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As time goes on, more and more websites are choosing Google web Fonts for their rich opportunities and regular updates. It is not a secret that stylized and flashy lettering can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a page. Designers experiment with larger and smaller fonts to create more visually dynamic websites. It takes some time to find the needed typeface, but as a result, you ensure a strong and not ordinary effect of your brand.

Whether you are a graphic, print or web designer, a high-quality fonts collection is a must. If you haven’t created one yet, it’s time to organize your fonts into a collection and add some more new and creative fonts to it. This way it will be a lot easier to design and there will be no wasted time on searching the perfect font for your project.

In this list, you will find both serif and sans serif rounded fonts. In typography, sans-serif refers to a style that does not have small projecting features, or serifs, at the end of the strokes. This typeface goes by several names, including sans-serif, san serif, sans, or gothic. Gothic is a somewhat outmoded term, but you will still see it from time to time in font names like Century Gothic or Trade Gothic.

While both font types are used on the web, sans serif has become more prevalent in body text, and in headers as well, due to readability considerations. Today’s computers and web hardware systems do a better job of displaying serif fonts, even on small devices; but the use of sans serif for body text is still the preference of most designers. No matter which font type or style a designer may elect to use, there is always the challenge of how it will display on one device vs. another.

Many who specialize in font design take the issue of choosing between serif and sans serif fonts into account, and they design web fonts not only for their artistic appeal or uniqueness, but so they can also be dynamically downloaded to ensure the text will display correctly, from device to device. When the font you select displays as it should do, it may be because whoever designed it, did so with optimal digital performance in mind.

The following serif and sans serif rounded fonts should give you some ideas on how these font styles could best be put to use, whether in print or on the web. Feel free to download any that happen to strike your fancy.

So, without further ado, here are 10 rounded fonts that we liked. These are perfect for elegant designs, with round design elements. Help your visitors to perceive your web page in a more entertaining way with these awesome rounded fonts.


Brie Rounded Font

If you are looking to expand your font collection then this example is definitely a must-have. Brie is a beautifully designed, round font with thin, elegant features which simply can not miss from your arsenal. Have a look at this font, download it and try it out and watch how your designs improve immeasurably. This font is licensed for commercial use and royalty free, so do not miss the chance to have this font in your collection.

Elfar Normal G98

Elfar Normal G98 Rounded Font

UrbanFonts features an amazing collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats. Elfar Normal G98 font is very neat and has a vintage feel. The lettering design is great and would give a sensitive and elegant touch to your designs. It is definitely a font that can not miss from your arsenal and which can come in really handy in future projects. Have a look!

Linesquare Rounded 

Linesquare Rounded Font

If the previous examples were “too round” for your taste then the Linesquare Rounded might become your next go-to font. This is one great combination between square fonts and round fonts. This square font with slightly rounded corners finds its inspiration in Basic and extended Latin.

Dream Orphans

Dream Orphans Rounded Font

Dream Orphans is one free font you’ll love and it is an absolute must in your fonts collection. The Ultimate Font Download is the largest and best selling font collection online containing over 10,000 fonts licensed for commercial use and royalty free. This font can make your designs look elegant and neat and it simply can not miss from your font collection.

Do Not Eat This

Do Not Eat This Rounded Font

Check out this really amazing and unique font! Do Not Eat This is another cool font with both round and square features, which you can successfully use for logo design or in headings. This is a sans serif font, free to download and add to your fonts collection.

Eddie Rounded

Eddie Rounded Font

This is a sans serif font, free to download and add to your fonts collection. It’s a cool round font with “gap” details. This is a really trendy and modern font which can be used in all sorts of designs but be careful though when you use it as it may become a little difficult to read. All in all, this is a great font to have in your freebies collection and will definitely make your designs look great!


Bisque Rounded Font

If you were looking for a light or hairline font instead of a bolded or an all-caps one then Bisque might be the one you have been searching for. Personally, I am a huge fan of thin fonts and Bisque is one great example! These type of fonts are really trendy nowadays and they can be used in basically any kind of design. If used properly, it can definitely add an elegant and professional touch to your design projects. This font is licensed for commercial use and royalty free. Feel free to take a closer look at this amazing font, download it and watch how your designs improve.


Powerweld Rounded Font

Powerweld is a cool, bold round font, with a very modern touch to its lettering design. This is yet another cool example of a rounded font that cannot miss from your design library. It is yet another font that can look great in logo design but not only! You can download it for free and use it as you please in any kind of design projects.


Virgo Rounded Font

If you are up for some more amazing fonts then you should definitely have a look at this good example of an all-caps font. All-caps fonts always come in really handy. You never know when you’ll need one in your design. The Virgo is a basic, all caps font, with rounded corners which would be a great asset in your freebies arsenal. This font would look great used in logos or in headings. It has an interesting, unique design which can be used in many creative ways to improve your design project. All in all, you should not miss the chance to have this font in your collection.


Chlorine Rounded Font

Last but not least, this is yet another cool font for you to check and use in your projects. Chlorine font has some really nice details and it is high quality and very well designed. This is a sans serif font, free to download and add to your fonts collection. Have a look at this amazing font and see if it is worthy to be part of your arsenal.

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