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9 Myths About Freelancers And Freelancing

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Many people are mistaken by what a freelancer actually is and how they use their time. There are many myths that clients think about freelancers, freelance work, or becoming a freelancer. I have made a short list of freelance myths, and what the reality of the myth actually is. If you want to add your own, feel free to drop in a comment.

Myth: A freelancer won’t meet deadlines.

What boss is behind a freelancers back pushing them towards the deadlines?

Reality: Freelancers are very professional at what they do. If they didn’t get projects finished by the deadline, how would they make any money? They are self motivated.

Myth: Freelancers have no social skills.

“Freelancers work on their own most days. I wont be able to talk to them properly on the phone or face to face.”

Reality: Although freelancers aren’t in an office environment with people walking round all the time, they still like to take breaks from their work. Some freelancers share office space, so they work on their own, but in a creative environment with other freelancers.

Myth: A risky job.

“Freelancing is a risky job. I could easily become bankrupt.”

Reality: If you are not confident in full time freelancing, and need to keep the money coming in, you could always not quit your full time job, and try part time. Balance freelancing with your part time job.

Myth: Freelancers are always under pressure.

“Do i want to put my website into the hands of someone who has alot of work on all the time?”

Reality: Yes, freelancers may have alot of work / projects on, but you have to remember that these guys are professionals. They can easily balance many different freelance projects around, and still have time for social activities.

Myth: Are you sure this freelancer is reliable?

“I’m not sure if this guy is reliable. He doesn’t have to get up at certain times to start work, and may forget about me.”

Reality: Yes, freelancers could get up at whatever time they like, but they do know what deadlines are. And besides, they can balance their workload however they like, and work whatever time suite them best. As long as the project gets done by the deadline, they have nothing to worry about.

Myth: How can freelancers have the time for my project?

“I read this freelancers blog, and it seems he is always away from his PC, at conferences, traveling etc, but yet it still says available for work. How do i know he has the time?”

Reality: Put it this way, why would a professional person who goes to conferences and is big in the game lie about weather he is available for work. If he accepted every project and didn’t have the time to do them, then he wouldn’t be where he is.

Myth: Will I be able to market myself?

“I’m a great web designer, but I’m not sure if i have the right skills to market myself and get myself out there.”

Reality: There are many great websites out there on the Internet that can help you promote yourself as a freelancer. You can sign up at the Behance network and showcase your designs there. You can promote and sell your services over at Digital Point Forums, and also take part in design contests at various different websites such as CrowdSpring and 99 Designs.

You may also want to check out WebdesignDev’s guide on 20 ways to promote yourself as a web designer.

Myth: Freelancers don’t give quality results.

“I’m afraid that this freelancer inst that skilled in Photoshop compared to what he says. I don’t think he will give me the results I want.”

Reality: Freelancers have to be good at what they do otherwise they will simple be eliminated by the competition. Freelancers invest their own money into making themselves better at what they do.

Myth: As freelancers work by themselves, I will be able to lower the price they charge me.

“This guy works by himself, so i think i will be able to slash the price he charges me for my website, just because he doesn’t work for a large company.”

Reality: Freelancers will quite happily negotiate on the price of a project compared to their standard fees, but they won’t let the client rip them off. You should treat a freelancer with full respect and pay them well if they provide you with quality work. This will develop a good friendly relationship between you are the freelancer.

Iggy is an entrepreneur, blogger, and designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design fonts, themes, plugins, inspiration, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

14 thoughts on “9 Myths About Freelancers And Freelancing”

  1. The very last bullet point is exactly why my contract has ballooned to ten pages long in a lot of situations. Too many times people try to cut the price part way through, or think that because you’re a freelancer they don’t need to pay you in the end.

    Would you pay your plumber, dentist, doctor, or even your own employees what you are offering your web designer? Your web designer deserves a living wage just like these other individuals. We’ve spent years and tons of money learning our trade, just like these other people. Please treat us like the professionals we are.

  2. Available 24/7 – I would like to second that. After freelancing for 8 years I think that is my biggest pet peeve. that clients want you accessible…all the time

  3. In general freelancers are good, but there are some who want to do their own thing as opposed to what is requested. This usually creates an issue. They do have to remember to advise the clients, but give them what they are requesting even if they don’t agree with it. As long as they are not breaking any local/international laws.

    Good post Michael.

  4. I agree with each point you mention, except the part where you suggest crowd-sourcing as a promotional tool. There are better, much more effective ways to promote yourself as a designer. For instance, if you produce quality goods and a tip-top service to your clients then “word of mouth” will do a much better job in the promotion area of freelancing, amongst other methods that are superior to participating in design contests.

  5. This is a great post.
    I’d also like to add the myth that a freelancer is available 24 hours a day. It can be quite annoying when a client calls late at night asking for website updates. It’s important to always let your clients know what your personal business hours are.

  6. @rogerio just as in every industry!

    There is truth in this post. But this applies for “Professional Freelancers” as it indicates many times

    The client just needs to know where to look for a professional freelancer.

    Good list, love the last one.

  7. I think it’s not a general subject. There are freelancers exactally the way you wrote and there are ones who do the opposite.


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