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Color picker is a user graphical interface used for selecting colors or creating color schemes. Saving the color palette is made easier with color picking tools. Regardless of where you are working, the color can be saved, edited and shared. These color pickers offer a selection of color from websites, images, and color pickers.

It is important to note that every Color Tool does not support Windows, Linux, and iOS. The list will take you through different options for different systems. Here is the list of Top 10 Color Pickers for this year.

1. Pixeur:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Pixeur

Pixeur is compatible with Windows. It comes with a drag and drop system for choosing a color. Web colors can also be used with this software. Also, colors can be changed by adjusting RGB or CMYK components. Pixeur has the feature to alter the hue, saturation, and balance. The Hex value is created after the color selection. This allows the user to utilize it in other applications. This application stores the previous work. Finally, the Hex code, Reversed Hex, RGB or long value format can be copied for export.

2. ColorPic:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Colorpic

With ColorPic it is easy to pick any color directly from the screen. Hex and Decimal values are represented. It’s compatible with Firefox, Photoshop, and other programs. This application is not free but offers a free trial. Also, it indicates secondary color percentages.

Features like resizable magnification area, 3×3 or 5×5 pixel color sampling, and four color mixers make it easy to select the most appropriate color. It has easy to use collapsible sections. Furthermore, it can save up to 16 colors in the palette. Lastly, it supports 4K monitors.

3. EyeDropper:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Eyedropper
EyeDropper provides color picking from web pages, color pickers, and your personal history. It is an extension for Google Chrome and Chromium. A good tool for web developers. This extension comes free of cost. Color history can be sorted into named palettes. It comes with two cursor options for the selection of color. Export files show the time and date where color was selected.

In addition to this, it displays RGB or HEX format. Finally, colors are automatically copied to clipboard after the color selection.

4. ColorZilla:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Colorzilla

ColorZilla is a Firefox and chrome extension. Web developers and graphic designers can use it or advanced and basic tasks. A special DOM spying feature gives information about DOM elements. It can sample the average of any selected area. Moreover, Online Palette Viewer allows sharing, bookmarking and viewing color palette online. It works with several programs including MS Windows, Linux, and MacOSX. Moreover, it displays elements like class, id, tag name, and relative mouse position.

5. Just Color Picker:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Just color picker

Just Color Picker allows 10 formats such as HTML, RGB, HEX, CMYK, etc. The selected color will be saved in the palette and ready to export. Apart from this .aco color switches and .gpl palette files can be edited in Adobe Photoshop. Comments can be added for color details. It comes with an option to select different shade and gradients. Moreover, common adjustments like RGB, HSV, and HSL are available. This comes with 3x, 9x, and 15x magnifier for more precision. Finally, Just Color Picker is free of cost.

6. ColorSnapper 2:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Colorsnapper 2

ColorSnapper 2 is for MAC users to pick colors anywhere from the screen. It comes with 10 different color formats like NSColor, UIColor, Android, Java, etc. Also, gestures and keyboard shortcuts can be used for controlling the application. Hi-Precision Mode allows accuracy for normal pixel density. Moreover, the magnifying glass works with different displays, resolution, and pixel densities.

Apple Color Panel allows you to adjust the color before exporting. This software isn’t free but comes with a 14-day free trial.

7. iDropper:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - iDropper

iDropper is another iOS color sampling tool. It is compatible with iPhones, iPods, and iPads. However, it does require iOS 8.0 or later. The application is free of cost. Color preview displays RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HEX values. The color can be saved and used with other applications. About 6 colors can be added to the palette for one image.

Moreover, Favorite and History options make it easy to store and restore. The image details like the number of colors can be displayed.

8. Pixolor:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Pixolor

Pixolor is an Android extension that displays RBG and DIP of any selected pixel. It comes with a hue wheel color picker. Pixolor is a ring floating on the apps showing underlying pixels. It is perfect for UI designers. You can edit, save and share the image.

It generates a color palette from the last screenshot or last zoomed section. It works with other applications. Moreover, this mobile-friendly application allows for Pinch-to-zoom. This application is completely free.

9. Instant Eyedropper:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper is a windows tool for picking colors anywhere on the screen. It picks up the Hex value of the pixel selected. Instant Eyedropper automatically copies the color to the clipboard. In addition to this, it is a free application. It supports all versions of windows. Moreover, the app supports color formats like HTML, Delphi Hex, HSB and long.

10. Pixie:

Top 10 Color Pickers of 2019 - Pixie

Pixie is extremely light Windows software. It is very simple so it is good for people who are just starting. This app displays RGB, HEX, CMYK as well as HSV color code for the selected pixel. It doesn’t offer color palette but the Hex code can be used with shortcuts.

Moreover, it provides some color mixers for the adjustment of the color selected. It does have a magnifier but is difficult to operate. Pixie mostly relies on shortcuts for different functions. Lastly, it is free of cost.

Color pickers are essential for graphic design and image editing. These color tools make it easy to pick a color from anywhere and use it with other programs. Every single Color Picker comes with its unique features. They also provide the Hex value to make searching for a color easier. Some of these are free while the paid ones offer a free trial to help you decide.

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