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Loading bars can be frequently found in flash websites and an awesome loading bar will surely help you increase the traffic on your site. If your loading bar is simple and boring, then most likely the visitor won’t wait and you can lose precious readers. Loading bars can also be found on sliders or other media players. A custom loading bar is a nice detail your visitors will notice. We’ve selected 20 of the best loading bars we could find, all in PSD format and free to use and implement on your own websites. Enjoy!

Subtle Progress Bar

Subtle Progress Bar Pin

A quite subtle green little progress bar. If you’re working on creating an interface this could be of use.

Striped Progress Bars 

Striped Progress Bars PSD Pin

A set of subtly striped progress bars in various colors, these are super easy to customize and alter for your design. Drop it in as a CSS background image, show a certain percentage, and you have yourself a lovely new interface for an upload tool / form progress element!

Smart Progress Bar

Smart Progress Bar Pin

These smart progress bars exude style and sophistication… They come in five different colors, each striped, and can be easily customized or built upon.

Vibrant Sectional Progress Bar

Vibrant Sectional Progress Bar Pin

A neat take on the typical loading bar with coding available too!

Blue Website Loading Bar 

Blue Website Loading Bar (Psd) Pin

A simple light loading progress bar isolated on a white patterned background. Perfect for your flash or jquery loading.

Loading Bar 

Loading Bar – Free PsdPin

A nice, percentage loading bar for a modern website design.

Circular Loading Bar

Circular Loading Bar (Psd) Pin

Tired of usual horizontal loaders? Try a free, rounded circular loader for your website.

This freebie is designed in 2 colours, and is totally free to use. It will perfectly fit in your app design, or flash website design.

Progress Bar 

Progress Bar Pin

This nice and simple progress bar can also be found coded here.

Circular Progress Bars 

Circular Progress Bars (PSD) Pin

This is a set of simple circular shaped progress bars or preloaders. If you’re going to make your visitors wait for content, might as well give them something pretty to look at.

Progress Bar


Progress Bar Pin

This is a nice, blue 3D progress bar which will be a nice detail on your website.

Loading Bar PSD 

Loading Bar PSD Pin

This one is a free PSD circle loading bar with a very cool, 3D shadows effect.

This is a dark stitched progress bar. PSD freebie, perfect for a dark, grungy website.

Clean Progress Bar

Clean Progress Bar Pin

This clean progress bar with a nice hovering effect can be a great addition to any kind of website.

Loading Bar

Loading Bar Pin

A beautiful loading bar that would look slick on an iPhone/iPad App. Don’t leave your users waiting to a boring static loading screen!

Modal Progress Bars

Modal Progress Bars Pin

These pop up modal progress bars are a perfect fit for a dark themed website.

Green Loading Bar

(no longer available)

Green Loading Bar Psd File Pin

A detailed progress bar ready to be used in your designs.

Dark PSD Progress Bar

– no longer available
Dark PSD Progress Bar Pin

Progress Bar Playoff

(no longer available)

Progress Bar Playoff PSD Pin

This is a clean progress bar playoff with shadows.

Free PSD Loading Bar

(no longer available)

Free PSD Loading Bar Pin

This is a simple colorful loading bar free PSD, perfect for a modern, vibrant website design.

Round and Rectangle Progress Bar

(no longer available)

Round and Rectangle Progress Bar Pin

Download these loading progress bar if your website uses one. This psd is fully editable,  so enjoy these beautiful round and rectangular bars.

Free Progress / Loading Bar

(no longer available)

Free Progress / Loading Bar in PSD Pin

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