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Over the last few years, flash has evolved a lot and what was once frowned upon when used in websites, has now been accepted and used in 1000’s of different ways across some of our most loved websites. Today we have created a list of our favorite 50 flash website designs for you flash lovers out there!

ComCast Town

A flash website with an awesome preloader. The city style background looks amazing too.

ComCast Town interactive flash website


This is a nice and simple design with some very rich colours.

Platin interactive flash website

2Advanced Studios

One of the best flash websites on the internet. Extremely advanced.

Advanced Studios interactive flash website

V5 Design

A lush and green styled flash interactive websites for v5 design studio.

V5 Design interactive flash website

Matt Wiggins

A personal site for professional web developer Matt Wiggins.

Matt Wiggins interactive flash website


Fits the style very well with the colours and animation. Theres volume controls too.

Bebiko interactive flash website


Soft has a very unique design. The whole site moves around your mouse.

Soft interactive flash website


Grow has a very simple but yet effective flash design.

Grow interactive flash website

Miki Mottes

A bright design with many things looking like its all hand drawn.

Miki Mottes interactive flash website


Clean styled interface with a very nice site navigation.

Werkstette interactive flash website

CO2 Calculator

A very splash styled flash design with many different things happening in the background.

splash styled flash design

Smart Grid

Smart grid is an interactive site for ge’s power grid called smart grid.

 interactive site

White Gold

An interactive flash website for the band White Gold.

 interactive flash website


Some great transition effects and animation on this flash website.

Semisture interactive flash website

Parasol Island

Parasol Island is a film animation interactive company. This website has a very nice layout and some great effects.

film animation interactive company

Saizen Media

Saizen Media’s flash website has very dark and rich colours, music and some simple but effective transition effects.

Saizen Media flash website


The global flash website for quicksilver.

global flash website for quicksilver

Multi Adaptor

The multi adaptor brand identity and communications company have a unique simple user interface that outshines many other flash websites.

multi adaptor brand identity interactive flash website


Coke have a nice flash website here to showcase various coca cola events.

Coke.pl interactive flash website

Play Smart

The smart car has a nifty little flash website over at playsmart.com.

Play Smart interactive flash website

Target Scope

An old style design, with old style music and great navigation rollover effects that fit the name.

Target Scope interactive flash website

Corona Beach

An interactive flash website for the popular corona extra beer.

Corona Beach interactive flash website

Coca Cola Zero

Coca Cola comes back with yet another top notch flash website.

Coca Cola Zero interactive flash website

Nike Lab

Nike lab has an interactive flash website for its customers worldwide.

Nike Lab interactive flash website

Maven Interactive

Maven Interactive inc has a simple design but is very easy to navigate round the flash website.

Maven Interactive interactive flash website

BeBop Jeans

BeBop Jeans splashes at you with their interactive and very colourful flash website.

BeBop Jeans interactive flash website

We Choose The Moon

A site that takes you through all the stages of launching and landing Apollo 11.

We Choose The Moon interactive flash website


A fun, colourful and informative about the popular oasis drink.

Oasis interactive flash website

District 9

MNU local alert system for the film district 9.

District 9 interactive flash website

Samsung Jet

An interactive and informative website for Samsung Jet mobile technology.

Samsung Jet interactive flash website

Switch Media Works

An interactive flash website with a great user interface for switch media works.

Switch Media Works interactive flash website

Louis Vuitton

A journey beyond is a campaign, and this is its interactive and clean website.

louis Vuitton interactive flash website

Red Interactive Agency

This website is extremely interactive. You can see all the users in the background who are currently on the website.

Red Interactive Agency interactive flash website

The Seen

The flash website for the seen, a creative design business.

The Seen interactive flash website

Tangled Decals

The perfect place to get your customized ipod / iphone case.

Tangled Decals interactive flash website

Elipse Agency

A rich coloured flash website for the Elipse Agency.

Elipse Agency interactive flash website

Wawa Coffee

Explore wawa coffeetopia with this extremely interactive flash website.

Wawa Coffee interactive flash website

Rayman Raving Rabbits

This is the website where you can find out about the Rayman Raving Rabbits game.

Rayman Raving Rabbits Flash Website Designs

Feed Your Ego

Feed your ego and get ready for the battle at the 31st annual Loerie awards.

Feed Your Ego Flash Website Designs

Alfa Romeo 159

Use this website to find out about the new Alfa Romeo 159 auto.

Alfa Romeo 159 interactive informative website

Got Milk

Got milk? Is an interactive informative website for the California Milk Processor Board.

Got Milk interactive informative website

nVidia Speak Visual

Speak visual with an nVidia graphics card in your computer.

nVidia Speak Visual online flash website


Creaktif is a web design and graphic studio, and their website is extremely interactive and graphical.

Creaktif online flash website


The online flash website for Zign Digital Marketing.

Zign online flash website

Real Casual

An extremely artsy and interactive flash website for Real Casual.

Real Casual artsy and interactive flash website

Me In Tru 3D

The official flash website for intel’s 3D factory.

Me In Tru 3D interactive flash site

Strongest Truck

The interactive website for Volvo’s FH16 truck.

Strongest Truck interactive flash site

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

The official interactive flash website for a glass and a half full productions.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk interactive flash site

I Am Unique

An interactive flash site where you can sign up and create your own portrait, search for others + more.

I Am Unique interactive flash site

Clouds Over Cuba 

The following website produced by JFK Library provides information about  the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 . It has very efficiently utilized the features of Flash.

By the way…

By the way, if you feel frustrated with designing, or just want an easy way out, you can always create a free flash website with Wix.

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29 thoughts on “50 Amazing Flash Website Designs”

  1. You ask what amazing design has to do with the code… but your title doesn’t state “10 amazing designs…” but includes the woord “website”. IMHO a website design should follow the rules for making a wabsite, and that’s where valid code comes into play…

    I understand that your criteria are somewhat different than mine and that you added these sites to your list because thay just look good (i don’t like them all but thats not the point).

    I just think that accessebility, validity and semantics are more inportant than you do, and that it is just a challenge for designers to get the design thay want within the limits of the web.

    Finaly I think that a lot of sites from your list could be made valid and accessible and I think that designers who don’t do that are just lazy (some special cases excluded)…


  2. These sites are absolutely awesome! thanks for the collection! Flash is phenomenal to use if one knows how to use them right…yes loading times are applicable, but one cant generalize all flash sites to have loading times…some flash sites if optimized well have very less or no loading times at all in comparison to html or other sites that just pop up on screen..Flash in my opinion brings all elements into focus as per how the designer visualised it to be. Its a viewing experience rather than just click>see>read and move on.

  3. I loved 2advanced for a long time, but I have to agree that their style is very 90s and they probably should reconsider doing something different. It seems that while they have changed sites over the years, the style is always the same.

  4. Is it surprising then that the effect that had taken the world of printing by storm, would make its presence felt in digital designs also? Nice collection Jacob.

  5. Thank you for the amazing roundup. I enjoyed LOUIS VUITTON – A journey beyond [amazing multimedia, space travelers, design, wow]

  6. I had a look at 2 sites.
    ComCast Town and 2Advanced. Amazing sites.
    I’ll check 2 or so every evening because they are good to chill and explore.

  7. I like flash and even creating flash components. Most people do not know that flash and SEO don’t really mix well. So if you are building flash navigation and stuff like that, you are missing out on the “link juice”.
    Spiders can’t read flash.

  8. 2Advanced Studios is one of my all-time favourite Flash sites. I remember looking at that site many years ago when I was in Uni, and even back then it was so … well, advanced! It baffled us how they did it.

    Good roundup.

  9. Although these flash sites are visually really great, I want to stay away from it. Flash always takes long loading times and everything jumps back and forth on the screen…


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