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20 Cool Fonts That Follow The Latest Design Trends

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It is quite difficult to come across modern, cool fonts that keep up with the latest design trends. That is why we decided to look for the best, cool fonts we could find and gather them in this list. This collection of beautiful fonts with professional designs contains some premium-quality typefaces with serif and sans serif styles. Choose the ones that best fit the style of your project!

These cool fonts have various design details and can be used for multiple purposes. You will find a couple of stunning calligraphy typefaces, all caps font families, and more. Most of these fonts have .otf and .ttf file formats.

You can download and use these fonts for advertising, branding, cards, invitations, websites, mobile apps projects, and more. Also, these can be used for some niche artworks, such as sports, fashion, and technology-related works.


Sinisuka is a beautiful modern font that you can use to create stunning logo designs, but not only. This multipurpose typeface includes both lowercase and uppercase styles, with punctuation, numerals, and more.

Sinisuka by yipianesia _ GraphicRiver

Stephen Type font

Stephen Type is a beautiful calligraphy font that you can use for various projects such as logo designs, signatures, invitations, t-shirt designs, greetings cards, poster design, and more.

Stephen Type font - signature font by chebby39 _ GraphicRiver


Riverhack is a stunning hand brushed font that you can use in your current or future projects. This typeface will definitely make your projects stand out.

Riverhack Preview - GraphicRiver

Airport Arrival

Check out this unusual typeface with a unique design. This premium item is available in .ttf file format and it is available only on GraphicRiver.

Airport Arrival Preview - GraphicRiver

Porter Font

Porter is a simple but effective sans serif all caps typeface that you can download and use in your designs. This premium font includes 3 weights plus the corresponding italics.

Porter Font by fhemmekam _ GraphicRiver

The Mariam story

This is a dreamy typeface with artistic and vintage characteristics. Take a look and see in what type of projects you can use this striking font.

The mariam story Preview - GraphicRiver

Astronaut Signature Typeface

This is another premium typeface with a wonderful signature design. This can be perfect for logos,  cards, invitations, advertisements, and more.

Astronout Signature Typeface by maulanacreative _ GraphicRiver

Blesing signature style

This font has a smooth natural look that makes it stand out from the rest. This typeface has a monoline style and will definitely get the visitors/users attention.

Blesing signature style by Qiwbrother _ GraphicRiver

Stanley Typeface

Stanley is a vintage font that has a unique curvy-ornamental design with sharp edges. This combination makes it unique and perfect for headlines, letterheads, and other uses where the typeface is emphasized.

Stanley Typeface by twclabs _ GraphicRiver

Hand Boys Font Typeface

Hand Boys typeface is a very cool and modern-looking font that was inspired by boys handwriting style. It’s perfect for invites, posters, T-shirts, child magazines and more!

Hand Boys Happy Childrens Day

Beloved Script

Beloved has a lovely handwritten style and can be perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and more. It has a joyful character that is somehow approachable.

Beloved Script by UnicodeID _ GraphicRiver


Thunderstorm typeface is a premium font that you can download in .ttf, .otf, and .ai file formats. This particular design is inspired by the 80s-90s music.

Thunderstorm by aiyari _ GraphicRiver

Brave Typeface

Brave is a beautiful font with a stunning futuristic design. This makes it perfect for movie posters, advertisements, and more. This is available exclusively from GraphicRiver. Brave. A minimal futuristic typeface.

Brave Typeface by sunnytudu _ GraphicRiver

Vintage Font Bundle

Check out this incredible bundle of vintage fonts. These beautiful typefaces can be used in various types of projects. Take a look at all and see if you can use them.

Vintage Font Bundle Preview - GraphicRiver

Luxe Font / Serif Typeface

Luxe is a modern and clean typeface that works perfectly for logos, web design, T-shirts, posters, brochures and more!

Luxe Typeface

Glorynight Tall Ver

Glorynight is lovely typography with regular and italic styles. Take a look and see what was the story behind the creation of this amazing font.

Glorynight Tall Ver by yipianesia _ GraphicRiver


Shiluna is a gorgeous modern typeface with a beautiful calligraphic-inspired design. This is a premium item that you can add to various projects.

Shiluna by viragestudio _ GraphicRiver

Illusias font

Illusias is a graceful handwritten font that will look amazing in invitation design, advertising, and more. You can download it in .ttf and .otf formats.

illusias font by yipianesia _ GraphicRiver

Ascent Typeface

Ascent is an excellent sans-serif font which includes 342 glyphs. Have a look and see if this typeface suits your projects. This is also available only from GraphicRiver.

Ascent Typeface by sunnytudu _ GraphicRiver


Gokú is a multifunctional, multilingual font which was specially created for a specific event:  for the Watches of Switzerland launch event.

Goku Preview - GraphicRiver

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