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12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes

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In this roundup article, we have put together a list of 12 life coach WordPress themes. But before we list the themes, let us see why and when a life coach may be needed.

In today’s time, we are continually moving back and forth with our lives, trying to meet deadlines and get everything done. While we live this life, we often forsake our health and our lifestyle. Not many people can keep the right balance between work and routine life. Many of us can’t even handle one of them correctly. We tend to get comfortable in our routine and don’t push or challenge ourselves more than we need to.

There are times when you must have thought of doing something that requires significant courage; however, you didn’t do it because you were too afraid to bring a change to your routine. Hence, whenever you feel stuck a particular place in a way that you don’t see yourself moving ahead, and you’re clueless as to what to do, a life coach can help you. Life coaches help shape and guide individuals who struggle to maintain the delicate balance of their work and personal life. They give significant and honest advice to you to come up with logical consequences and opportunities of your every decision that helps you take better decisions.

The need for having a Life Coach Website:

Being a life coach requires immense skills. They need to know different moods, situations, and how to handle people with different characteristics, but most importantly, they need to know how to win their client’s trust. Their client or potential client must see the caliber of the life coach to believe they can add some value to their lives.

One method of creating that first impression on your potential clients as a life coach would be to have your website.  A good layout website speaks volumes about any business. It shows that the owner is willing to invest time and energy into creating a great user experience for its potential clients. There are some excellent life coach templates available for you to take inspiration from.

Here are 12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes & Website Templates that you should take advantage of:

1. Life Coach, Psychologist and Speaker Template:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- Life Coach

As the name suggests, this fantastic template comes with ready to use templates for all psychologists, speakers and life coach businesses.  The layout of this template is beautifully designed and provides excellent functionality. The website is suited for any individual life coach or even an organization. It is very flexible with its approach.  The home page has nicely divided sections and includes essential sections such as testimonials, different services available, and a little introduction about the brand as well.

The template has a responsive layout which is modern in its approach. It is highly customizable and has a professional design. There is integration for Google Maps that allows the users to have better accessibility when they want to find the office of the brand.  It also comes loaded with Google web fonts that provide the user with some exciting and appealing fonts to play with.

2. Life Coach:

Life Coach Template- Jeremy King

Life Coach offers a simple HTML template which works best for a personal life coach.  It has a very user-friendly UI. There are many helpful widgets available. This template comes with a Visual Page Builder tool that eases the process of creating highly personalized customizable pages with easy customization.

There is support for animations which allows the user to add certain movement element to anything they wish. There is support for the dark version as well that is appreciated these days. You can choose between a wide and a box layout. The header, breadcrumbs, footers and all such elements have many customizable options. There are pre-installed Google Font library and icons from FontAwesome for you to make use of.  Above all, you also get an option of creating a multipage layout website or a single page layout website.

3. Coaching:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- Coaching- Coach Alex

Coaching has a professional yet straightforward personal life coach template. It is built on bootstrap, and it is relatively easy to use.  The template is ideal for a trainer, online personal trainer or even a personal coach. It has a very responsive design which makes it device-ready for all different devices. This increases the accessibility and adds aesthetic value to the template as most people use their mobile phones or tablets to browse the net these days. The template is also Retina ready, which means the users can have a great experience of browsing the site on high-resolution screens as well.

Coaching has options for various sections to cater to all requirements, option for single-page navigation moreover there is an Instagram feed that helps the user take advantage of pull marketing and driving traffic across platforms.

4. Mentor:

Mentor- Templates- Website Templates-Themeforest

Mentor is a great WordPress theme. It works best for personal development mentors; however, if you’re a therapist, coach or a trainer, you could still make good use of this template.  It has a modern approach in its layout design. It has a clean UI.  Many nifty features are made in consideration of personal business owners, like CTAs, personal development graphs, calendars and more.

The entire template is made with one target, which is conversion. This is an excellent feature because the essential purpose of creating a website is to acquire more customers and not just create more awareness. There are different layouts available based on where you want your navigation to be situated.  You can access the demo and make some changes to see how it affects the webpage real-time before even purchasing the theme. This allows the user to see if the template is worth investing in or not.

5. LifeGuide:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- LifeGuide

LifeGuide works an amazing WordPress theme. It is created keeping in mind mentoring services, life coaches, counselling companies and as well as personal coaches.  The theme has an About page, where you can set your goals and services that you want to offer. Many pages cater to all the needs for coaching-related topics. There is also a blog page that allows you to share insights and talk about relevant topics.

The web design is light and comfortable, which makes it appealing to visitors. It has support for Google Fonts as well as FontAwesome icons.  You can customize the pages with great ease. LifeGuide has support for light as well as dark versions.  The layout options can be tweaked from wide to box.

6. Everlead:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- Everlead

Everlead has a contemporary approach to design which caters to requirements of life coaches, business websites and even speakers. There are many layouts to choose from. There are 3 premium plugins included in this theme for free.

The template has a great scope of customization and has an excellent admin interface that lets you keep control as to what is happening over the website with ease. It has a responsive layout which makes it easy to browse on various platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops as well. There is support for Retina ready, which makes the website sharp and great to look at, even on high-resolution screens.

7. Eistruttore:

Eistruttore- Website Template- Themeforest Template

Eistruttore is a great template that comes with 3 home page variants. Many exclusive sections are built to ensure that all your requirements as a life coach are met with.  It comes with the support of WPBakery, which is the most popular Drag and Drop Backend and Frontend editor. There are more than 50+ predefined content elements if you wish to create the pages from scratch or you could also take advantage of the prebuilt professionally designed templates.

There is a theme panel with a custom admin page which allows the user to change theme settings without having to write or edit a single code line.  The template is also responsive, which means it is ready to use on any device like computer, tablets and phones.  There are many text formatting options available too as the template recognizes the need for effective typography.

8. Coacher:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- Coacher

Coacher is a great WordPress theme for Life Coaching. It comes with 3 home page variants.  There are dedicated pages for all possible applications you’d need in your life coaching website. There is even a shop page for you to set up your store on your website if you have merchandise or stuff to sell. It also has a dedicated course theme where the content layout is done in a way that would represent your data appealingly and aesthetically.

Your viewers could also access the course list to find out what courses are available. There is support for an event calendar to organize and display the dates in a neat manner. It has a few theme colours to tweak as per your liking. Coacher also has many formatting options for text layout as heading 1, 2, paragraph and more. This helps you organize your content more aesthetically.   It has a responsive layout making it accessible on all devices.

9. Celeste – Life Coach & Therapist:

Themeforest- Celeste

Celeste is the ideal WordPress theme for health and living coaching.  Moreover, it also works great for marriage and business consulting firms. The template is fully responsive, which makes it accessible through any device. This makes it easy to view the contents on any platform from mobile phones to tablets and even desktops. It is Retina-ready, and hence, the user experience on a high-resolution screen is excellent.

There are different layouts and pages dedicated to different professions.  There is an option for translation which gives it an edge over many other templates.  It also supports WooCommerce that allows you to set up your store if you want to.

10. Health Coach:

Health Coach- Themeforest- Template-Health-Fitness

Health Coach is a template for life coaches with a clear objective of attracting more clients on their website.  The default home page layout has a full-width slider. It allows you to use the full-width slider for a basic greeting, providing useful information or sharing some photographs.

The home page has sections like services that talk about all the services you provide. Many responsive icons make the content cluster free and increase the aesthetic appeal as well. There is a section option for success stories where you could highlight how your effort has helped others shape their life better, and reach their goals. There is a handy contact form at the bottom of the homepage. This helps the visitor engage and convert to your customer as the homepage highlights all the great stuff you have to offer and immediately places a contact form right after.

11. Tribe:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- Tribe

Tribe is a great WordPress theme for creating inspiring coaching websites. It has more of a comfortable and relaxed design as compared to a corporate or formal design. Tribe essentially is made explicitly for women; however, it doesn’t limit the scope of it being useful to any male users as well.

There are many sections, and each section has an ample amount of modification and customization options. You can almost modify every aspect of the website. There is support for WordPress customizer that makes customization very easy. You can also decide the sequence of the information layout on your home page, and parts you wish to keep and which you don’t want to.  It allows you to show testimonials as well that is a first section to have for gaining visitors trust.

12. My Coach:

12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes- My Coach

MyCoach is a great WordPress theme. It caters to Health Coaches specifically.  There are two versions available to choose from. Both versions have a modern design approach. The templates are responsive, which means they are ready to see on any device like mobiles, tablets and desktops.  There is support for Drag and Drop builder, and you can install the demo with one click. It is also Retina ready that makes the user experience great on high-resolution screens as well.

My coach offers a one-page site with many parallax effects. There are unlimited colour options so that you can customize the website as per your brand and aesthetics. There is more than 600 Google Web Fonts support. You can also select between wide and boxed layouts.

These were 12 Stunning Life Coaches WordPress Themes and Templates you should try out today for creating your next website.

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