Key to Successful Design: Creativity, Skill, and a Few Powerful Web Apps

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Key to Successful Design: Creativity, Skill, and a Few Powerful Web Apps

Design and development work is both fun and rewarding. The tasks involved in keeping a project on track can be tedious, time-consuming, and boring.

These project management tasks, if done manually, also tend to be more error-prone. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps on the market that you can use to automate these tasks. These apps also allow your workflow to progress more smoothly.

However, apps can bring a new set of problems with them. They need to be installed, and they often need to be compatible with your other tools.  Moreover, some of them require constant updating.

With web apps, installation is not required! Any updating or other maintenance that may be required is done by someone else. This saves you that much more time.


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This web app provides you with an online CRM system that lies at the heart of an integrated set of Office365- and G Suite-compatible business apps.

Apptivo also offers an excellent suite of solutions for businesses looking to improve the ways in which they conduct their sales and marketing operations.


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With Webflow, you can skip the usual waterfall process, because Webflow is a 100% visual web design tool capable of producing clean, production-ready code. That’s right: you don’t have to write even a single line of code, even as you create a bespoke CMS for any website you create. Stop creating static images of websites — start building them, with Webflow.


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Paymo gives you an entire toolkit you can use to manage all your projects from start to finish within an intuitive interface. This full-featured web app offers an advanced set of task management, reporting, time tracking, resource scheduling, and invoicing functions, at a reasonable price.


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Whether you are an expert at managing Agile and Scrum projects, or relatively new to the game, you’ll find Nutcache to be very helpful. This robust, business-oriented web app manages the entire project lifecycle, from initial estimation to final billing, and it does it within the Agile set of principles.


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Cloud storage has become the go-to way to conveniently upload and store important project document, videos, and photo files, and do so safely and securely. Whether you are on your computer, or using your tablet or mobile device, pCloud gives you instant 24/7 access to your data; to view and/or share.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest design, project management, and business management trends

Gaining access to new and better tools isn’t generally a problem. The problem is one of finding the time to keep track of what’s new on the horizon. Moreover, finding the time to test or try the new tools out can be an issue.

If your present set of tools is getting the job done for you, that’s all well and good. Your competition might try to improve via apps that will increase their productivity. This can enable them to create better products. If you miss the opportunity, you’ll eventually find yourself falling behind.

A good bit of advice is to let others do the trials and investigations for you. All you have to do then is read the reviews, and study the pros and cons to see what’s right for you.

Summing Up

Design processes can change with the times and in accordance with personal preferences. They also can vary with project type or size, or with team size. Still, we often find ourselves coming back to the small set of tools we know we can rely upon.

Some of these tools have proven useful over a long period of time. Others represent “the latest and greatest”. In either category, web apps have often proven to be the most valuable and useful.

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