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As designers, we come across many design memes and funny images. Today we searched Pinterest for some of the funniest and most accurate funny posters and memes designers will relate to. We selected 20 of them, the ones we liked most. What do you think? With which one of these 20 funny posters do you relate the most?

#1, #7 and #19 are our favorites. Which ones are yours?

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P.S. If you find the sources of these awesome memes and funny posters, let us know in a comment below and we’ll add the links to them. Unfortunately, we didn’t find them on Pinterest.

1. The Designer vs. The Client

Funny Posters and Memes Designers Pin

This is definitely our favorite poster! This poster is very funny and I’m sure many of can relate to it. A designer is definitely the one holding the pen but what can they do when the client is the erasing gum?

2. The Creative Process

The Creative Process funny Pin

All great projects start with a break and that’s exactly what this amazing poster suggests. Procrastination isn’t always a bad thing it might even help you start a project with a fresh mind.

3. Stretching fonts problem

Stretching fonts problem Pin

We’ve all heard or felt the Stretching font problem and so did the designer who made this poster.

4. How to piss off your designer

How to piss off your designer Pin

You can easily piss off your designer friends with a creative project that doesn’t follow any direction or is without a concept and this poster is a proof of how you can do it.

5. Funny Posters and Memes | Clients – pick two!

Funny Posters and Memes designers Pin

You’ll rarely come across a perfect client, that’s a fact. This poster through is quite funny and makes you choose 2 qualities you appreciate the most in a client.

6. Shot  the serif

Shot  the serif Pin

This poster is definitely unique and funny. It is not related to clients nor to things that annoy designers but the idea is still unique and funny. This poster can definitely put a smile on a designer’s face!

7. Stop using Comic Sans.

Stop using Comic Sans Pin

No 7 is definitely amongst our favorite posters from this showcase and you can see why. There was a time when the comic sans font was quite popular, but seeing it nowadays in a design can be frustrating.

8. There is always someone willing to do it cheaper.

There is always someone willing to do it cheaper Pin

You might come across clients who want big projects for a small price, and yes, as this poster suggests, there’s always someone who’s willing to do it cheaper. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily imply quality as well, though.

9. Funny Posters and Memes | Coffee and typography.

unny Posters and Memes Coffee and typography Pin

This is definitely a poster that can put a smile on your face instantly.  Some designers like typefaces the same way they like their coffee, black.

10. Corporate graphic design guide.

Corporate graphic design guide Pin

This is an explicit guide to corporate design. If the project is unique all you have to do is destroy it and make it look simple and start over.

11. Funny Posters and Memes | Parking only.

Funny Posters and Memes design Parking only Pin

This is yet another funny poster which will make you smile.

12. Graphic design 101

Graphic design 101 Pin

Yes, that’s correct. If you took a bad photo and you want to make it look better all you have to do is add a simple vintage effect and a Helvetica font.

13. How would you like your graphic design?

How would you like your graphic design Pin

This is yet another awesome funny poster to which we can all relate. Choose carefully, you can only pick two.

14. Designer vs. regular people.

Designer vs. regular people Pin

Salmon? isn’t that a fish? you must have heard this many times when you were talking about colors to a regular person.

15. Graphic designers

Graphic designers meme Pin

Have a look at this awesome meme, check out what it is like to be a graphic designer and see if you can relate. This meme explains exactly what your friends, family, and clients think you’re doing as well as what you’re actually doing as a graphic designer.

16. Yo momma graphic designer joke

Yo momma graphic designer joke Pin

This is a really funny “yo momma” graphic designer joke. Check out each row and choose your favorite joke!

17. I’m very font of you…

I'm very font of you Pin

No. 17 is also amongst our favorite posters.This poster is really funny although it may look simple because it is only a black background and a sentence. The message is clear though. We all have that favorite font that we can’t stay away from and this is exactly what the poster suggests.

18. PS

PS joke Pin

No. 18 is a really funny poster to which you’ll surely relate. There’s no greater feeling than successfully selecting a really hard element in Photoshop.

19. Last-minute panic.

Last-minute panic design Pin

We’ve all felt that last minute panic when you’re not sure whether you’ll finish the project on time and this meme surely managed to represent it exactly as it is. If you thought you can’t simply turn on creativity like a faucet then you haven’t felt real panic.

20. Official.

Official joke design Pin

Not everything looks official with tiny leaves around it, you have to use the right serif font to do that.

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