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A Set of the Top WordPress Tools & Services

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When WordPress arrived on the scene it didn’t take long for it to become the #1 website building platform. This happened for a reason. The WordPress team worked hard to design and build the perfect product.  They wanted it to be the Internet’s ultimate website builder. They wanted a tool that would enable web designers to build what they wanted. It is now possible to do so easily and free of limitations.

Thanks in part to a host of products and services introduced for use with WordPress, the team’s goal has been met.

This article introduces 10 of the best of these WordPress products and services. Any one of these can take your website-building experience to a new level.

Grab a cup of coffee and browse through the list. Chances are you’ll come across a product or service that can make your day!

  1. Elementor Page Builder

When selecting a website building tool, choosing the right tool can be a real time saver, and can eventually save you a fortune. Elementor, in that sense, is a great choice, since it is an established solution used on over a million WordPress sites. It has quickly risen to the top of the most popular plugins in a couple of years, and today offers a set of powerful features that are hard to ignore. There’s certainly no risk in trying Elementor out, since its ease of use combined with a wealth of advanced features and options have made this free open source page builder the #1 WordPress page building solution.

Elementor, with its live frontend editing feature, can make you a super-fast, super-efficient website builder. It can work with any theme, and it’s loaded with features that range from user favorites the team left untouched, to a collection of advanced features that have recently been introduced. The feature users like most is the ability to build a website down to the minutest detail without ever having to use a line of code.

2. Brizy

Another premier tool that allows you to visually build WordPress websites with minimal effort, and is also free, is Brizy. Thanks in part to its clutter-free UI, Brizy offers as friendly and intuitive a UX as you’ll find anywhere.

The clutter-free interface is devoid of distractions and it allows you to go about your work without constantly having to search for what to do next. Actions you need to take are there only when you need them instead of being crammed into UI sidebars.

150 pre-made design blocks and over 4,000 icons are there for you to work with. If you would like to give Brizy a test run all you have to do is visit their website. It’s not only free, but as a bonus, you get to keep the HTML you generated, and you can use your HTML for any purpose.

  1. Posts Table Pro WordPress Table Plugin

The theme of this dynamic WordPress table plugin could be “creating libraries, directories, music playlists, and multimedia listings made easy”. Posts Table Pro is the ultimate solution for anyone who’s either grown tired of manual data entry to create posts and pages tabulated listings or has simply avoided doing so altogether.

Posts Table Pro uses existing data from your WordPress database to work its magic. It’s extremely flexible and a no-brainer to work with. Select what you want to list in tabular form (this might be pages, posts, or any custom post type), order and sort the data as you please and customize the table format to fit in with your website’s brand. Over 50 shortcode options are available and plugin features include keyword search, multiple filters, and a lazy or cache load option.

Posts Table Pro works with any theme and comes with a detailed knowledge base and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  1. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

Logic Hop adds personalized marketing to your online business by letting you serve targeted content to different audiences. It personalizes your marketing approach by taking into account actions visitors take on your website, where the visitors come from, and what they are looking for.

Logic Hop is personalized marketing for WordPress, and works with popular page builders, and third-party tools like Google Analytics, Drip, WooCommerce, and other tools you already use. Increase your conversion rate with Logic Hop.

  1. Goodie

Goodie is a development service that works directly with end clients such as small business owners. The Goodie team will accept a design whether it is provided in a digital file format or pencil and paper. They work with their customer to ensure the final product is precisely what is wanted.

80% of Goodie’s customers are repeat customers. The development cost is $999, and you can expect a 5-day turnaround.

  1. WordXpress

WordXpress makes life easier for you and gives you peace of mind by taking care of your website management tasks. They go beyond maintenance by performing updates and content edits.

WordXpress also performs SEO tasks to increase your leads and sales, provides premium reviews marketing plugins, and provides cloud backups, heightened security, and malware detection, avoidance, and removal.

  1. WP Review Pro

This WooCommerce-compatible, multiple rating system plugin can give your website a boost by displaying product or service review summaries in the most appropriate format. Display review summaries as percentages, stars, or thumbs up or down.

Choose among 16 pre-defined styled designs to find the one that best fits in with your website brand.

  1. WordLift

WordLift puts AI to work for you by translating articles and pages into the machine-friendly content chatbots and search crawlers need to grow traffic and help your visitors take actions.

Without any need for technical skills on your part, this WordPress plugin will help you enrich your website’s UX by making it more engaging while encouraging visitors to visit more pages and spend more time on each page.

  1. Starfish Reviews

This review marketing plugin can help your business to get a greater percentage of 4 and 5-star reviews. It can encourage the reviews on Google, Facebook, iTunes, or other platforms of your choice. Good reviews have a positive effect on your SEO and on potential buyers looking at your products or services.

You can even give your customers the option to publish reviews on the online reviews platform they prefer. Negative feedback is captured for internal review.

10. Fixmysite.com

Whether your website is experiencing a major problem or is simply in need of a tune-up, it’s a good feeling to know there’s a garage in the neighborhood that can set things straight. Fixmysite.com is the online equivalent of your friendly neighborhood automobile garage.

In this case, the mechanics are familiar with all things digital. They’ll fix your website on demand and fix it right or you get your money back.


Chances are, there’s at least one product or service here that will make your day. We started with a pair of top-of-the-line page builders – both free. Then, we moved on to more specialized tools. We included several website services designed to reduce your stress. Some of them also enhance website capabilities or both.

Much of what is offered here would require a huge amount of time and effort if you attempted to go it alone. This makes every single product or service worth its weight in gold.

Julian Dorobantu
Julian is a talented writer and digital media professional with BawMedia. We are proud to have Julian as one of our contributing writers to help our readers get the most value in web and graphic design resources.

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