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As graphic designers, web designers, and artists in general, we all want to know what will be the most compelling design that will get the attention of readers and potential clients and customers in terms of web design. We all know that along with hard work, a good set of tools, and skill all are important factors when considering the best options for creating a successful web design, but do we know the proper steps in order to achieve that goal? Today, we will review tips for creating successful web designs.

Make Your Presence Known

What I mean by this is that as a professional web designer, you will need to work closely with your clients, and before that, you need to win your clients over. By doing this, you will establish a level of trust that otherwise would be the client taking a leap of faith on you. But- if you are confident about your work, promote it professionally and clearly can communicate your brand, as well as following through by having great communication with your client, letting it be known that you know exactly what you’re doing (even if you don’t), so that your client will feel more comfortable, thus allowing them to have better communication, faith, and talk about any necessary changes that they feel are necessary.


A market agency with a team of web designers, Koi IXS uses the feedback from clients in order to better their services and designs. Along with a user-friendly website, Koi IXS has a live chat, all the information a user would need, and the confidence from many clients that their web design is the best. It is this confidence that can make or break a company, and making your presence known is just as important as the work that they can provide.


Getting Feedback from Clients

Just like Koi IXS believes, getting feedback from clients is extremely imperative to an agency or business. Without the information and constructive criticism and requests that clients offer after their contract has ended, companies would continue making the same mistakes over and over again with blind eyes. Offering and requesting feedback is necessary in a professional environment in order to prosper financially, whether it is self-given, or offered by business associates. Getting the feedback you need to create better designs, a better process when completing projects for clients, and an overall advice on personality and work ethic can all be potentially the best thing for your web design company. Remember, constructive criticism is necessary to prosper. Don’t let your ego get in the way of bettering yourself and your business.


Zipboard is a great example of showcasing how important it is to receive feedback from clients, using that to their advantage by showing new potential clients that their work is credited by real people, and Zipboard can in turn use any information given by clients in order to increase their productivity, and eventually can bring more traffic to their website when they build a more client-oriented website.

Showing off Your Portfolio of Web Designs

In the world of design, it has become apparent that university is not completely necessary. You can land a six-figure salary career in the graphic design field with nothing but a great portfolio. In order to create a successful web design, you must have a great portfolio in order to get clients. Along with the other skills mentioned, being able to showcase your best work on your website, and in person can mean a world of difference when it comes to thinks like landing big clients and finding worth-while business connections with great people.

Louis Ansa

This is a portfolio website created by an art director and graphic designer, who showcases his best work in an engaging and animated way. He makes his web design look spectacular, and his work is impressive and well known, which enforces trust in clients and higher rates offered in order to work with him. This is exactly what you want. You want companies fighting for your attention, offering high rates and commending you on your hard work. This is why a portfolio is so imperative as a web designer.


Learning to Advertise Your Design and Become Business-Oriented

Whether we like it or not, web design is a business, and must be treated as such.  Along with the design itself, promoting your brand and your portfolio, advertising that in order to increase web traffic is essential to any successful web design. You can do this by networking, advertising on other platforms and websites, and the previously mentioned tip, showing off your portfolio. In order to create a good web design, it needs to have the ability to gain more views through advertising. By creating a web design with things like mobile website access in mind, you have already successfully created a more easy experience when visitors enter the website you designed. The business part of it comes in when you can successfully make your designs approachable, yet professional.

Ibis Studio

Ibis Studio is a great example when it comes to using advertisement incorporated into their web design. On the bottom right corner, they have an option to input your email address in order to receive a weekly email of new posts on the website, which is basically free advertising that can greatly increase their web traffic. Other ideas like using social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, are all important factors when thinking about creating successful web designs.

Trial and Error, and Work Ethic Are Your Best Friends

As a web designer, you aren’t going to create the best web design ever made on your first try. Along with the other skills to use and incorporate when creating web designs, trial and error will be your best bet at improving. This is because it takes a few tries to perfect a skill, and you have to work hard in order to achieve any results at all. If your work ethic is great, then your web designs will be great as a result.

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