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10 Free CorelDRAW Tutorials Designers Should Watch

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One of the most desired programs by the designers is CorelDRAW. When it comes to graphic designing, logos or website designing CorelDRAW is very popular. Corel DRAW is cheaper than Adobe, and it serves best design tools along with vector support. Here, we are listing free CorelDRAW tutorials which could be useful to both beginners and expert designers. For beginners, it helps out to get through the difficulties they face while designing, whereas the designers who are in the expert stage can find thoroughness in their work with these tutorials.

1. Full Tutorial for Beginners:

Beginner’s Intro would let the beginners have a kick-start with the CorelDraw. It gives step by step introduction to every tool and how to use it. All you have to do is look at the video which says the exact thing you have to do. The voice-over has a French accent but doesn’t make it hard to understand as its words are spoken precisely with perfect pitch. How to use a specific tool and what kind of effect you can give is all talked about. It also lets you know short keys which helps you save your time as a beginner and spend more time on learning more actions.

Each minute actions are explained with visual which makes it easier for you to use the program. Even if the person has no idea of CorelDRAW, even that person can start using CorelDRAW efficiently with this Beginner’s Intro video, as it starts from the basics. If the designer has lost his touch with CorelDRAW, he can refer to this video and have all the details revised and can start working. The video doesn’t take much of your time from your schedule. Within 15 minutes, you can have the basic idea of how to begin designing with CorelDRAW. We are suggesting this video as every point is related to designing is discussed over a few minutes, and it has got more than 1.9 million views.

2. CorelDRAW for Absolute Beginners:

This video begins with the basics of CorelDRAW. It starts from how, to begin with, the program and then towards how to use shapes and use editing tools. Steven Jackson is the one who presents this basic tutorial with precision. This tutorial helps you to get through the basics of CorelDRAW and handling projects individually at a later stage. It ensures that you are well benefitted with the tutorial and have a grip over it. The tutorials start with what version of CorelDRAW you are using, which makes it easy for the designer to connect with the tools and functions. The important thing about the tutorial is, visuals are there to read and understand a specific list.

When it is time that you need to look and learn, the tutorial shows you the visual of CorelDRAW with instruction on how to use it. It first gives you time by listing out the topics that would be shown visual and then gives it a start. Listing out topics lets you give a check to the topics that you have finished. The video is one hour long, which makes it hard to select this tutorial to watch. But we are suggesting the video based on how definite it has through the entire video with every essential detail that is necessary to the designer. In specific tutorials, certain aspects are missing which a designer consider. Mentioning these missed aspects and details makes this a better tutorial. Anyone who has to be thorough with the basics of CorelDRAW with just one tutorial this is it.

3. Custom Lettering Effects: 

This video is from CorelDRAW itself. They have their channels for tutorials. This tutorial is presented to you by Joe Diaz, who is a CorelDRAW Master, graphic designer and sign artist. We are recommending this tutorial as it comes from the collections of CorelDRAW itself and the meticulous way it has presented the video, says it all. This tutorial talks about designing layouts like logos, design cards or website designs. But it deals with the shortcut keys and tips for custom lettering effects.

The designer speaks about the specific kind of text used as per the needs of the clients. He even lets you know what kind of lettering effects to exclude in individual layouts or designs. This tutorial helps you with an example related to what kind of text where to use. It even let you go through the borders and colours that would go with the design. The quality of this tutorial is the best as given from what channel it comes through. This video is more than an hour-long, but it makes sure you are complete with the idea and essential of custom lettering effects. All you have to do is take time to sit and finish with the custom lettering effect in go. As this tutorial is one long hour, you can watch it and learn taking breaks.

4. Best 3D Logo Design Using CorelDRAW Tutorial:

For a designer, creating a 3D logo would be an achievement at a start. This video starts with the giving effects to the logo. The tutorial shows each move of using the tools and effects to give a three-dimensional look. The tutorial has no voice-over, all you have to do is watch the step by step action, which results in the logo into 3D. It is not an easy task to create a 3D logo. After much perfection, only one can create a 3D design.

This tutorial helps the beginners to create one such design with no hassle. Very engaging music is in the backdrop, which doesn’t let you get diverted from the tutorial. The tutorial is of twenty minutes which may make a designer not to choose this video. Designers are always curious to learn new techniques and in less time. It is easier to watch and learn. This tutorial for once and all teaches you to create one 3D logo, and you would never have to look back.

5. Print Flyer Design:

There is much discussion over whether the print is out of the style or is it yet active. What we think is any medium that reaches the people never blows out. According to us, print is going strong, and it is underused. Print can be an old-school of advertising, but it can never be out of style. Print advertising is always crisp.

Here we are discussing the tutorial which teaches you within eleven minutes how to design a flyer in CorelDRAW. Like the other tutorials, it has no voice-over and entirely concentrates on the detailing of designing a flyer. When a flyer is in designing, it is to be made sure that it created in such a way that when it printed, the colour effects remains the same. It matters when the design is in printing. The tutorials give you a set of instructions to be followed as per the visual and remember them. Within eleven minutes, you would have learned to design a flyer. We think it is time you cut off the one new thing to learn from your checklist.

6. Basic Line Art: 

This is one of the best free CorelDRAW tutorials. Patrick Seymour presents the video. The tutorial is of seventeen minutes. This tutorial teaches you to draw your basic line art in CorelDRAW. You would be amazed by how the actual images go to a whole new transformation. As a beginner, don’t even think to skip the video and try reaching the end.

The tutorial ensures you grasp the whole technique of creating basic line art. The whole fun is not when you watch the tutorial. Once you finish the tutorial and take up the task of doing it by yourself, it may be difficult at first. But once you complete the work, you would know how decently the tutorial has taught you the same that you could implement it on your own.

Now, this tutorial would turn out to be a technical one, compared to other tutorials. No voice over for this tutorial but you would not feel bad about it due to immensely captivating background music. This kind of design constitutes geometrical ones which are difficult to derive but very attractive when it comes to the visuals.

If you are a designer who is keen on working on shapes in CorelDRAW, then this tutorial is a must you should watch. This tutorial, in a way, helps the beginners to keep up. These kinds of logos are usually seen on the website of IT companies and are very eye-catchy. Watch this video of seventeen minutes and develop your skill of creating admiring tracing logos. This is one of the best free CorelDRAW tutorials.

8. Adding Paragraph text in CorelDRAW:

When we talk about CorelDRAW, everyone anticipates it is all about designing. What we forget is about the placement of text and their formatting. Texts are part of designing, and it also includes many techniques to sort them accordingly. In eleven minutes, this tutorial would help you learn how to add paragraph text in CorelDRAW.

You may be aware of Artistic text and Paragraph text, if not then watch this video. This tutorial is well guided by the voice over. It also allows you to learn to place the text in different shapes to give your design a better effect. The best part of the tutorial is, you wouldn’t be even aware that you have learnt the skill of adding paragraph text until the video is over. This is one of the best free CorelDRAW tutorials.

9. Dimension Tool Feature:

This is one of the best free CorelDRAW tutorials. The best part of this tutorial is that it just a 6-minute video and there you learn a new thing in CorelDRAW. As a beginner, you don’t have to keep worrying about how you would manage and learn every other tool and different effects in CorelDRAW within a given time. This tutorial helps you learn about a feature called dimension tool. There are various designs which a designer excels at. Dimension tool feature is mostly used by sign makers.

This feature is mostly used when the design is used to create big things like banners or flexes. It helps the designers show their clients the actual size of the big printing image. This helps the designer from making corrections once the image is printed. The voice-over in this tutorial explains each tool included in this feature and how to get the work done. The pleasing voice-over doesn’t ring in your ears but gets you through your tutorial nicely. This short tutorial will make you learn a new feature. It’s not a waste to spend your six-minute.

10. Publish to PDF:

The designer should not only be well equipped with the designing side but should also know how to deal with the clients. A designer would need to send the design to their colleagues or to their clients which includes publishing the files to PDF. The merely nine-minute tutorial would help you learn publishing file to PDF. This is one of the best free CorelDRAW tutorials.

There may be many ways to export a design or poster, but Publishing to PDF turns out to be the safest ways. When you convert your file to pdf, then there are chances that the design, colour, text and images vary from the original design. Whereas publishing to PDF lock all these elements and gets it converted to PDF, thereby no difference seems to appear when compared to the original design.

If you are the one who loves learning something new each day or want to get a good grip with CorelDRAW, then for you we have listed the free CorelDRAW tutorials that you must go through. We have made sure that you spend just a few minutes over learning new skills in designing and even it gets boring, we suggest to break it down as per you like and finish it. We wish you happy learning!

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