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20 Beautiful Photoshop Actions for Incredible Effects

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When it comes to enhancing photos, there are lots of stunning effects that you can use to improve their overall appearance. Adobe Photoshop is a very popular image-editing software that you can use to quickly manipulate and edit various images. By applying filters and effects, you can achieve artistic results that are guaranteed to impress.

Although Photoshop is a complex software, there are ways to obtain beautiful images by simply using pre-designed templates or applying various pre-made actions. This way, you can benefit from the program’s neat features, in a few easy steps, with no advanced skills required. Photoshop allows you to optimize your time by using the Actions tool. With Actions you can record your own tasks or import actions and use the effects others have created.

Experienced designers have created these Photoshop actions so that you can quickly use them and let them automatically do all the work for you. You can obtain professional looking images by applying these techniques.

We’ve selected 20 of the best Photoshop actions for you to help you create stunning effects!

 Action 3D

 Action 3D Photoshop Action

Seeing that the 3D trend is on the rise, here’s a great action which you can use to create awesome 3D effects on your photos. Use it to make your design process easier and save yourself a great deal of time. You can quickly apply this effect and obtain beautiful artworks.


Holgarizer Photoshop Action

If you’re a fan of Instagram effects, you can now easily add them to your photos using this simple PS action. This action can make your photos look great in no time!

Black and White

Black and White Photoshop Actions

This is a really cool black and white effect which will make your photos look even better than they did before. All you have to do is download it and implement it on your photos.

Magic 3D

Magic 3D Photoshop Action - Vandelay Design


This is a free Photoshop Action for easily creating 3D effects. With this action, you can easily give 3D effects to any object or layer. You can use it on texts as well. Pick your object, select the action and click play!

Polaroid Generator 3

Polaroid Generator 3 Photoshop Action

Polaroid photos are really cool and with this effect, you can easily make your photos look like polaroids. This action can be used by graphic/web designers, photographers and anyone else who wants to make their photos look great!

Comic Action

Comic Photoshop Action

This action will turn your images into comic looking pictures. You can use it to make your own digital comic book. Take the photos and build your story then use this effect!

HDR Action

HDR Photoshop Action

The preview says it all. This is an awesome action! This action can make any dull photo look great! It’s mainly for photographers but it’s such a great addition to your PSD collection even if you are a graphic/web designer.


Stickers and Tapes - www.panosfx.com

The “Stickers” action turns your image into a round sticker, which you can use with your scrapbooking projects but not only! Stickers are also becoming a trend nowadays. You’ve probably started noticing many of them placed on walls, pillars etc. You can use this action with confidence to make your own round sticker.



This set contains 9 awesome brick blur actions which you can use on your photos. They come in different color variations and the results can be used to present logos and other design projects.

Paper Cube

Printable Cubes - www.panosfx.com

These free Photoshop actions require 6 photos. After picking the photos the cube is ready to be printed. You’ll also need some scissors and some glue to create a real paper photo cube. You can place photos of you beloved people on its facets.


Sticker Photoshop Action

Pick an image or maybe an illustration you’ve created recently and turn its layers into a cut-out sticker with border and shadow,  with just a click.

Denim & Leather

Denim & Leather Photoshop Actions

This is a cool effect which you can create in just a click. This action can come in really handy, especially if you’re about to create your own denim brand!

Stamp Generator

Stamp Generator Photoshop Action

With this action, you can give your photos a Photoshop stamp effect in just a few seconds. Check out the before and after if you don’t believe me! After that, download it and use it on your photos!

Remove White Background

Remove White Background Photoshop Action

Removing white background has just become easier with this action. As a graphic designer, you may find some photos which you want to modify and remove their backgrounds. These actions use alpha channels to remove the white background around your object. There are 3 separate actions included in this set.

Die-Cut business card mockup

Die-Cut business card mockup photoshop action

This action will definitely come in handy. You can use it to present your die-cut business card concept with a realistic Photoshop mockup. This example can turn your business card design into an elegant cut-out butterfly shape and place it on a realistic texture. It even adds a shadow to make it look realistic.

Paper Fold

Paper Fold Photoshop Action

You can now make your own tri fold brochure with just 1 click using this amazing action. This Photoshop action transforms your design into a brochure divided in three horizontal areas on which you can easily place your content. The action is free and it will definitely help you achieve great results.

3D box generator

3D box generator

The box generator action can help you create 3D boxes in just seconds. All you have to do is prepare your design and click play on this action. This action is definitely handy and it also includes a quick and easy guide if you’re going to have trouble using it!


Lithprint Photoshop Action

If your raw photos look dull, this action will save them. You can use this one with confidence to create a lithograph-style image from your photos. The results will look as good as the preview photo!


Reflections - www.panosfx.com

This set contains two free Photoshop actions that create beautiful reflections. You can use them to present your photos elegantly. You can also play with background and try out different colors and maybe even different textures and see what comes out!

Pencil Draw

Pencil Draw Photoshop Action

This action can’t miss from your collection. It will allow you to create the outline of an image with a style similar to a pencil drawing. The results look like they have just been drawn.

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