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10 Useful Small Business and Startup WordPress Themes

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Most web designer’s clients work in a highly competitive world. This is especially true for small businesses and startups. On a daily basis, they are trying to solidify their presence in their given niches.

As an ultimate goal, they strive to stand out from the competition. For this, they need to have award-winning websites. Only like this, they will be able to advertise and promote their goods or services in a proper way.

Determining the content for a website is normally the client’s responsibility. Still, a professional website designer always knows how that content should be presented. Once the content is nailed down, building a website can be accomplished quickly. You just need to have the right tools on hand!

You don’t have to look beyond this list to find the right tools. The themes listed here are ideal for creating small business and startup websites. They also are a great for many other types of websites.

Be Theme

Small business Wp theme - 1

What makes Be Theme a good choice for building small businesses and startups websites?

Being the biggest WordPress theme ever certainly has its advantages, as those interested in creating websites for startups and small businesses will quickly discover. Be Theme simply has more tools, concepts, and website-building ideas than the competition.

A challenge often facing web designers, when working with a small business or startup client, is to determine the layouts for a website that will be promoting goods or services in a small, and somewhat unique niche. One option is to conduct a search for a theme that will provide a good starting point. Another option is to start from scratch.

Be Theme, with its 260+ pre-built websites, offers a quick solution to the first option. Locating a website that closely matches a client’s needs is usually a quick and easy exercise. Any pre-built website can be downloaded with a single click, after which Be’s Muffin Builder and Options Panel take over. Be’s generous selection of shortcodes eliminates any need for writing code.


Small Business WP Theme - 2

Why is The Core a good choice for a small business website?

One example is The Core’s Cribs theme; a theme that is particularly suitable for an architect’s business. This is just one of many themes this multipurpose WordPress theme provides. Many of these themes provide the basic layout concepts and functionality for a small business website.

The themes are completely customizable. Together with the visual page builder, and a whole host of design options, you should have little trouble producing a responsive, WooCommerce- and WPML-ready website that fully satisfies a small business owner’s wants and needs.

Purchase plans, currently offered at a discount, are available for building a single website, or an unlimited number. Whichever plan you select, you’ll receive free updates as they’re released, and dedicated support.


Small Business WordPress  Theme - 3

What makes this creative theme a good choice for a small business or startup?

          Oshine is a multi-layout WordPress theme featuring 27 stunning demos suitable for creating any type of website, naturally including websites for startups and small businesses. Each demo features a clean, modern design, is customizable, and can be installed with one click.

Once you’ve selected and installed a demo that offers a good starting point, Tatsu, Oshine’s visual front-end page builder, along with Oshine’s option panel, will get you on your way. No matter which options you select, or how much editing is required, you’ll always have total control over your layouts.

For creatives, small businesses, or startups wanting to display their goods or services in a portfolio, the possibilities for creating stunning portfolios are limitless. Add the fact that this theme is WPML and WooCommerce compatible, and you have what it takes to build a better website.


Small business WordPress theme - 4

Why would Ultra by Themify be a good choice for startups?

Ultra’s drag and drop approach to building pages a row at a time is fast and efficient; and creating a website in a short time, is often what startups look for. This approach also lends itself to making rapid changes. This fits in nicely with the dynamic environments startups often find themselves in.

Ultra currently provides 34 customizable and responsive, pre-designed rows to work with.


WordPress Theme for small businesses and startups

What makes Houzez ideal for a small business website?

Despite its flexibility, Houzez was created to build websites for real estate agencies, making it the best possible choice for doing so. All the features and functionalities realtors need are present and ready to publish.

Just insert new content where appropriate, and it’s possible to have a real estate agency’s website up and running in an hour or two.


WP theme for startups

What makes Uncode a good choice for startups and small businesses?

Startups and small businesses often face fierce competition, and will profit from having a clean, crisp, and modern website to promote their goods or services.

Uncode is a pixel perfect, ultra-professional WordPress theme that features clean, modern layouts that lend themselves perfectly to building portfolios, magazine-style websites, e-commerce websites, or whatever type of site a small business or startup would be looking for.


WordPress themes for startups


How is TheGem suited for building a startup’s website?

Designed and developed as the ultimate web building toolbox of design elements, styles & features, TheGem enables you to build impressive, high-performance business and startup websites in minutes, without touching a line of code.

With its 50+ unique multi-purpose design concepts, 150 stunning demo pages, 8 navigation settings in over 20 styles, plus flexible page layouts, the possibilities are unlimited. This is the perfect theme for businesses of any size or purpose, startup presentations, product pages, agencies and more.

KLEO – Ready to Go Theme for Your Business

Kleo small business wordpress theme

What makes KLEO a good pick for a startup’s site?

KLEO is a community-focused multipurpose theme, making it an ideal choice for building websites that help startups get on the map, and gain the attention needed to grow and succeed.

KLEO has a wealth of demos to choose from; plus, it’s amazingly plugin-friendly, and consequently more flexible than many of its peers. You can test KLEO’s many design options for free before you buy.


Kallyas startups WP theme

What does Kallyas offer startups and small business?

Kallyas has been among the 15 best-selling WordPress themes since its inception, nearly 5 years ago. Its reputation speaks for itself. This multipurpose theme is loaded with the features needed to make it a go-to theme for small businesses and startups.

50+ pre-built websites, a cool visual website builder, plenty of video tutorials, and dedicated support make website building quick, easy, and fun.


Infinite WP theme

Why is Infinite a cool choice for a startup or small business site.?

Infinite is cool because it includes all the tools needed to build an award-winning site for a startup or small business. Pre-built website demos, arranged in 4 categories, will help get you started. You won’t have any problem at all finding a demo suitable for a particular niche.

Infinite is also a cool choice because, for a limited time, it can be yours at a significant discount.

Wrapping Things Up

You shouldn’t have a problem finding the right theme for a startup or small business project from this list. Yet, you might encounter the problem of having to choose among several great products.

At the very least, it would be nearly impossible to make a poor choice.

We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on what you based your choice(s) on, or what you feel might be missing.

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