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Today, we will be reviewing Invoicely (formerly Invoiceable) – a free, online solution for any web designer or freelancer who sends invoices to clients. So what exactly is Invoicely? As the name suggests, Invoicely is a service that allows you to easily create beautiful, professional invoices and manage them all in one place.  Let us look at some of Invoicely’s features to see why it’s such a popular online invoicing solution for web designers and all freelancers.

Fully Customizable Invoices


While it is true that you can send very simple invoices by using simple templates from Excel or Word, those invoices pale in comparison with what you can do with Invoicely.  To illustrate, Invoicely allows you to put not only your company logo, but to style the invoice so that it fully matches your company’s colors. This helps with brand recognition and ensures that your customers remember your product or service.

Multiple Payment Options


When you send your customers an invoice, you are probably expecting to be paid for your product or service. The easier you make it for your customers to pay you, the more likely it is that they will follow through with the payment. Offering just one payment option is not always enough – and that is why Invoicely allows your customers to choose from multiple payment options, with seamless integration of Stripe, PayPal,, WePay, Mollie and PayLane. As a bonus, Invoicely includes real-time currency conversion – so your clients can make a payment in any currency, while you will receive the amount on your invoice in your currency.

Support for Multiple Businesses


While many of us run just one businesses, some of us also juggle things and run several business at once. This is another area where Invoicely shines – it allows you to effortlessly manage invoices for multiple businesses. Each of your business in Invoicely can have its own clients, team and settings.

Beautiful Charts & Reports


Let’s be honest – not all of us really know how much our business is making unless the end of the year when we do our taxes. But it helps to see how we’re doing during the year without having to manually calculate all of our revenue. Invoicely provides you with beautiful and easy to read charts and graphs that will tell exactly how you are doing and how much revenue you have made from your clients, how much you’ve invoiced your clients, as well as how much is yet to be paid from the invoices you’ve sent.


Moreover, Invoicely provides you with easy to track activity reports, so you can see and track each step of your business.

Effortless Invoicing


Most of us don’t like complicated things. And that is why Invoicely makes it very easy to create and send invoices to your clients – so that you spend the time you’ve saved working on and improving other aspects of your business. And for those of us who are web designers and have your own design business (or do design freelancing on the side), you can go from a quote/estimate that you sent to client to real invoice generated within seconds.

Time/Hours/Work Tracking


If your business is such that you get paid per hour, you are able to easily track and get compensated for the work that you do using Invoicely’s time tracking feature. Simply track the time you’ve spent, and then easily turn it into a real invoice.

To sum up, we’ve found that Invoicely is really an excellent choice for anyone who runs any sort of business online. Whether you’re a web or graphic design freelancers, or run any other type of business, give Invoicely a try and see why it is trusted and used by more than 100,000 small businesses.

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