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9 Easy to use WordPress Plugins for 2021

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Investors like to brag when they make a landfall in profits by making one tiny change in the way they do things. Often, this is as the result of taking the time to look for an approach that seems more likely to succeed.

Web designers can realize a similar experience when they select a tool that gives them the capability to modify a run-of-the mill website into one that generates more traffic, engages more visitors, and swings conversion rate levels from OK to astounding.

One such tool is the WordPress plugin. Not all cool WordPress plugins in a given category are necessarily up to the task, however. For the best results, it only makes sense to seek out the best WordPress plugins.

The 9 top WordPress plugins described below not only give the best results, but in most cases, they leave the nearest competition in the dust. As you browse through our selection, you’ll realize there is indeed some truth to this.

Read on and enjoy!

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia performs straightforward tasks that, when done manually, can be time-consuming, frustrating, and error prone, resulting in unhappy clients, employees, and business owners.

Amelia is a feature-rich plugin that currently automates and flawlessly manages appointment and event bookings for 30,000+ businesses. These include health and fitness centers, photographers, education and training enterprises, beauty salons, and consulting firms, i.e., businesses having a large and active clientele.

Amelia can:

  • offer clients to make, change, or cancel an appointment online 24/7.
  • give access to the CUstomer and EMployee front-end panels, for them to manage their appointments and events in nice looking UI on the front-end page of the website
  • Manage an unlimited number of bookings and clients, and service multiple locations
  • Arranges appointment times that are convenient for both clients and employees
  • Help you upsell with Packages of appointments

Amelia can be integrated with Elementor and Zoom, sync with Outlook or Google Calendar, and is guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of all parties involved.


wpDataTables sits at the top of the WordPress table and chart-building plugin category for one simple reason. It can do a whole host of things that other plugins of its type simply cannot manage.

For example –

  • wpDataTables creates interactive, responsive, and maintainable tables and charts that are attractive, informative, and can be color coded to highlight key information
  • wpDataTables can manage massive (thousands upon thousands of rows) of data in seconds or minutes
  • wpDataTables accepts data in all of the widely-used formats as well as from a significant number of different sources
  • this popular plugin can build tables and charts using MySQL real-time data

If you work with complex analysis data, data comparisons, financial statics, large product inventories, or anything that features huge amounts of data to process and gives you table and chart-making headaches, wpDataTables might be just what you have been looking for.

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

Marketing experts have long been using product bundling as a proven sales boosting marketing strategy. However, it’s not just about the product, the whole process requires more attention on pre-sale and post-sale procedures as well.

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce not only provides a perfect solution to that puzzle, but also can work with other WPC plugins to enhance the user experience and customer satisfaction.

A Smart Bundle –

  • Allows you to combine simple and variable products, and/or selected variations to boost the cross-selling and up-selling effects
  • Enables product preview with Smart Quick View popup and Smart Wishlist & Compare features
  • Offers various stunning display with ddSlick, Select2, HTML tags and Radio Buttons interfaces
  • Smartly manages inventory, shipping charges, tax rates, order invoice; plus coupon restrictions and special discounts

WPC Product Bundles can be strengthened by other WPC plugins, and optimized for multilingual sites with RTL and WPML support.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution isn’t just for building sliders anymore. It features everything you want when your goal is to produce a website that features plenty of visual punch and pizzazz.

It does this by giving you –

  • Customizable templates for sliders and page sections, background images, royalty-free images, and more
  • Add-ons that enable you to incorporate dynamic content

Click on the banner to learn more about this versatile plugin.


LayerSlider is so much more than a WordPress responsive slider plugin. It is a user-friendly tool to quickly and effortlessly design modern website content with breathtaking animations.

LayerSlider –

  • Offers an easy-to-use and feature-rich drag and drop visual editor
  • Has a popup feature you can use to display messages, bargains, or promotions
  • Plenty of slider and popup templates designed for beginners and pros.

Click on the banner to discover additional features.

Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress

Do you want to double your conversions? Start personalizing.

It’s a fact, personalized websites perform better and Logic Hop is the best personalization tool for WordPress. Features like dynamic text, geolocation and WooCommerce integration are just some of the many reasons Logic Hop is the go to plugin for savvy marketers.

Logic Hop offers unlimited personalizations for a fixed low price. No hidden limits, no per user costs. See what Logic Hop can do for your site – You won’t be disappointed.

Try Logic Hop today.

Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

Managing multiple advertisements or advertisers leaves little room for error. A seemingly minor mistake or omission can result in major monetary consequences. Ads Pro keeps everything running smoothly with its –

  • Intuitive and options-filled ad management Admin Panel
  • Selections of responsive and user-friendly ad templates and ad display options
  • 3 billing modules and 4 payments options

Learn how you can improve your ad management responsibilities by clicking on the banner.

Flow-Flow Social Feed

Customizing and managing a variety of social media feeds to fit your needs can be an on-going challenge.

  • Flow-Flow offers a user-friendly way to meet and overcome that challenge.
  • With Flow-Flow you can aggregate, filter, and display multiple feeds in minutes
  • With this plugin at your fingertips, it becomes a relatively simple task to add social proof to increase your eCommerce site’s conversion rate

Check out Flow-Flow’s free Lite version.

Heroic Inbox

Clients who send emails to customer support expect prompt replies. That may not always be the case if the customer support inbox is not well-managed.

  • Heroic Inbox lets your customer support staff achieve and maintain the coveted Inbox Zero status
  • An intuitive UI and smart workflow help to drive the process
  • Key metrics are tracked to measure, maintain, or improve performance

Click to learn more. Your customer support staff will love you for it.


Some essential WordPress plugins can be ideal tools for adding functionality to WordPress and WordPress-based websites. On the surface they seem to be capable of producing vastly improved capabilities with a seemingly minimal amount of effort.

Put another way, a top-of-the-line plugin can often make heavy lifting look easy.

It only makes sense therefore, to go with the best WordPress plugins in their respective categories, like those described in this article. They are reasonably priced and give maximum value for your investment.

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