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20 Graphic Design Magazines All Designers Should Read

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Whether you’re a web designer or a developer, we’re sure you’ve read a specialty magazine, especially magazines dedicated to graphic design. It is part of your professional life and has the role of widening your horizons, introducing new trends and inspiring you.

Graphic design magazines can help whether you are a full-time professional working in the field or a beginner and you need to be guided and take the first steps. This article gives you a list of 20 of the most interesting graphic design magazines you should keep an eye on. We will shortly describe each magazine just to give you an overview of the approached topics,.

There are countless blogs and community sites for web designers and graphic designers, with new ones appearing every day. However, quality design magazines can serve as an excellent addition to learn new techniques, stay up to date and to inspire you. Take your time to browse through these magazines and I think you’ll find some that are very interesting and useful to you. Many of the magazines come with tutorials and resources on CD, so the value can be very good and you will have a lot to learn.

So if you want to know about the most interesting trends in graphic design, revolutionary tools, new creations or jobs, then we are sure you will find this article very useful.

Computer Arts

1 Computer Arts Graphic Design Magazines

Computer Arts is a magazine that presents many of the latest tips and concepts that can help you a lot in your professional career. Also, among the articles in this magazine, you will find some of the latest best works in the design community and also the profiles of influential agencies and designers.


2 Net Graphic Design Magazines

Net magazine comes in 13 numbers available for a period of one year and is a perfect choice for anyone interested in graphic design and web design. In this magazine, you will find articles that address and present the latest techniques in design and web design, new technologies and some of the latest trends in the field. Net also comes with a series of tutorials and tips from experts that will help you develop your skills.

IX Interactions

3 IX Interactions Graphic Design Magazines

This magazine is published twice a month and is a generous source of information, discoveries, conversations, and collaborations in the field of graphic design.

Creative Review

4 Creative Review Graphic Design Magazines

This magazine presents subjects related to graphic design, advertising, printing, photography, branding and social media and is a valuable source of inspiration for any professional or beginner.


5 Slanted Graphic Design Magazines

Slanted Publishers is a magazine that presents articles that address design topics. It appears twice a year but is strongly supported by a blog that provides event and news guides and features over 100 designers and entrepreneurs on video interviews.


6 Eye Graphic Design Magazine

Eye is a magazine that focuses on graphic design and web design. It addresses both those who have experience in the field and those who are beginners looking for information, trends, and tutorials.

Before & After

7 Before & After Graphic Design Magazine

Before & After is a magazine that has been published since 1990 and is dedicated to producing articles that explain to everyone what graphic design is all about.

Digital Arts

8 Digital Arts Graphic Design Magazine

Digital Arts is another magazine that features high-quality information and content in the design sphere. It covers topics related to 3D art, video effects, animations and interactive design and is a valuable resource for both beginners and advanced and experienced designers. You can be sure that this magazine always provides the best and latest information and trends in the field.

CMYK Magazine

9 CMYK Magazine Graphic Design Magazine

CMYK magazine is another magazine dedicated to graphic design. This magazine is a platform where professionals can find jobs, whether they are students, graduates of art schools, photographers, illustrators, or professionals with vast experience.


10 Faesthetic Graphic Design Magazine

Faesthetic is a magazine that has been published for about 17 years, a time during which it evolved from a newspaper stage to the art magazine. In this magazine are presented articles of graphic design and web design, the most interesting artworks but also articles that deal with traditional and modern notions in photography and illustration.


11 Layers Graphic Design Magazine

The Layers Magazine was launched in 2005 and is a renowned design magazine. It features quality content that is always a great resource for professionals in the field, whether they are photographers, designers or illustrators or just beginners who want to take the first steps in graphic design.

Communication Arts

12 Communication Arts Graphic Design Magazine

Communication Arts is one of the largest creative magazines in the world that offers articles about top work in graphic design, interactive design, photography, and advertising. It’s been around for more than 69 years and represents a great inspirational source for many professionals.

.net Magazine

13 .net Magazine

.net is one the most appreciated design magazines and offers great content and also tutorials from world’s biggest names, interviews, and many other great insights.

Advanced Photoshop

14 Advanced Photoshop Graphic Design Magazine

Advanced Photoshop represents an important source for any design professional. It focuses on newest trends and is created by professionals with great experience in the field.


15 How Graphic Design Magazine

HOW is a magazine that provides great help to designers by presenting articles about new trends, latest creations, and also offering tutorials.

3D World

16 3D World Graphic Design Magazine

3D World is one of the most appreciated and well-known magazines dedicated to 3D artists. It covers topics in the field of architecture, animation, 3D visualizations, VFX games, and illustrations. In every magazine issue, you have the opportunity to learn about new trends in the field, reviews, behind the scenes stories and much more. This magazine represents a valuable resource for professionals that need to keep up with what’s new in the field.


17 Juxtapoz Graphic Design Magazine

Juxtapoz is another great design magazine that offers artists a valuable inspirational source.


18 ImagineFX Graphic Design Magazine

Another great magazine that offers insights from what is happening in the design field. A great source for tutorials and videos from experts.

2D Artist

19 2D Artist Graphic Design Magazine

2DArtist is a magazine for any professional or novice designers, especially for those interested in CG. This magazine offers plenty of articles with interviews, project reviews and overviews, tutorials, and much more.


20 Idea Graphic Design Magazine

IDEA is a magazine from Tokyo and focuses on graphic design and typography.

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