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20 Beautiful Free Cursive Fonts You Can Use

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The most valuable things about beautiful typography are that it has the power to change the appearance and feel of your entire project in just one go. Be it a website, a webpage, a graphic design or even a much hoarding! Especially when it comes to website designing, a compelling piece of typography never fails to catch attention. And what more do you need with the Homepage?

Think of all those gorgeous web pages that you have ever referred to, and think of why you loved those pages in particular. Most likely, it could be one of these mainstream reasons: a fresh new image, a soothing quote, maybe a relevant article, or even some random catchy typography! If you consider either of these aspects, there is a play of fonts involved. They add that extra element to your webpage that it has been missing, and give you an edge over other basic web pages with a lousy grid layout.

Cursive fonts are, no doubt, one of the most comfortable and effective ways of creating soulful typography. Throw in some gorgeous cursive fonts, and your design shall elevate from its mediocre appeal to a full-out potential. Cursive fonts don’t always include flowy handwritten typefaces, but sometimes also Victorian-style writing, or maybe even a simple straight font with slight curves. All in all, let us go through some of the best cursive fonts that we absolutely think could help elevate your font and design game!

1. Debby:


Debby is a free hand-drawn font that could be used for almost any purpose. The hand-painted letterforms give out a fresh vibe, and what’s more? This font is available for personal as well as commercial use. It is best suited for invitation cards, posters and other graphics related to good times and celebrations.

2. Beattingvile:


Beattingvile is a great font which comes with both free and commercial availability. It is an excellent font for branding, logo design, quotes, apparel as well as labelling and a lot more. It is from Garisman Std, Beattingvile is a multilingual font script with interesting swashes, ligatures and stylistic alternates.

3. Puzzled:


Puzzled is a new and modern font created by Dmitriy Chirkov. With very unique and original strokes, clean design and gentle curves, Puzzled is a very distinctive cursive font that can highlight numerous parts of your creative projects. It has all the letters in both upper and lowercase, multilingual support and a wide range of unique characters and punctuations. Puzzled can be used for wedding invitations as well as website designs that concern the wedding industry. It is a bouncy, chirpy font and suits best to deliver a favorable occasion.

4. Milkshake:


Milkshake is a simple, thick and substantial script that aimed at treating the eyes. While it contains over ten ligatures, 650 glyphs and 87 swashes, the main aim was to create a playful, yet memorable font type. Laura Worthington, the typographer, wanted to make it friendly, readable and versatile. While the font is best suited for any design work, it was first a sketch, rather than strokes with ink or brush.

5. Shink:


Available on one of the most versatile font website, DaFont, Shink is new and super-swirly. Being a feminine font, it can add a slight sexy touch to your designs. What’s more? It could also make your designs look extra-elegant and super-cosy at the same time. This font is very legible for both personal as well as commercial projects. The unique characteristic of this font is the curvy nature of it – that gives it a very chic look, along with a touch of feisty curves.

6. Vegan Style:

vegan style

Vegan Style is a free font for both personal as well as commercial uses. However, the critical factor of this particular font is the massive curves around the letterforms that stand out and highlight your text efficiently. It fuses boldness with beauty gracefully, and at the same time also includes about 280 character forms – each done with perfection. If you are looking for a personal elegant touch to your project – where you wish to highlight specific text more than the other – then this is the perfect font that you are looking out for!

7. Flanella:


Once again, available of DaFont, Flanella is thin and yet, very elegant. While Flanella is free for both personal and commercial use, it is most suited to use in logo design, invitation designs, signs and signatures, headlines, packaging and almost every other branding collateral that one could imagine. It has a dancing baseline and includes all the letters in upper and lower case, along with numbers and special characters – all done in a feminine, elegant and sophisticated manner.

8. Hickory Jack:

hickory jack

As the name suggests, Hickory Jack is a playful font. It is light weighted, elegant and at the same time chirpy. Perfect for headlines and by-lines, one could imagine a font like this on websites and brochures as well, where dragging attention to a particular area is vital. Hickory Jack contains all alphabets and numbers in lower as well as upper cases, with an added touch of special characters. It is available for commercial and personal uses, and conveniently available on DaFont too.

9. Variane:


Variane is a very versatile hand-lettered font script that has a touch of personal characteristics. You could use this font for designing T-Shirt designs, invitation cards, logos and other branding collaterals. It is simple, medium-weighted and does not carry in extra curves. It is a perfect cursive font for every design strategy that includes highlighting, hand-written effects or sophisticated designs.

10. Noelan Script:

noelan script

Noelan Script is a modern calligraphy typeface that includes hand-drawn calligraphic letterforms. It is open for both personal and commercial use. However, when you activate OpenType features, the swashes for the initial and terminal alternates get activates and are pulled into extra curvy lines, which give it a unique look. It has numerous alternates in its initial design and is a clean typeface with groovy, curvy lines that give it a sophisticated, hand-drawn look.

11. Dawning of a Day:


Designed by Kimberly Geswein, her friend’s handwriting inspired this font. A very carefully curated font, Dawning of a Day is best suited for passages or information that has to be handwritten – it could be the main body text of a wedding invitation, or maybe even a section of handwritten letters on your website. It comes with all letterforms and characters in lower and upper cases along with a fluid, flowy feeling that you get while reading a handwritten letter.

12. Crunchy:


A very versatile cursive font with multilingual support, Crunchy is super playful and yet, elegant. It works great with titles, logos and slogans as well. What’s more, it comes with all lower and upper case letterform along with a set of unique characters and numbers. Despite the random strokes and swashes, the typeface has a unique curvy feature that is almost impossible to find in any other font. The thickness of the strokes is variant in each character, and yet, it seems to look – well, crunchy!

13. Badhead:


As the name could suggest, Badhead is a pretty bold font. With numerous swashes, stylistic alternates as well as ligatures, apparel branding, logos or any design that requires a bold, yet elegant touch suit this font the most. With 246 glyphs, alternate characters and OpenType feature, this font is super cool. Though it seems like it borrows roots from some gothic font-type, it is unique and could suit any occasion highlight!

14. I’m Fashionista!


Though the title might throw you off at first, this font is super feminine. If you are an anyone who knows anyone in fashion, then you must try out this font for sure! Very suitable for apparel branding, logo designs, invitation cards as well as graphics on top of garments, I’m Fashionista could make you The Fashionista in the scene! It comes with a set of upper and lower case characters, along with numbers and special characters. Luckily, it is a free font for both personal and commercial use – and you can find it on DaFont which makes your work 10,000 times easier!

15. Sophia:


Designed by Emily Spadoni, Sophia is a rare hand-drawn calligraphic cursive font script. It is sweet, saucy and yet a little shabby which gives it a raw look. It comes with two extra fonts – Sophia Left and Sophia Right, which provides you with the option of adding ornaments to the font at left or right letter respectively. You can create your typeface using this powerful feature, and that’ll give you a more customized font than anything else!

16. BlackJack:


Though the name might suggest a slight Casino style font, Black Jack is sophisticated and super chic. It is a clean cursive font with 177 characters which include upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special figures too. Fortunately, it is free for both personal and commercial use. It is only available in one style, but yet it is a versatile font – in the sense that it could be used in numerous design possibilities.

17. Euphoria:


Euphoria is a playful, lively font that could elevate the look of your design in seconds. It could be used for various design strategies, such as short phrases in magazines or books, titles on websites, for food, music as well as fashion-related font requirements. It is safe to say that Euphoria could suit any purpose that is as lively as the font itself! It is open for both free and commercial uses and comes in a proper set of curvy letters, special characters as well as numbers.

18. Deftone Stylus:


Deftone Stylus was a structured, industrial font that was built in the late 20th century originally. However, it was rebuilt and remastered in 2011. This font is free for commercial use which means it could suit any business-related document/design without any issues. Originally the swashes of all caps would entangle within each other, making it look shabby and blunt. This problem, along with a lot more, has been eradicated by this new design by Raymond Larabie.

19. Little Days:

little days

It is safe to say that Little Days is a tiny small school font. It comes in 181 defined characters as well as 178 unique glyphs. It is available for both free and commercial use, and the best part about the font is that it could easily pass for a handwritten type. Hence, you could use this for gift tags, logos, written letter type things or eve for invitation cards. It might come off as a little informal. However, it is also perfectly fine to use this font for business-related design ideas.

20. Good Vibes:


Good Vibes, as the name suggests, is a font that can very quickly be associated with happy occasions. It is a modern script that has a handwritten style. It contains all the letters in upper as well as lower case, along with numbers and special characters. It can, very conveniently, be used in wedding invites with floral designs, websites that possibly talk about health, wellness, feminine beauty, life and relationships as well. It could be used for banners as well.

So these were the top 20 free and beautiful cursive fonts that could easily make your designs stand out and create an impact. Though cursive fonts can easily be associated with a feminine character, most of these mentioned fonts are super elegant and yet, very androgynous. Cursive fonts indeed look best for happy occasions, along with special moments which carry a ray of hope. Hence, cursive fonts are best suited for happy moments, as well as the ones where you intend to put forth a handwritten effort – but wish to make it look clean.

Iggy is an entrepreneur, blogger, and designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design fonts, themes, plugins, inspiration, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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  1. I just tried to download the Desire font from the above list which are advertised as free fonts. When I went to the link to download this particular font I was informed the cost is $99.00.
    Will you please look into this as I really like the font but can’t afford to pay $99.00 for it.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Sorry, I made a mistake with the Desire font – it looked like it was free but the button redirected to a payment page. Unfortunately, that font is not free so please pick one of the others listed in the roundup.


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