. Even if you cancel you can keep the patterns plus other design assets. It’s a no-brainer!

Elegant Geometric Designed Patterns

Elegant Geometric Designed Patterns Pin

This first option is a good choice to create exquisite designs, especially in the interior design or architecture field. This design resource offers 30 patterns in PSD, PAT, and PNG formats. In addition, you can easily use them for magazines, wallpapers, and even digital marketing projects.

Abstract Geometric Reflection

Abstract Geometric Reflection Pin

Symmetry in geometric design can further elevate its visual appeal. This design principle is nicely applied in this pack of 15 backgrounds. First, an abstract geometric pattern is created and then reflected vertically and horizontally to create stunning backgrounds that you can use for posters, covers, and social media.

Seamless Geometric Pattern Designs

Seamless Geometric Pattern Designs Pin

When choosing patterns for backgrounds, try to go for a seamless pattern. It is easy to repeat them or scale them up or down and have better control over the design. This design resource offers three high-resolution patterns in both AI and EPS file formats.

Optical Illusion Patterns

Optical Illusion Patterns Pin

Geometric designs with patterns can create optical illusions, and you can use this to make your design more attractive. This design set includes 20 seamless patterns in AI file format. You can use them as background or can dedicate special focused space for them to make the optical illusion property stand out.

Simple Line Geometric Designs

Simple Line Geometric Designs Pin

Geometric designs do not really need to be fancy or complicated. This design resource shows how simple lines can be used to create visually stunning patterns. The pack comes with 40 unique patterns in AI and EPS format. You can use these patterns for backgrounds or for filling up spaces in the design.

Black And White Geometric Pattern Designs

Black And White Geometric Pattern Designs Pin

We recommend always having a black and white geometric background in your collection as they are a safe bet to fill up your backgrounds. This design pack provides almost 240 PNG files in high resolution. Unfortunately, they are not editable, but given the large volume of designs, you will surely find something that clicks for your design.

60 Geometric Vector Backgrounds

60 Geometric Vector Backgrounds Pin

The use of fluid gradients is an ongoing design trend, and these geometric vector backgrounds make good use of them. In terms of the base design, the patterns are simple, but vibrant gradients make it look visually appealing and a good resource to fulfill your background needs.

Seamless Geometric Pattern Background

Seamless Geometric Pattern Background Pin

Are you looking for funky and vibrant patterns? Then check out this patterned background. It is hard to figure out what would be going in the designers, but the outcome is certainly astounding. Basic geometric shapes are used in a highly creative and abstract manner to construct the pattern, which is unique and eye-catching.

Retro Geometric Ornament Seamless Patterns

Retro Geometric Ornament Seamless Patterns Pin

Even though the resource has been named Retro, it has an abstract and minimal feel to it. The design does not follow the basic rules of pattern or symmetry. Rather thin lines are used to connect the shapes and result in a unique pattern. You will get editable files to make changes as needed.

Geopop – Seamless Pattern

Geopop - Seamless Pattern Pin

Adding a bit of pop culture to geometric design can result in amazing design patterns like this. While the shapes used are basic, the vibrant color makes the design stand out. You will get AI and EPS files when you download the pack, and you can customize them as per your branding style needs.

100 Geometric Seamless Patterns

100 Geometric Seamless Patterns Pin

Having various design bundles in your collection is always a good idea. This bundle consists of highly creative seamless patterns made from different shapes like lines, waves, grids, circles, and more. When you download, you will get JPEG, PNG, and editable versions.

Geometric Collection of Patterns, Shapes, and Posters

Geometric Collection of Patterns, Shapes, and Posters Pin

This design resource is a treasure chest, given the whole array of files you get with it. This pack has everything from pattern swatches, tiles, digital papers, and posters to vectors. The designs are well made, featuring some amazing geometric pattern designs that you can use for all sorts of applications.

Geometric Abstract Patterns Set

Abstract Geometric Pattern Set Pin

For designers interested in volume, we have added this large pack of patterns to the list. There are 100 shape sets that come in different color combinations. They look abstract, but you can combine them to create your own geometric pattern and tailor it to your project needs.

Geometric Portuguese Patterns

Portuguese Geometric Patterns Pin

A lot of vintage Portuguese designs exhibit patterns that to abstract and geometrical. This pattern resource takes inspiration from that style and offers a well-structured set of 32 pattern backgrounds. In addition, there are three color variations available in each pattern giving you all the more design options.

Abstract Geometric Seamless Patterns

Abstract Geometric Seamless Patterns Pin

This pattern pack is quite unique as it features hand drawn seamless pattern. The patterns also have a vintage feel about them, as only basic shapes are used in repetition. You will get editable files of the patterns, and you can use them for packaging, fashion, and interior designing projects.

Hexa – Geometric Vector Patterns

Hexa - Geometric Vector Patterns Pin

As the name suggests, this pattern resource uses hexagons in various forms to create amazing seamless patterns. You will get 40 hexagon patterns in an editable format when you download the pack. Hence you can customize them in terms of color and scale as per your project requirements.

Geometric Play Patterns + Tiles

Geometric Play Patterns + Tiles Pin

A perfect resource for architects and interior designers, This Patterns and tiles pack from Envato provides a lot of creative assets. Upon download, you get 20 pattern tiles, 20 digital papers, 20 seamless pattern swatches, and a helpful guide to figuring out how to use these resources in the best way possible.

Bauhaus Geometric Pattern Set

Bauhaus Geometric Pattern Set Pin

The Bauhaus design style is always a hit regarding architecture or landmark-related projects. That is why we have included in our list a design pack that is inspired by the Bauhaus style. The pack will provide you with ten seamless patterns, five artboards, and 30 editable blocks with refreshing patterns.

Colorful Geometric Seamless Pattern Pack

Colorful Geometric Seamless Pattern Pack Pin

If you want to make your design vibrant, then use these colorful pattern packs. The pack consists of 5 unique designs made out of circles, dots, and lines but in contrasting colors. This design feature will help you grab the viewer’s attention and make your design more effective.

Retro Geometric Seamless Patterns

Retro Geometric Seamless Patterns Pin

Retro designs always look cool, and this patterns pack uses some amazing bright colors that can help your design stand out. In terms of patterns, simple zig-zag lines and shapes are used, but the end result is visually appealing. You can use them for website backgrounds, magazine prints, packaging, and more.

Patterns of Geometric Shaped Designs by Unio

Patterns of Geometric Shaped Designs by UnioPin

This design pack gives you 20 amazing patterns of geometry-based designs that you can implement through the swatch panel. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry. The resource also gives a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to import and use them. The pattern design is kept simple, and big shapes are avoided, making it suitable for backgrounds.

Geometric Tracery Seamless Patterns

Geometric Tracery Seamless Patterns Pin

Retro design style will always be in trend. That is why we have included this Tracery Geometric pack in our list. Using basic shapes, it can create some visually stunning patterns. The cherry on top is that these patterns are seamless so you can use them more versatilely in your design projects.

Seamless Geometric Pattern Collection

Seamless Geometric Pattern Collection Pin

Another treasure chest from DesignCuts, this asset provides 100 seamless patterns, free fonts, and also poster templates. All the patterns are in black and white color, but because you have the open files, you can always alter that. Either way, black and white patterns are also helpful as they can be used in overlay easily.

Geometric Abstract Patterns

Geometric Abstract Patterns Pin

Geometric-designed patterns can be easily transformed into abstract designs, which is exactly what this design resource has done. This pack of vector-based designs has used basic geometry shapes and transformed them into something surreal and unique. Furthermore, as they are vector based, they can be easily customized.

Geometric Art Deco Patterns

Geometric Art Deco Patterns Pin

Geo patterns and Art Deco have a long history. Taking inspiration from this powerful combination, these patterns pack offers 11 patterns in AI and high-resolution image formats. Given the simplicity and beauty of the patterns, you can use them for projects related to architecture, interior design, and even branding.

650 Essential Geometric Vector Patterns

650 Essential Geometric Vector Patterns Pin

Go for this design resource if you want a big chunk of pattern collection, as it comes with 650 vector-based patterns that are geometric. When you download this asset from DesignCuts, you will get AI, EPS, PNG, and JPG files for all the patterns; hence, you can customize them as per the design project you are working on.

Geometric Mosaic Seamless Patterns

Geometric Mosaic Seamless Patterns Pin

This pattern pack does two good things: first, it creates abstract mosaic seamless patterns, and second, it uses refreshing colors to fill them up. This combination makes the patterns look really beautiful. In addition, you can easily use the ten patterns it offers for wallpapers, packaging, and other applications.

144 Seamless Pointillism Patterns Pack

144 Seamless Pointillism Patterns Pack Pin

Pointillism is an art form that uses small points to create visually stunning designs. In this case, this design method is used to create beautiful geometric pattern designs. The pack comprises 144 seamless patterns, all in black and white and ready to be used for wallpapers, product packaging, or as simple backgrounds.

Geometric Marquetry Patterns

Geometric Marquetry Patterns Pin

For those who do not know what Marquetry is, it is an endangered art form that uses wood veneer blocks on structures to ornate them. In this design pack, a similar attempt is made by applying this design style. When you download the pack, you get ten amazing seamless patterns and high-res images in editable format.

Colorful Polygon Backgrounds

24 Polygon Colorful Backgrounds Pin

Continuing the trend of having color background assets, next on the list, we have a set of 20 colorful backgrounds, which are made up of various combinations of polygons. Note that you get only high-resolution JPG of the backgrounds, not the editable files. But these backgrounds are good to use as it is for social media, website, and other digital applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a geometric pattern?

A geometric pattern is essentially a group of patterns formed out of geometric shapes. These shapes include lines, circles, squares, and other polygons. These shapes are set in interesting compositions using the right set of color combinations to give birth to geometric patterned designs. Generally, these patterns are kept symmetrical, but this is altered per the designer’s creative desire.

How do we use geometric shapes or patterns in design?

Geometric shapes or patterns have been used in design for decades. The most prominent use of these patterns has been as backgrounds, as they are a safe and easy option to fill up the space and, at the same time, not cause any visibility issues to the rest of the design. However, you can also use these patterns for designing packaging, labeling, outdoor branding, and even digital marketing.

Where can we get good geometric designs?

Finding an excellent geometric design is easily available on websites like Envato, DesignCuts, Creative Marketing, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, etc. However, given many options, finding the best one sometimes becomes difficult. Therefore we have collated this list of amazing patterns for you to quickly reference.

How can I edit these images?

Many of the patterns were created using graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, you can use other editors like Filmora, Canva, and others. For a complete list, see our post on free graphic design software online.


As a designer, you must always have a handful of top-quality images and graphics with geometric patterns in your collection. These patterns are always a good and safe option for filling the backgrounds. We have chosen many patterns for creating captivating designs in our list of the best 30 patterns with geometric shapes. This includes simple line patterns, Art Deco, abstract, retro, and more.

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