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Flip PDF Professional Review – is it the Best Flipbook Maker?

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Today we will be reviewing Flip PDF Professional, a leading flipbook software created by FlipBuilder. Let us start with an overview of what Flip PDF Professional is, and them move on to reviewing its features and benefits.


Flip PDF Professional is desktop-run software that allows you to quickly and easily create flip books. This includes creating things like eBooks, online brochures, magazines, catalogs, online newspapers and anything else you can think of. But it doesn’t just stop there. Flip PDF Professional allows you to fully animate any and all parts of your flip book, as well as insert things like audios, image albums, videos, Flash, any interactive buttons and much more. Let us look at the features of Flip PDF Professional in a little more detail.
Video overview of Flip PDF Professional:

Below you can check out a demo of a flip book that was created with Flip PDF Professional:


You can also customize things like your title, logo, toolbar icon appearance, background, fonts, shadows, margins, flip orientation, page number, links, Google Analytics and much more. Flip PDF Pro comes with a total of 20 built-in themes, as well as the ability to quickly download and install more free themes from Flip PDF Pro’s server. In total there are more than 400 themes, 200+ scenes and 700+ backgrounds.


Create Interactive Flip Books

One of the best features of Flip PDF Professional is that it allows you to embed almost any sort of media into your flip book to make sure that people who are reading your book stay fully engaged. This means you can make your flip book come to life with animated text, hyperlinks, videos, image galleries, audio files, slideshows, printable coupons and much more. In addition, you can create what’s called “hot spots” – certain trigger areas in your book that can do anything you want when clicked – such as take the user to your website or eCommerce store.

Fully Mobile-Friendly


As all of you know from your personal experience, everyone loves to browse / read / watch things on their iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices. The flip book you create with Flip PDF Professional will run smoothly on desktop and mobile devices, ensuring you engage all of your readers.

Numerous Ways to Publish

Once you finish creating your flip book, you will need to publish it. Flip PDF Professional provides numerous ways for you to do so. You can publish your book in HTML format online (and even without website domain limitations or paying any royalty fees) or distribute your flip book via email. You can even put it on a CD / DVD / BluRay, flash drive, Mac App, FBR or mobile devices. Or, you can just publish your flip book on your own FTP server and even make it into a screen saver that you can distribute. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also turn your flip book into a WordPress plugin, Drupal module or Joomla module. I personally think that FlipBuilder has gone far and beyond to ensure the flip book you create can be distributed in as many formats as possible.

Google Analytics Integration

After you publish your flip book, you will of course want to know which pages your readers are looking at. Flip PDF Professional comes with full Google Analytics support that allows you to track the performance of every page and every interactive event in your flip book. This way, you will know exactly on which pages your readers stay engaged.

Interface Support in 11 Languages

English is not your native language? No problem! Flip PDF Professional comes with built-in support for 10+ languages, including English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Flip PDF Professional and start using it to create amazing flip books today.

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