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25 Best GoDaddy WordPress Themes for Making Websites

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Finding the perfect WordPress theme for building your website can be difficult – that’s where we come in! We put together a list of our 25 best GoDaddy WordPress themes created for a variety of different businesses, from personal sites, to churches, bakeries, studios, real estate businesses, and many more.

All of them have well-organized, highly customizable layouts but are also packed with lots of useful features, from headers to widgets. The best thing about these themes is that they come with drag and drop page builders, so even if you’ve never designed a website before, you’ll easily be able to do it via this platform! Moreover, you’ll have the hosting integrated as well, so if web tech isn’t your forte, this may be a good solution for you.

Stout Church WordPress Theme

1 Stout Church WordPress Theme

Stout Church is a clean WordPress theme that has the right amount of content for a church or a religious website. Its design is intuitive, has a user-friendly menu which helps your visitors easily navigate through the website and a good structure. It comes with different pre-made types of layouts, such as a three column layout which can help you create a visually-powerful website design and all the features you would need: contact forms, integrated Google Maps, etc.

This contemporary-designed WordPress theme comes with a drag and drop page builder for quick and easy page construction. It has all the web building tools you need and different page layout options with up to 6 columns. Moreover, you’ll get 24/7 customer support from GoDaddy.

Uptown Style Church WordPress Theme

2 Uptown style church GoDaddy WordPress Themes

Uptown Style is another WordPress theme for religious websites. This theme has a clean design which focuses the user’s attention to its content. The structure makes it easy to navigate and the layouts can be modified as per your needs, from single to three column design.

Like most other GoDaddy WordPress themes, this theme is also responsive and looks perfect on any screen size. It even comes with some royalty-free photos you can choose from, so don’t worry about the visuals on your site.

Velux Music and DVDs WordPress Theme

3 Velux Music and DVDs

The Velux Music and DVDs WordPress Theme has a mobile-friendly design which allows users to rapidly access and use the website. The theme offers an impressive collection of plugins, social media accounts integration and e-mail signup forms which you can use to get in touch with your customers. With the Velux Music and DVDs WordPress Theme, you can benefit from a sophisticated design responsive to any screen, quick start process using standard and ready to use web pages, customizable graphics and easy to use drag and drop technology.

Escapade Web Design WordPress Theme

4 Escapade Web Design WordPress Theme

Take advantage now form the special features of the Escapade Web Design WordPress Theme! With a colorful left sidebar, easily customizable pages, ready to use layouts and modern graphics, the Escapade Web Design WordPress Theme ensures a user-friendly interaction and offers a stylish look on screens of all sizes. Visitors will experience an optimized elegant design, with feature premium content and a large collection of graphics.

Uptown Style Web Design WordPress Theme

5 Uptown Style Web Design WordPress Theme

Uptown Style Web Design WordPress Theme is designed to engage the visitor in a simple and straightforward experience. Easy to use, this theme will rapidly bring leads visitors to the pages of your website. You can profit now from the customizable portfolio, navigation menu, FAQs, and other information.

Activation Landscaping WordPress Theme

6 Activation Landscaping WordPress Theme

The Activation Landscaping WordPress theme helps you to create a clean and responsive website, responsive design for all devices and with a professional look. It offers a high-quality graphic content, easy to use structure and intuitive tools for galleries, fonts, and texts.

Primer Medical Support WordPress Theme

7 Primer Medical Support WordPress Theme

Primer Medical Support WordPress theme can help you create an inspiring and intuitive platform for a medical support website. Offering features like drag-and-drop technology, layout galleries for a premium content, intuitive tools and responsive look for any screen size, the Primer Medical Support WordPress is the answer to create a memorable site.

Ascension Mass Media WordPress Theme

8 Ascension Mass Media WordPress Theme

Bring to life an evocative Mass Media website using Ascension Mass Media WordPress theme. You can build a great site with a smart design that can create an immediate visual impact for the user. You benefit from a large section of graphics, intuitive tools, and 8 webpage presets.

Lyrical Web Design WordPress Theme

9 Lyrical Web Design WordPress Theme

The Lyrical Web Design WordPress Theme brings your message in the center of the attention. Bold header, user-friendly menu, and intuitive page building tools make this theme help you deliver a straightforward approach for your users. The Lyrical Web Design is a clean, custom tailored WordPress Theme that will offer the contemporary look your users search for.

Stout Photography Service WordPress Theme

10 Stout Photography Service WordPress Theme

The Stout Photography Service is a premium, modern and responsive WordPress theme helps you create the most eye-catching and dynamic websites. You benefit from easy page building tools, up to 6 columns to display your content, large graphics libraries and a slick and responsive design.

Primer Lawyer WordPress Theme

11 Primer Lawyer WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a professional look, the Primer Lawyer WordPress Theme has the perfect features for that. You can choose from a variety of creative design elements and plugins to rapidly build your website into a memorable experience. It also offers inspired layouts and a great collection of graphics options that will showcase your legal information and service options.

Mins Artist WordPress Theme

12 Mins Artist WordPress Theme

The Mins Artist WordPress theme helps you produce a clean, professional Artist website by offering dynamic designs that fit any size screen, great graphics library, flexible layouts and essential editing tools that will make your design work much easier.

Ascension Spa WordPress Theme

13 Ascension Spa WordPress Theme

Create a contemporary design that suits any screen size with the Ascension Spa WordPress theme. This theme includes drag-and-drop tools for quick page building, customizable graphics, fonts and colors, a clean and user-friendly menu that will help you achieve an eye-catching design.

Primer Artist WordPress Theme

14 Primer Artist GoDaddy WordPress Themes

Primer Artist WordPress theme brings you the benefits of an adaptable website using great layout pages with up to 6 columns for your content, customizable graphics, intuitive tools and an inspirational look.

Ascension Lawyer WordPress Theme

15 Ascension Lawyer WordPress Theme

The Ascension Lawyer WordPress Theme represents the answer if you’re seeking to create a legal services website. This theme allows you to direct visitors to the menu options, highlight the advantages of your offer and craft a modern design fit for any screen size.

Uptown Style Artist WordPress Theme

16 Uptown Style Artist WordPress Theme

Uptown Style Artist helps you create an essential and straightforward website with a consistent look for any screen size. This theme offers intuitive drag-and-drop tools, large graphics galleries and a unique selection of layouts.

Scribbles Lawyer WordPress Theme

17 Scribbles Lawyer WordPress Theme

The Scribbles Lawyer WordPress Theme allows you to build a modern and versatile website. It offers intuitive widgets and drag-and-drop tools, a premium collection of high-res images, large graphics galleries and a great collection of customizable page options to craft a website with a professional look.

Mins Photography Service WordPress Theme

18 Mins Photography Service WordPress Theme

The Mins Photography Service is a WordPress theme with considerable layout editing tools for an easy construction, a vast graphics gallery, and intuitive page builder tools. This theme will help you generate a modern and professional looking website that will attract users. Moreover, you’ll get 24/7 customer support from GoDaddy and access to custom colors and fonts.

Stout Mass Media WordPress Theme

19 Stout Mass Media WordPress Theme

Generate an eye-catching and adaptable design for a Mass Media website with the Stout Mass Media WordPress theme. By using this theme you’ll benefit from a large inspirational graphics gallery, easy-to-use page building tools, inspired layouts and custom colors and fonts that will help you build an outstanding website and highlight your brand.

Mins Toys WordPress Theme

20 Mins Toys WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme was crafted especially for toy stores and children-focused businesses. While having a clean and easy to navigate design, it also adds some unique elements which give it a child-friendly atmosphere. This theme may look simple but it has a complex system of features behind it, letting you easily customize every aspect. The shopping experience will be smooth, you can create any page you want via the drag and drop builder and also modify any fonts, colors and even page structures, while maintaining the theme’s consistent design.

Scribbles Landscaping WordPress Theme

21 Scribbles Landscaping WordPress Theme

If you need a website design for your landscaping business, this may be the theme you’re looking for. It offers some brilliant features such as a drag and drop page builder, intuitive tools for building any content you need, easy to modify page structure for up to 6 columns and lots of images, colors and fonts to choose from.

Mins Mass Media WordPress Theme

22 Mins Mass Media WordPress Theme

Want to launch an online magazine or simply a presentation website for your business? This Mins Mass Media WordPress theme may be just what you need. it has a modern look that’s completely responsive, comes with easy to use building tools such as the drag and drop page builder and has every customization option you need, thus changing the colors, fonts, images, content etc. is extremely easy to do!

Escapade Bakery WordPress Theme

23 Escapade Bakery WordPress Theme

Niche-related themes are GoDaddy specialty. Here’s a beautiful and simple WordPress theme crafted for bakeries or pastry shops. The Escapade Bakery WordPress theme has a video share plugin integrated, so you can easily show your future clients how the desserts look like. Its contemporary look is combined with an intuitive drag and drop page building system, a generous assortment of images, fonts and colors you can customize and 8 pre-build pages: home, blog, portfolio, FAQs, and more.

Lyrical Church WordPress Theme

24 Lyrical Church WordPress Theme

The Lyrical Church WordPress theme is all about form and simplicity. This theme focuses on attractive visuals and the right amount of content. The layout is uncluttered, well organized and easy to navigate, thus the visitors are guided down a clear path without making them feel lost. Its elegant design is responsive, comes with a drag and drop page builder and has different types of layouts.

Scribbles Real Estate WordPress Theme

25 Scribbles Real Estate WordPress Theme

This theme is perfect for real estate companies. Scribbles Real Estate WordPress theme includes fluid designs, completely responsive, a drag and drop page builder and a collection of images, fonts and colors you can choose from. The page construction process is swift and perfect for beginners.

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