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13 Incredible Hand-drawn Vector Freebies

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Initially, when vector graphics found a place in the field of graphic design, people preferred the graphics that were digitally developed. Digitally developed art was thought to be perfect because designers think computers can make no mistakes. Computers helped designers achieve right geometric angles and measurements which formed terrific designs. You can use these designs for various purposes, including websites and graphic design projects. But with time, hand-drawn vector images carved a niche for itself, and now it has its significance.

Today, in this blog, we look at the beautiful hand-drawn vectors available for free. Let us take a look.

1. WebFx:


WebFx provides you with a package of chat bubbles that you can use while developing a comic strip. The files in this package are available in AI, EPS and PDF file formats. You can use these files for your personal project works or professional tasks. The package is available for download for free in the ZIP format, and the size of the package is 0.57 MB. There are various types of speech bubbles that are included in the zip package. Speech bubbles are an interesting concept and you can often use them in the websites. They can also be used in contemporary graphic design projects.

2. Freepik:


Freepik is another such website where you can browse a large number of hand-drawn vector graphics according to your theme. You can find a graphic art that is in tandem with the theme of your visual design project. The hand-drawn vectors on this website are available in both black and white and colorful patterns. You can choose them accordingly. The vector is available for download for free, and you don’t need a user registration on the website to download it. Take a look at the site, and you are bound to be amazed to see such a vast collection.

3. Vecteezy:


Vecteezy is a website known for its massive library of graphic design resources that can help a graphic designer for his projects. With all the kinds of hand-drawn vectors, this website is ahead in terms of access to the resources. You can browse and explore various types of hand-drawn vectors they have to offer, for free. Along with free download, they also provide a run-time vector editor where you can modify the vector and download the edited file. It is convenient as, without any user registration, you can explore, edit, and download the hand-drawn vector graphics for use. The package contains an EPS and SVG file for graphic designers to use. The vector in consideration is of a bicycle that has two colorful circles in the backdrop.” Let us go for a ride” is the title in the vector image. The balloons tied up to the cycle offers the image, an interesting perspective.

4. All Free Download:

All Free Download

All Free Download is a website that has a straightforward interface. They have a massive library of very interesting hand-drawn vectors to explore. Their hand-drawn vectors elements are colorful and are very interesting. You can use them as contrasting elements to your project’s theme or use them according to your requirement. Here, we take a look at a hand-drawn vector based on young kids and their education. It has a colorful representation of the educational elements of young kids. Terms like back to school and friends define the school life of the kids. The file size of this hand-drawn vector is 4.26 MB. With the package, the file formats available are AI and EPS. With a vast collection, it is worth taking one glimpse of it.

5. Vector Graphit:

Vector Graphit

Vector Graphit is a website that lets you access other sites with a massive collection of hand-drawn vectors. It also has a collection of vintage hand-drawn vectors that hint at a retro feel to your projects, which is in high demand right now. It has multiple links from where you can find hand-drawn vectors according to your project requirements. The image for representation is of a flower with “flower vintage” as a title where the flower is in the regular case with F capital. While “vintage” is written in upper case letters. The design and the background color represent a retro design and give it a feel of old times. You can use such designs for designing wedding invites, which heavily rely on vintage designs these days.

6. Free Design File:

Free Design File

Many websites are coming up to offer you access to free hand-drawn vectors, and you can count Free Design File as one of them. This website has some very interesting hand-drawn vectors to explore. You can use these vectors to design invites, websites, banners, and other graphic design projects. The vector under consideration is an image of a beautifully represented sunset. With orange on the top and blue at the bottom, the hand-drawn vector is sufficient to catch the viewer’s eye. When you download the package, it has an image file along with an EPS file. Without any user registration type, it is possible to download the hand-drawn vectors for free, for as many times as you want.

7. 123RF:


Another website of the same genre is 123RF, which offers access to a huge collection of vectors according to a categorization. They have categories like food, travel, and more. Without registering yourself on their website, you can explore and download the hand-drawn vectors that are very beautiful and interesting. The image that we can see is of a hand-drawn vector under the category of food. It represents the sketches of sub sandwich, buffalo chicken wings, baked potato, and beef sandwich in black and white. You can use this type of vector in the projects that involve delis, café, and restaurants. It can be of use to display the foods served at the particular food points. The image is available for download in four types: S, M, L, XL, and EPS. With S, M, and L, the respective resolutions are 692 x 692 px, 2048 x 2048 px, and 4000 x 4000 px. The XL has a resolution of 6000 x 6000 px. Another file that you can download is EPS that graphic designers can use.

8. Raw Pixel:

Raw Pixel

Raw Pixel has watercolor hand-drawn vectors ideal for designing invites that have the appearance of a handmade design structure. Their hand-drawn vector files are compatible with AI and are available for download for free. With a 4833 x 3482 px resolution, it has a file size of 14.17 MB with a definition of 300 dpi. It is an illustration of a Mediterranean city painted with watercolors. With fading colors and strokes, it is easy to look at it as a watercolor painting. You can see the tall buildings of different shapes and sizes in the image, representing the essence of a city. On the website, you can download it as an image or a vector. It is possible to explore and download the image for free by registering for a free acount on the website.

9. Drawkit:


Drawkit website offers you a pack of ten vector illustrations that are entirely hand-drawn, for free. You don’t require a website registration to gain access to the vectors into consideration. The vectors are based on the theme of working from home. You can choose one or more for use in your graphic design projects. The file format in this package is SVG and the size of the file is 68 KB. With high-quality images, they are perfect for use in just any project that shouts designs. They are excellent examples of hand-drawn vectors. It has vectors that define the work from home culture, working out, indulging in indoor games, handling social media posts and more. You don’t need to place credits or offer any attribution. You just have to enter $0 in the cost field and your email address to gain access to the freely available package.

10. 1001FreeDownloads:


1001FreeDownloads, the name itself depicts the access to thousands of free vectors. They have a massive library of vectors that are hand-drawn with colorful and monochromatic themes. You can explore and use various vectors for various graphic design projects. It is a one-stop-shop for graphic designers to download various resources for use in their projects. There are premium vectors, but the collection of freely available hand-drawn vectors is extensive. Hence, without worry, you can download free ones without registering on the website. The hand-drawn vector under consideration falls under the category of Textures, and Grunge. It depicts a person perfecting a Yoga pose. Yoga represents calm and harmony. It is formed with various colors like orange, golden and various shades in between. It represents the person performing yoga practice inside of the circle in white with stars and leafy patterns at the bottom.

11. Vector 4 Free:

Vector 4 free

Vector 4 Free offers the latest hand-drawn vectors that are perfect for graphic design projects like designing greeting cards, banners, posters, or marketing banners. You can also use them to create websites, backgrounds, cover images, or form an art portfolio. The most significant feature of this website is they allow you to download the vector through their website without getting a user registration with them. With social media taking up the world by storm, the image is relative to recent times. This image shows the sketched icons of each social media platform. It depicts the symbols of Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, google plus, youtube, LinkedIn, and more. The vectors are available for download for free. You can use this vector in the websites that talk extensively about various social media platforms.

12. Pixabay:


Pixabay has come up with multiple hand-drawn vectors that graphic designers can use in various projects like websites, banner design, posters, and kids’ books. Available for download for free, you don’t need to register yourself on the site to gain access to their resources. The image under consideration is of a hand-drawn cloud, moon, and stars in the sky. With zzz besides the cloud, it depicts the sleeping cloud and the moon. It is a cute monochromatic representation of the moon and the cloud at night and the stars. This kind of vector is suitable to design books and websites that deal with kids. Moreover, to be specific, the vector can be used as an image for the popular kids’ rhyme called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You simply have to press download, and the file saves on your device.

13. PNG Tree:

PNG Tree

Our list is incomplete if we don’t list out the PNG Tree website in our list of websites that offer free hand-drawn vectors. PNG Tree provides access to many hand-drawn vectors for use in various types of graphic design projects. Without user registration, you can browse, explore, and download the images for use. The hand-drawn vector that we have used for representation here is of a mother carrying her child. It represents motherhood in its full swing. This kind of vector is suitable for designing parenting websites, posters at gynecology clinics, mothers’ day, and baby’s day greeting cards. It shows a mother full of love for her child with closed eyes. The baby also appears to snuggle in his mother’s arms. With a file size of 334.99 KB, the resolution of the image is 1200 x 1200 px. You can download the PNG file or the PSD file from the website, or you can choose to download both the files. With the PSD file, you can modify the file in the software Adobe Photoshop. When you register with them, you get to download two free images per day for free.


Graphic design and hand-drawn vectors are in trend these days, and we have managed to compile a list of websites that allow you free access to resources suitable for graphic design. All the sites here can help you find the right hand-drawn vector that suits your selected graphic design project’s requirements. Otherwise, you can use these vectors to design banners, posters, invitations, and websites. With a vast collection to choose from, the designers can opt to find the exact matching hand-drawn vector for their projects. These vectors can help graphic designers choose the right vectors to make their projects stand out.

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