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20 Cool Brand Identities in Restaurants Today

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Brand identity is an essential part of any business, especially any restaurant. Without a brand identity, people wouldn’t know what to make of a business, because that would mean that they aren’t keeping up with a certain mantra and design to provide a cohesive brand. Today, we will discover 20 cool brand identities in restaurants today.


Planta is a plant based restaurant (hence the name), that creates beautiful and delicious dishes that appeal to anyone, even people that enjoy eating meat. This brand identity is accompanied by a modern look, along with modern takes and presentations on food we all can identify with, like sushi.


Killer Melts

With what started out as a food truck, moving along to an establishment in Miami, Killer Melts has stayed true to their brand identity with a rustic look and feel, and a casual dining experience.


Polpo is translated to the word octopus. This restaurant has a modern style inside and out, with traditional Italian dishes and their own modern spin on them. Staying on brand, the octopus seems to be the forerunner in most of their branding, but it is shown in a visually appealing, modern way that will have customers expecting a level of service and quality when entering their establishment.


Another modern spin on traditional food and concepts, this restaurant had Martine Strom create new packaging with a unique twist, like fish and chips in a box to take on the go. The rest of her designs for the entire restaurant are exceptional and beautiful, and help to create the brand identity and maintain it for this restaurant,


Everyone knows this place, because it has expanding exponentially throughout the last ten years. Their brand identity has to do with remaining as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, providing recycled packaging products, organic meat and dairy, and that idea is translated into their rustic restaurant design that is distinct to their brand.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an obvious contender when it comes to branding identities that work to its advantage. From their restaurants actually appearing as huts, to their logos always rebranding yet always staying the same.

The Brick

Sustainability and local and fresh food is a particularly new trend that is overtaking the restaurant business as a whole. Their entire brand identity is behind this idea, down to their restaurant decor and actual drinks and food products on their menu.

Dr Smood

Dr Smood is another casual dining experience with a modern ambiance, due to the quality of ingredients and interior design. This restaurant is riding the sustainability trend and deliver exceptional food products that are all on brand.

Momi Ramen

Momi Ramen is considered one of the best ramen restaurants in Miami. Their web design is engaging and well put together, much like their entire brand identity, with quality and simplicity being the main concepts that keep this restaurant on top. Like we always find, less is always more!

Milk Money 

Milk Money is a higher end quality restaurant that produces quality healthy and decadent food and drink, with sustainable and healthy ingredients. The brand identity is alluring to younger customers because of its modern quality and small but impactful choices of products, like kombucha on tap.

Tao Las Vegas

This restaurant/bar/nightclub has a brand identity that is alike to a five star hotel. Their entire brand is centered around luxury, fun, and quality. This is translated in their brand, as well as in their web design, which includes an actual virtual tour of the actual restaurant itself.



Feroz is a restaurant in Barcelona in which the brand identity has a lot to do with luxury and modern looks, making for one of the most modernized and well made brand identities in Barcelona.


Empire Steak House

Another restaurant found in New York City, Empire Steak House is a hospitable yet high end eatery in which the brand identity is just that- making people feel comfortable and at home, while feeding them top quality food that will make you feel good.



Found in Portugal, Nogueiras is a restaurant that allowed their art director to create an innovative brand identity, along with good food cooked over a fire. The web design is well produced, as is the overall brand identity, leaving its’ customers wanting to come back from a visually appealing and appetite filling restaurant experience.


Wonder Press

This is a more casual experience, due to the fact that this place is based on being organic, and instead of eating, you mostly do drinking, with cold pressed juices and organic, vegan milks. They also  offer food that has only the best, most organic and gluten free options, which allows its’ customers to enjoy quality, healthy food accompanied with a clean, modern and minimalistic brand identity and style that will be sure to blow everyone away.

wonder press


Aoki is a Japanese restaurant located in Miami, Florida, with a brand identity of old Japanese style. This brand identity is mirrored by the types of dishes, and interior design. It is approachable, interesting, inviting and stylish.



Grato is known for being in-between casual dining and fine dining. This is because their food quality is high, with house made ingredients and this is translated to their brand identity and design style.


The Freehouse

The Freehouse, located in Minneapolis, is a casual, rustic designed restaurant that offers food from breakfast to dinner, along with a huge selection of beers that most restaurants don’t or cannot offer.



Obviously, with the logo design and the name, it isn’t a surprise that this restaurant is centered around the making of waffles. With a modern and hip design both in packaging and interior design in the actual restaurant, the brand identity is a modern feel and twist on traditional Belgium waffles.



Located in Hong Kong, the design team that created the brand identity based it on street art and designs, which goes hand in hand with dim sum, a common and traditional dining experience in China.


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