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With Christmas right around the corner, now’s the time that you realize you haven’t sent out your yearly Christmas card. Or it has just dawned on you that you haven’t sent out the invitations for Christmas dinner. Let’s have a look at ten Christmas fonts that are, best of all, free! If Christmas isn’t your thing, or you’re looking to send out your New Years Eve party invitations, these will suit your needs just fine as well.

Let’s have a look at ten Christmas fonts that are, best of all, free! If Christmas isn’t your thing, or you’re looking to send out your New Year’s Eve or Christmas flyers and party invitations, these will suit your needs just fine as well.

Kingsthings Christmas

 Christmas fonts

Kingsthings Christmas font is a fun one, full of snowflakes and winter cheer. This font set comes complete with a dollar, euro, and British Pound Sterling signs as well as all of the major punctuation marks. This font will give a fun, cheerful feeling to any card or invitation thanks to the snow-top effect given to each character.

Christmas Snow

Christmas Snow Christmas fonts

In most countries nothing is more symbolic of this time of year than snow, making the Christmas Snow font a good choice for your crafty needs. With the letters sandwiched between the fluffy white stuff and big flakes falling down around them, you’ll start to think all that’s missing is a mug of hot cider and Frosty the Snowman. This package does come with all of the major punctuation marks as well as numbers, but unfortunately they are not themed like all of the letters are.

Summer’s Snowman

Summer's Snowman Christmas fonts

Speaking of Frosty, Summer’s Snowman font capitalizes on the snowman theme of Christmas by putting each letter on the belly of a snowman. Frosty must have a big appetite though because Summer’s Snowman only has uppercase letters and numbers. So, if you’ll either have to get friendly with your caps lock, or go a different route.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane Christmas fonts

No Christmas font list would be complete with out a candy cane themed font, and that’s exactly what Candy Cane delivers. True to its name, this font keeps its theme throughout all of the uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and a handful of the more common punctuation marks. Candy Cane does not, however, include any currency symbols with the same theme.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights fonts

Christmas Lights are not just another fun tradition this time of year, but another fun font to add to our list. You can choose between indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, with the indoor strand being perfectly linear opposed to the outdoor strand that looks as though it were just untangled from a wad of wires, just like normal! This font collection covers an extensive range of punctuation marks and special characters and is a little more elaborate than some of the other custom fonts out there in that regard.


Kringle Christmas fonts

Kringle is a font that incorporates some Santa magic with Santa hats to cap off all of the capital letters and bows to gussy up the lowercase letters. The Kringle font goes miles beyond most custom fonts by offering themed special charters and punctuation marks for everything except the euro currency sign. Granted many of the special characters or punctuation marks don’t have a Santa hat or bow, but at least the font matches with the rest of the theme.


Ornamental Christmas fonts

The Ornamental font is a lot like Christmas Lights, but rather than having the letters contained within Christmas lights, they’re inside of Christmas ornaments. However, one unfortunate thing with the Ornamental font is that you get no special characters or punctuation marks in this font package, and the numbers are just random ornaments that in no way represent the number they’re affiliated with.

Toy Train

Toy Train Christmas fonts

Toy Train is a font that brings back memories for those of us who set up a toy train that ran around the base of the Christmas tree. While the actual toy train would leave youngsters imagining that the train was going to deliver cargo boxes full of presents, the Toy Train font has an engine in front of every capital letter and a box car for every lowercase letter. This Christmas time font package also comes with a decent amount of special characters and punctuation marks, as well as all of the numbers.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Every time I see this Christmas Tree font I can’t help but begin singing, “O Christmas Tree.” It’s a fairly basic font, a black Christmas tree icon outlines the white letter, but it certainly gets you in the spirit of Christmas. The font package features all uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as all of the numbers. Most of the more commonly used punctuation marks are represented, however the ones that don’t have a default icon as well.

Papa Noel

Papa Noel Christmas fonts

I’m curious to know if Santa uses Papa Noel font when writing his list to find out who’s been naughty or nice. Complete with capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and then simply the bare minimum of punctuation marks, Papa Noel surely has all the things needed for Santa to make that list. This is a very playful and fun font that will surely spread Christmas cheer through your invitation or card.

The holidays are a fun and festive time, so why not spruce up your text with some fun fonts to put people in a holly jolly mood. If you’re having trouble getting the font to load in Photoshop, Fireworks, or what ever program you’re using, once you’ve unzipped it and dropped it into your “Fonts” folder, try saving your project and restarting the program. Sometimes programs load their fonts only when you open the program, so if you’ve installed a new one after you’ve opened the program it won’t show up in your list.

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