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Not too long ago, we’ve stumbled across a design marketplace called Codester. If you’re a web or graphic designer, or even if you are just a webmaster looking for design resources, pre-made scripts, apps or some other design items, you can benefit greatly from buying pre-made resources from a design marketplace like Codester. So what exactly can you get on Codester?

Scripts & Code

  • PHP scripts & code. Some examples of pre-made PHP scripts you can get on Codester include phpForum – social forum PHP script, Image Board, Auto Complete PHP script, Video Sharing PHP script, SEO Helper script, YouTube API script, Smart Chat PHP script and many others. These were just a few out of 88 (at the time of writing this) PHP scripts and code that you can get on Codester.
  • Javascript scripts & code. Although this category on Codester currently isn’t as large as PHP, you can still find some excellent pre-made scripts here such as Responsive Floating Images, Realtime CSS editor, Jquery Bootstrap Mega Menu, Responsive Sign Up and Login Form, and more.
  • Python scripts & code. There aren’t too many Python scripts on Codester at the time of writing this review, but some of the ones we saw were Image Editor in Python, EasyTalk Messenger Python script and TicTacToe Python game.
  • C# scripts & code. Some of the scripts we saw on Codester that were written in C# include Secure FTP Upload, Affiliate Website Builder script, Bitcoin Calculator and a few more.
  • scripts & code. may not be as popular as PHP or Javascript, but Codester still has some scripts available, such as an open source music player, Notepad windows application written in and a bulk email tool for Outlook.


Mobile Apps

There are a total of 200+ mobile apps (including mobile apps source code) available on Codester. Some of these include Shopera, an Android powered app that pulls products from woocommerce powered websites, a large number of game apps (available for both Android and IOS, as well as some Unity ones) and many more. Some other useful IOS apps included an ad blocker, professional photo editing apps, voice recording apps and more.


Codester has a total of 150+ pre-made themes, a large number of which is either HTML or WordPress, as well as some Magento and PrestaShop themes. Some of them include a WordPress resume theme (perfect for professionals looking to showcase their skills), Fitness and Gym HTML theme, and a number of other premium, responsive themes that are prefect for niche websites and small businesses, both non-eCommerce and eCommerce.


Codester also features a total of 70+ plugins, overwhelming majority of which are for WordPress (30+ WordPress plugins in total) and Magento. Some of them include WordPress messenger plugin, WordPress slider plugin, WordPress backup plugin, Magento product image slideshow plugin, Magento A/B split testing plugin, Search Suggestions Magento extension and many more. Plugins are an excellent way to extend your CMS’s functionality, so it’s something that you should definitely check out and use.


Finally, Codester has a large number of pre-made graphic packs for those of you who are web designers, developers or even webmasters looking for pre-made design goodies. Overwhelmingly, the pre-made graphic packs here have to do with logos, such as logo vectors, but there are also some other design resources such as 2D game characters, IOS App UI.

Codester for Web Designers & Developers


Because Codester is a premium design marketplace, if you are a graphic or web designer and want to sell your work, you can do so on Codester. Selling your work on Codester is quite easy – after you sign up and submit your items, the Codester team reviews them for quality and once they are approved, they appear on Codester. Earnings from sales through Codester are sent to you via PayPal or wire transfer once per month. It should be noted that Codester offers incredibly high commission of 70% – keeping just 30% from each sale. You are also not required to sign any exclusivity contracts, which means you can sell your work on Codester and other marketplaces or even on your own website.

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