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Looking for some print design inspiration for your future projects? Take a look at these absolutely amazing posters designs! Some of the concepts and ideas used in these poster designs are pure genius and will surely amaze you too!

In this list of 20 amazing posters created by some very talented designer teams worldwide! These posters have various themes such as: food, eco, typography, festivals and more.

Get inspired with these amazing posters designs and create beautiful ones yourself! Which ones are your favorite from this 20 amazing posters roundup?

By Tom Davie

This is a beautiful collection of posters by Chicago-based Tom Davie over at studiotwentysix2. The typography used in this great collection is truly inspiring.

By Tom Davie Print Inspiration

Environmental Graphics

This is a really cool design which was placed on a white wall. The typography slash effect is really eye-catching.

environmental graphics Print Inspiration

Outliers | Amazing Posters

This is a movie poster. It was created for the film Premiere & Live A/V Event in Chicago July 10th, Lincoln Hall – Outliers.

Outliers Print Inspiration


Every leaf traps CO2 is the tagline for this awesome eco campaign. The awareness campaign is called Plant for the planet, and has multiple poster designs. This one is called The Factory.

eco Print Inspiration

Doug Beube, Vector, 2007

This is a cool typography design created by Doug Beube, and aprt of the series, Vector, 2007.

Doug Beube Print Inspiration

Global Warming | Amazing Posters

This is a really great Global Warming poster designed by Japanese designer Shimura Norito, in 2006.

Global Warming poster by Japanese designer Shimura Norito, 2006 (via iainclaridge)

S Festival

Poster Festival of Sight and Sound |Designer/letterer: Sandy Karman. The concept behind this is really smart, can you guess what it is?

 Print Inspiration

Felix Pfaeffli

There must be a way out of here – is the message behind this awesome black and white typography poster.

Felix Pfaeffli Print Inspiration

Food & Wine Festival

This food and wine festival poster has a bold, creative design. Advertising Agency: Showpony Advertising, Australia, Creative Director: Parris Mesidis, Art Director: Jonathan Pagano, Copywriter: Parris Mesidis, Photographer: Liam West, Published: April 2012.

Food & Wine Festival Print Inspiration

Newtown Flicks Film Festival Poster

This is a festival poster for a short film festival based in Newtown, Sydney.

Newtown Flicks Film Festival Poster Christopher Doyle

Spiritual master works

As the largest full-time performing arts organization in South Carolina, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra is a central component in the rich cultural foundation of the region. This poster was created to promote it.

spiritual master works Print Inspiration

C a r a n d ‘A c h e

This is a beautiful poster for the famous caryon company Carand’Ache. It looks great, doesn’t it?

C a r a n d 'A c h e Print Inspiration

MoMA Forum  | Amazing Posters

This is a gorgeous, very visual-appealing, poster design for MOMA. The colors are very well chosen and the subtle shadows look wonderful.

nakamulak MoMA Forum - Jessica Svendsen Print Inspiration

IIT Poster: Spring 2009 | Work | Thirst

The way text is placed on this poster design is very clever! The white stripes with text create a very visual appealing image.

IIT Poster Spring 2009 Work Thirst

poster / helio, watercolor

This is a band and poster collaboration with Sean Tucker of Dog & Pony showprints. Appeared in Print Magazine’s 2009 Regional Design Annual.

poster helio, watercolor

Rariteta poster

This is a colorful and very graphic poster design. The concept is really unique and special. What do you think?

Rariteta poster

staynice projector poster by staynice

Staynice is a graphic design studio run by two brothers. They enjoy to play with shapes and characters, and so they did it, very successfully we may add, in this poster collection.

staynice projector poster by staynice

exhibition poster :: DIN in new york

DIN is one of the architectural and structural German typefaces, introducing the typeface history and family with New York buildings. Poster, Book, Package, and Invitation use similar building image for the cover, these are look similar but all different. Check out the complete project in the link above.

exhibition poster DIN in new york

Alphabetic Digital Art Project by Knarfart

Here are some selected works of an alphabetic digital art project by the Dutch graphic designer Frank van der Hak aka Knarfart.

Alphabetic Digita Art Project by Knarfart Print Inspiration

Berlin Poster – Remy Sanchez

Here is a selection of Berlin, Germany poster designs. The graphics and typography look really good!

Berlin Poster - Remy Sanchez

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