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TextWrangler, A Free Web Development App For Mac

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TextWrangler is the mother of all free text editors for Mac OS X. It is made by Bare Bones Software, and is currently on version 2.3. It is a beautiful text editor for web development. I prefer using this rather than some high end web development Mac applications. You can find out more about TextWrangler at the official homepage…

What does it look like?

It features a beautiful user interface (like most mac apps). There is a nice menu that has many icons with configrable options. There is also a drawer at the side that displays all the current files open. TextWrangler can open basically any type of file. Its user interface make it very easy to use for the average web developer.


How to use the application?

The main top bar of the application has many useful icons / menus.


If you click the pencil icon it locks the file you are currently editing. The next icon looks like a text switch. If you click this it reveals a submenu that has many useful options. This includes to show the page guide, show tab stops and also show line numbers.


If you click the next “i” icon (information), then it displays a small box containing information about the file you are currently editing. It shows you how many characters your file contains, how many words, lines and also pages.

The next icon is a small icon of the actual file type. If you click this it will open up a new finder window and show you where the file you are editing is located.

Last but not least is the drawer icon. If you click this is will slide in the drawer which shows you all the current files you have open to edit. Click the drawer icon again and the drawer will slide back in, simple.


What are the options to configure the app?

There are many options for configuring the TextWrangler Application. You can edit text colours, FTP settings, languages and many more options.


In conclusion…

In conclusion I think this is a brilliant Mac app. Its very fast and easy to use, and best of all, its free to download and use! It looks very nice aswell! All the code you are editing is highlighted in different colours to make it stand out and make editing easier. The application itself lets the user edit many different file types such as CSS stylesheets, HTML pages, PHP files and many many more. Its a brilliant web development app.

All in all, WebDesignDev gives TextWrangler a nice 4 star rating. If it had a few more features, then it would surely make it a full 5 star, but im sure it wouldn’t then be free.

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