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8 Popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes Used By Developers

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Building a website on the ever-popular publishing platform WordPress is a common daily choice by millions of people around the world. We have a list of 8 very popular multipurpose WordPress themes used by web developers and beginners alike that are seriously worth considering.

It’s important to note, that before you consider any theme you should first decide if you are going to build your website on WordPress.com or WordPress.org. For simplicity’s sake, the .org version requires a WordPress hosting company, which gives you more flexibility than the .com version.

We recommend the .org version and going with a powerful, modern, safe, and fast WordPress hosting company called Rocket. Not only are they WordPress experts, with amazing 24/7 support, but they offer free migrations, staging platforms, and all that you need to get started with a safe and fast-loading website.

Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme – 2 Winners!

Do you want to fast-forward this read and get right to the most used themes? From what we’ve gathered, the two most popular multipurpose WordPress themes used by developers are:

Having a strong online presence has become a must-have for all brands now irrespective of the sector the brand is in; it needs to have a highly functional, fast, mobile-friendly, and visually appealing website.

The digital age is moving rapidly this is the reason why we are witnessing so many new sites popping up every day – it’s safe to say every hour. As of now, there are over 1.88 billion websites on the internet. This just shows the importance of online presence through websites and also points to the fact that there is so much competition.

Just having a website is now not as important as having a high-quality, fast-loading, interactive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly website. Thousands of WordPress websites are powered by ROCKET hosting, utilizing powerful features along with using a multi-use WordPress theme like the ones listed below.

1. Divi – Multipurpose WordPress Theme & Page Builder

Divi - Multipurpose WordPress Theme & Page Builder

It would be incorrect to term Divi as just another Multipurpose WordPress theme. This is because it has created an amazing ecosystem for website building by providing its marque website builder and hundreds of design options and features.

And, you can try it for free right within your browser with no login required. You get complete control of the customization of the website and that too in an effortless manner.

The good part is that with its yearly access plans, you can create any number of websites using its elements, making it a good deal for regular website developers, small businesses, and anyone looking to build a fast, amazing-looking, mobile-friendly interactive site.

Major Features:

  • Divi is for Freelancers, Developers, Digital Marketing Agencies, and Website Owners.
  • The Divi theme plus page builder combo is also very fast loading and remember, Google loves speedy sites.
  • It offers a highly advanced visual builder technology that is unparallel in the sector and easy to use.
  • Divi Provides one of the most effective “What You See Is What You Get” builders that lets you create a site with pixel-perfect precision.
  • You get access to 40+ website elements that let you build all parts of your website.
  • With Divi, you can choose one of its 800+ pre-made designs that work like templates.
  • The 100+ website packs that Divi offers prove to be very effective for creating WordPress sites for any purpose.
  • You can integrate a lot of marketing tools with your website that can help you better your eCommerce website and enhance sales.

Developer/Author:  ElegantThemes

Pricing: $7.42/mo (paid annually) | 10% Discount – Click the tab in the lower left corner

Getting Started: Try Divi today risk-free here for 30 days and see how versatile, professional, and easy it is to use. Remember to look for that 10% discount tab in the lower-left corner. Hopefully, it’s still there. As of this publishing date, it was still available.

2. Techno – IT Solution & Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Techno - IT Solution & Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

The Techno WordPress theme has been the bestseller theme in the last year in the technology sector and is provided by TemplateMonster.com. While it has created a niche for itself in the IT sector websites, it can still be used for almost any type of website.

Along with providing key functionalities, the developers have taken extra care to ensure that the website is compatible with mobile and browsers. Furthermore, the backend is very SEO friendly, and because it gives the option for creating in Elementor, developers will find it easy to work on this theme.  

Major Features:

  • The Techno theme comes with 30+ unique demos, which can be further customized.
  • The theme offers 15+ Header styles and 10+ Footer styles to the users.
  • All images that you see in the demo are included in the theme download, saving you from the trouble of finding the right stock images.
  • It offers the option of website page building through its exclusive KingComposer and Elementor.
  • The download comes with the Child Theme if you want to use that and fully customize the website as per your design.
  • Easily integrable with major functional plugins like Contact Form 7, MailChimp, WPML Translator, and more.

Developer/Author: DreamIt on TemplateMonster

Pricing: $69 for One Website

Getting Started:  This theme is compatible with WordPress page builders Elementor and KingComposer.

3. Betheme – Responsive WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

Betheme - Responsive WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

The BeTheme is a highly responsive multipurpose WordPress theme also used for WooCommerce which boasts over 240,000 users across the world. While it comes with hundreds of demo pages, the good part is that it allows you to mix the elements of the pages.

So if you like the slider one demo, the about section of another, and the contact form of another demo, then you can still get them for your website. And this with minimum mouse clicks. BeTheme is part of the MuffinGroup which creates WordPress themes and page builder products and services.

Major Features:

  • You get access to ready-to-deploy 650+ demo pages covering all sectors.
  • It allows choosing from its various page builders, which also includes Elementor giving developers more development freedom.
  • Its single-click import by just copying the URL is unique and helps in the quick deployment of the website.
  • With Be Theme, you get free lifetime access to all the updates.
  • The Theme comes loaded with WP Bakery, Slider Revolution, and other major plugins worth $174, which you get for free.
  • The theme comes with over 100 pre-built sections, which you can easily use on your website, letting you speed up your development. 

Developer/Author: BeThemes of the MuffinGroup

Pricing: $59 for Regular License

Getting Started: This theme can be purchased here and used with WooCommerce, Elementor, or built-in Muffin Page Builder

4. Empire – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme by Volusion

Empire - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme by Volusion

The Volusion company is one of the most trusted eCommerce builders. The focus of this theme is online business growth which has resulted in the inclusion of many amazing sales and product-oriented functionalities for the theme.

Furthermore, Volusion’s own website builder is easy to use, and all shopping tools can be integrated quickly. Hence if you are looking to set up a visually appealing and effective online shop in a few hours, then the Empire WordPress theme by Volusion is a good option for multiple uses with an emphasis on business and eCommerce.  

Major Features:

  • The theme is specially customized for e-commerce and is ready to boost your online sales through its special features.
  • The website design is highly mobile-compatible, offering a very friendly shopping experience.
  • All the design elements come Retina ready, which makes the website look visually stunning.
  • Volusion’s intuitive Easy Editor tool is really smart and lets you make detailed customizations without any hassles of backend coding. 
  • It comes with a lot of options for product display and searches, which lets your offer the users a better shopping experience. 
  • The theme developers provide robust and continuous website support, which you can avail in case you are stuck somewhere.

Developer/Author: Volusion

Pricing: $180 For Regular License

Getting Started: To purchase this eCommerce theme from Volusion, head over to their site.

5. Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce

Avada - Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce

Enjoying the #1 position for many years, the Avada WordPress theme has multiple uses and is almost ten years old. This powerful theme and page builder has witnessed some amazing success. Over 900,000 users are using this seasoned theme, plus page builder, which gives you a hint about its versatility.

An important note is that the well-known developer behind this powerful all-in-one theme plus page builder is ThemeFusion and they have kept the interest of the website developers at the center.

They constantly roll out updates and new features that make the website building experience smoother and the output more effective.

Major Features:

  • Avada theme comes with 86 pre-built websites that can be imported with a single click. 
  • The theme offers over 120 design and layout options, which helps build creative websites.
  • You get the option of uploading your own icons, which offers you more personalization on the website.
  • Avada’s dynamic content option lets you flow your content easily and also ensures that it is highly compatible and scores well in SEO.
  • Six Premium plugins, including Avada Builder, Slider Revolution, FileBird, Convert Plus, and more, are included for free with the theme.
  • Offers a highly reliable support system along with a knowledge center consisting of articles and video tutorials.

Developer/Author: ThemeFusion on the ThemeForest Envato marketplace

Pricing: $60 for a Regular License

Getting Started: To discover what over 900,000 other people have, we encourage you to purchase Avada here today.

6. Webion – Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

6. Webion Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Modern business websites are getting minimal in design and more functional in operation. Keeping this in mind, the Webion multipurpose WordPress theme, developed by Zemez, has tweaked its demo pages and features to help you create a business website that totally stands out.

From the design perspective, the demo pages are kept neat and clean, and this can help make your website look really classy. In addition, it comes with the Elementor website builder that the majority of developers are familiar with and offers over 50 extra widgets. This helps you in coming with a minimal yet effective WordPress website in a very short time. 

Major Features:

  • The theme is highly compatible with WooCommerce, MailChimp, WPML, Ecwid, and more which can help make your website powerful. 
  • Seven highly useful Jet Plugins are included with this theme.
  • You get access to stock images included in the demo page you use.
  • The one-click installer lets you set up the demo in no time and quickly start adding your content to the website.
  • The theme is well-optimized for SEO and is highly compatible across devices and browsers.
  • A strong support team that is friendly and eager to help you out at any point of development.

Developer/Author: Zemez on TemplateMonster

Pricing: $83 for One Website

Getting Started: The Webion theme is a wise choice and can be purchased over at TemplateMonster here.

7. Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

7. Uncode - Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The Uncode Multipurpose Website is highly creative and focuses more on the visual aspects of the design. Hence if you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that looks really good, then Uncode is a great option. Perfect for blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, showcasing, and much more.

The good part is that it comes with the standard WPBakery Page Builder, which most developers are comfortable with. In addition, the demo pages take care of the latest website trends and let you showcase your content in a visually appealing manner. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce.

Major Features:

  • You get access to over 70 demo pages with this theme that lets you cover almost all types of sectors.
  • The theme comes with a huge library of 550+ wireframe layouts that make website development quick and easy.
  • Provides a lot of design options for posts and galleries that can help your website look more beautiful.
  • Its Live Editing feature with the Frontend Editor is very powerful and gives you instant feedback for your design changes.
  • Slides Scroll feature empowers you to set up an image and video slider on the website that makes the website look appealing.
  • The theme offers ten different menu styles that can help you set up a more immersive user experience.

Developer/Author: Undsgn on the ThemeForest Envato marketplace

Pricing: $59 for Regular License

Getting Started: Themeforest has the Uncode multiuse theme ready for you here.

8. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

8. Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

From the house of the popular developer Qode, Bridge is a highly reputable multipurpose WordPress theme that has been on the market since 2014. It has evolved to be one of the most used themes throughout the years as it provides demos and layout options that can cater to all sectors.

A nice thing about Bridge is its emphasis on making the website look creative and visually stunning. This is done without compromising functionality, SEO, or mobile compatibility.

Major Features:

  • You get access to beautiful and unique 610+ demos spanning all sectors of site development.
  • The enhanced import module lets you get started with the theme in a matter of minutes.
  • The theme comes with over 200 creative and fully customizable design elements.
  • You get access to premium plugins worth $203 for free that will make your website highly functional.
  • The theme offers unique 24 layout options, which makes it easy to create the website structure.
  • Qode Help Center provides continuous quality customer support along with knowledge-enriching content and video tutorials.

Developer/Author: Qode on the ThemeForest Envato marketplace

Pricing: $69 for a Regular License

Getting Started: Here’s another excellent theme located at ThemeForest and you can purchase it here today.

Note To Website Developers

Selecting the right multipurpose WordPress theme is an important task to carry out after proper due diligence. The easy part of using these multipurpose WordPress themes is that they include design options and functions for all types of sectors or industries.

You should analyze such features as the website builder, integration options, demo options, and other aspects before making the final decision.

As a website developer, you can choose one of the above themes and work exclusively on it, using it for many different applications, sectors, and clients. This will help you gain expertise on its backend, and thereby you will be able to create your websites faster and more effectively, becoming a hero to those expecting top-quality work from you.

Note To Beginners

For those just getting started and who want to make a great first impression with your online presence, you can’t go wrong starting with a top-quality, fantastic-looking website right out of the gate, so to speak.

You’re in a great place to get your small business started online with a website for photography, blogging, digital marketing agency, web design, graphic design, online consulting, real estate, e-commerce, and so on. However, using a multipurpose theme can give you more options if you’re just not sure what route to take your business.

Today is the day, so don’t put it off any further, and choose what direction to go by following the steps below.

5 Simple Steps For Beginners To Get Started Online With WordPress:

Step #1 – Decide between WordPress.com & WordPress.org (recommended).

Step #2 – Choose a Domain Name. We recommend NameCheap.

Step #3 – Choose a WP Hosting Company. Yes, ROCKET is our favorite.

Step #4 – Choose a Multipurpose WordPress Theme like Divi (recommended).

Step #5 – Choose a WordPress Page Builder (if not already included with a theme)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of using a multipurpose WordPress template?

Since 2016 there has been exponential growth in website development. One of the main reasons for this website explosion is the widespread use of WordPress. Also known as WP, this amazing open-source website-building platform has made it easy for people to create websites without having any coding knowledge. Here are some quick WordPress facts:

  • It’s a CMS: Content Management System
  • It Powers 39.5% Of All Websites
  • Accounts for 64.1% Market Share

(source: SearchEngineJournal.com)

Another major development that has acted as a catalyst is the development of WordPress themes. There are thousands of ready-to-use WordPress themes available in the market today. All you need to do is purchase them, flow your content into them, and make your website live.

However, the excess of WordPress themes can make choosing one a problem for developers. There are hundreds of good themes for each niche, and therefore it becomes difficult to choose which theme to use.

One good solution to this is to use a multipurpose theme – that can be used universally for all types of clients. Good developers opt for such themes and develop mastery of them to work in familiar backends and develop websites faster and more effectively.

Can multipurpose themes be used for anything?

Yes. You can alter the text, images, and layout to fit any project you are working on. Remember, as long as you use clean HTML, CSS, and Javascript code, or a drag-and-drop website builder, you should have no problems. Edit and customize until your heart is content!

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to choose a multipurpose theme that you can develop to perfection. To make your development process easier, instead of altering code, you can start out by using a theme that was already built with a specific drag-and-drop page builder like Woocommerce, WPBakery, and others. Thanks for visiting and let us know your thoughts on these multipurpose WP themes!

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