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25 Newest Free Fonts for 2020

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Graphic designers, illustrators and web designers need to constantly stay updated about the ongoing trends in their fields; more so than any other profession, because they deal with elements that constantly keep changing, redefining and reinventing themselves. There is always something new on the market and if you aren’t aware of it as a designer, your designs can go obsolete or become irrelevant to the modern context of graphics and style. One such important element is typography. There are constantly new styles of fonts that keep surfacing each year. They look fresh and help designers create banners, ads, logos or even content pieces for their clients in the best manner possible. For the same reason, it becomes important for having a wide range of free fonts that are relevant and new to have that edge over other competitors.  This is a list of 25 newest free fonts for 2020 that you should be making use of:

1. Void:

Free font - void

Void is a brand new free font that has a creative design. The font is available in multiple weights ranging from thin to bold. It can be used for any and all creative projects. The characters have a tall height and the font Is condensed.  It works well for any minimal design project.

2. Loves:

free font - loves

Love is a classy free font. It is a sans serif font that looks simple yet classy. The font is made with precision and it is ideal for designing website headers, titles and logos. It feels premium and carved to perfection which makes it ideal for lifestyle and fashion brands. Loves comes with a lot of alternate characters as well.

3. Nanotech:

free font - nanotech

Nanotech is a great free font that looks clean and professional. The font is available in regular as well as bold weights. This font can be used for many design projects but they look best for designing heading and titles. You can use this font for free for personal use.  Moreover, it can also be used for business cards, magazine layouts, product design, large-scale artwork and business cards.  To download the free font you need to provide your first name, last name and email address.  You can also preview the font with your content in a test box they have on the website.

4. Nevrada:

free font - nevrada

Hotel names and goodies generally have the finest use of good typography. The font they choose is always elegant and decorative that attracts customers instantly. Nevrada is a similar free font that can be used for designing badges, logos and signage for hotels and luxury brands.  Each character of this font has certain elegance and flair associated with them. This elegant font is available for free personal use.

5. Ocean:

free font - ocean

Ocean is a modern all-caps free font that has a unique creative design. It is an ideal display font for your creative projects that need trendy designs to stand out. This font is available in four different weights from light to bold. Moreover, this font is absolutely free to be used for commercial projects as well. It looks very digital and robotic aesthetically and hence can be used for a technical brand’s logo, or even to promote a digital marketing webinar.

6. Quacker:

free font - quacker

Quacker is a creative sans serif font that has a retro-vintage design. It fits seamlessly for various kinds of logos and label designs. This font has alternative characters as well as support for multiple languages. It is free for personal use only.

7. Monday Vacation:

Monday Vacation

Many times, a designer has one font that he/she feels certain about using, however finding the right pair of font to pair with this main font is often time-consuming and annoying. Monday Vacation understands this dilemma and provides a font duo that goes extremely well with each other. This pack has two fonts – one handwriting script and another is a bold sans-serif font. They pair well together.  It is an ideal font for branding, or making typography based t-shirts and other clothing apparel.

8. Giveny:


Giveny is an ideal font for designing logos for premium luxury brands. The font itself has a simple and elegant design which enhances its professional look. The highlighting characteristics of this font are the relatively low contrast given to the strokes and the slightly boxed shapes for otherwise round characters.  It is a blend of optical balance and pure geometry.  The font is also ideal for quotes, greeting cards, stationary, posters as well as designer titles, art quote and blog headers.  You can enjoy of this fonts offerings using their free version, but their premium versions also allows you to make use of this font in multiple languages and illustrations.

9. Railey:

free font - railey

Railey is a gorgeous modern handwritten font that reflects the happy, light-hearted character that instantly reminds the viewer of their childhood or their children. It is ideal for designing greeting cards as well as social media posts.  This font can also work great in print for baby products or in a logo for baby product brands.

10. Thunderbold:

free font - thunderbold

Thunderbold is one of the most unique fonts that has a stylish design. It is relevant and useful for various logo and badges design for modern businesses. This font has uppercase as well as lowercase characters. Moreover, it also has support for numbers and symbols. This font can be used for any creative typographic project, posters, headlines, greeting cards, magazines, logos, t-shirt design and much more. It is a font that looks energetic and alive and would be ideal for any brand that wants to portray that about their brand.

11. NeonAbsolute:

free font - neon absolute

NeonAbsolute is a creative pair font that has one script font combined with one sans-serif font. Both these fonts have design inspiration from the 1980s retro neon signs. It is ideal for any techno-fest banners and promotions as well as symbol for any party-wear brand. The font can also be used for futuristic games.

12. BournBon Grostesque:

Bournbon Grotesque

This free font is most suitable for designing badges and labels for lifestyle and fashion products. It has a thick and appealing character design that works best when you want to make a statement. This font would easily captivate the audience to read and understand what is written, and hence it can be used in headers of an important content piece of used as the company’s logo font as well.

13. Peace Sans:

Peace Sans

If you need a big bold font for designing appealing titles and headings for your website, Peace Sans is your ideal free font. You can also use it for your social media posts and poster designs. Peace Sans is a modern font which also has glyphs and multilingual support.

14. Vigrand:


Vigrand is an impressive free font that has vintage script design. It is an elegant font that has support for lowercase and uppercase letters as well as stylish ornaments. This is an ideal font to add charm to any design project. The font has 5 level alternates and 6 styles – regular, regular rough, regular aged, bold, bold aged and bold rough.  It is available for free for personal use.

15. Zolanti:


Zolanti is a free font that is going to be loved by all brush font lovers. It has a unique set of letters which features handwritten brush designs. It is ideal for website header design and poster design as well. The font comes with both uppercase and lowercase characters. It is ideal for greeting cards, invitation cards, packaging, magazines, advertising and so much more.

16. AldoSans:


AldoSans is a modern font that works great for designing projects. This font includes three different fonts that feature geometric designs. All the fonts are available in lower and uppercase. This font is free to use for commercial use as well. The three different fonts provides the designer with a lot of permutations and combinations to make different kind of typography designs. All the fonts are available in different weights – Italic, Regular and Bold. Moreover, this font has multilingual support which is rare for free fonts.  This font can be used for creating logos, magazine layouts, headers, large-scale artwork as well as business cards.

17. RumbleBrave:

Free font - Rumble Brave

RumbleBrave is a stylish free font. It has a retro-vintage inspired design. The logo is ideal for label and logo design. It supports uppercase and lowercase characters as well. This is a brush script and a display serif font by Alit Design. The font also has glyphs, number case and multilingual characters. This font is ideal for coffee labels, logotype design, classic wedding concepts and more.

18. Michalina:


Michalina is an ideal free font that comes with calligraphy lettering design. It is perfect for designing greeting cards and invitations as well as social media posts and book cover designs. The font is available for free for personal use. This beautiful script font is classy, elegant and has a modern look with a handwritten touch.

19. Deliverance:


Deliverance is one of the best free fonts when it comes to script fonts. This is a beautiful script font that has appealing hand lettering design. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters. The font is ideal for website headers, greeting cards and social media designs. It would look good for any beauty branding, posters, magazines, cosmetics, look books and merchandise as well.

20. Spartan MB:

Spartan MB

You need more than one font when it comes to a professional project. For an effective design you most of the times need to pair two or three fonts. For this reason, knowing about some font families is very important. They include multiple fonts and each font comes in various styles and weights. Spartan delivers all of this. It has a simple sans-serif letter design and has seven different weights you can use for free for commercial projects as well.

21. Apex Mk3:


ApexMK3 is an ideal free font if you are looking for a font for poster design or website header design requirement. This font has a bold geometric design which makes it visually appealing and ideal for headings. It is a free to use font for personal as well as commercial use.

22. ADCA:


ADCA is a modern font that has a bold and stylish design. It’s thick character designs makes it the ideal typeface for posters, banners, titles and headings. ADCA is an impressive geometric font that comes with uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numerals. This font is also multilingual. Moreover, it is free to be used for personal and commercial use both.

23. Gilroy Typefamily:


Gilroy Typefamily is a geometric font family that comes in 20 weights, 10 straight and rest are it’s matching italics. It also has light and extra bold weights. This font has been designed with some powerful open-type features in mind. For each weight you have support for fractions, tabular figures, ligatures, arrows and more. The font is ideal for display and graphic design applications.

24. Quiapo:


Quapo is a great brush typeface that was inspired by Jeepney signs that were hanged or displayed behind the windshield of Jeepneys and other public transports around Manila and other cities within Philippines. It is free for both commercial and personal use.

25. Thinoo:


Thinoo is a new clean and modern free sans serif font family that has bold and thin weights. It also has uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols and punctuations. This font works great on resumes, websites, logos, branding materials, posters and photography as well. It is free to use for personal as well as commercial applications.

These are the 25 newest free fonts for 2020 that you should try out today! All of these fonts cater to more than one purpose, and can be super helpful for you to explore the world of typography if you are a beginner. Some of the fonts present on this list are truly mesmerizing and free to use for commercial use as well. It can be a great place to start with your initial orders to establish a name for yourself in the market. Make use of these fonts for different requirements, or practicing and perfecting the art of typography and font pairing.

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