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Lightroom presets are incredible time-savers for photographers. They help them save a lot of time with the photo editing and retouching process.

We selected 40 free Lightroom presets both professional and novice photographers can use. These amazing Lightroom presets will make your photos pop and your clients will love them!

To use these, you will need Adobe Lightroom, of course, but if you’re a photographer, it means you’re already familiar with it. Plus, it has a very user-friendly interface similar to Adobe Photoshop.

Black and White

This Lightroom set supports all the file format . You can use to replicate certain black and white films.

Fuji Velvia

Fuji Velvia film became famous for its rich saturated colors and this preset is inspired by it. You can use it on your landscapes or any photo where you want colors to pop and be deeply saturated.


Grain and Film

This Adobe Lightroom preset pack is perfect for anyone looking to add grain and a retro film effect to photos. It includes vintage film, black & white, grain and noise, and cinematic effect presets.


Desaturate Me

These dramatic free Lightroom effects cause desaturation on the photos that are applied to.


CatchingStand Black and White Pack 1

This is a set of 3 free Lightroom Presets for black and white treatments. It contains the following:  Miami Ink – blue tint,  Summer Wheat – golden yellow tint,  Slate – pure grey.


Winter Wonderland

This Lightroom preset pack includes some winter-time presets for Lightroom. From black & white, desaturated, and de-haze presets, all the way to sky enhancers, vintage retro, and other various effects.


Bad Ass Film

Want to be a star? Use this free preset this on a cool portrait and get the instant film look.


Goldy Browny Effect

This is free preset for Lightroom 3, you can use to add an old golden effect with a little bit of green tint.


ON1 Signature Collection Vol. 1

Use this preset to enhance your images. This collection contains 60 presets, created with the adjustment tools found in Lightroom.



Here are 10 free Lightroom presets that simulate the look of a Holga camera. Now you can use them too!


Faded Film Look

Here are two great presets to add a faded film look and  vintage feeling to your photos.


PH The Weddings

This is a collection of free Lightroom presets for those of you who are into wedding photography.


ON1 Signature Collection Vol. 2

Use this preset collection to enhance your images. It contains 29 presets for Lightroom which will help you get the look of popular Instagram filters.


Wedding Fantasy

This Lightroom style is used a lot in wedding and engagement photos but it works for just about any outdoor photo. It has that ultra saturated bright look with lots of vignetting to it.


Sin City

This is a free Lightroom preset to bring out that red color in your shots.


Matt Kloskowski’s Spotlight

This preset pack takes advantage of the Radial Filter effect in Lightroom. It helps you put a spotlight effect on an area.


Silky Smooth Skin

Looking for a smooth free Lightroom preset for baby shots? Here’s a preset that will reduce shadows in the skin and make your baby look even softer.


Nicolesy’s Matte

This Lightroom preset pack will give your photos a vintage, faded, matte look. Each preset softens the blacks and adds a slight split toning effect.


Cross Processed

This is a free Lightroom preset that will give your photos a cross processed look. The preset works in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC with both RAW files and .jpg files


Color Print Film Emulation

Here are 18 presets that simulate color print film emulations! They are a collection of two sets. The first one has “auto-tone” applied and the second one is neutral/without.



(no longer available)

These free Lightroom sample presets include the following: B&W Portraits Detailed Matte, B&W Romance 5, Touch of Drama, Wet Plate Chocolate Shadows and Deeply Matte Color Cream Wash.


Trey Ratcliff

These presets will make you happy! They add an awesome glow to your photos.



This free Lightroom preset will give your photos a film-inspired look. These presets work very well with a wide variety of photos, ranging from landscapes to portraits.


Vibrant Color cHDR

This free Lightroom preset is perfect for making your dull photos come to life. It adds color as well as increase the dynamic range.


Weddings Look

This preset increases exposure/brightness, adding warmth, contrast, vibrancy, a slight vignette and portrait sharpening. The second one is a brighter version for underexposed photos.



This is a Lightroom preset you can use to give your photos a faded vintage look.


Fashion Darlings

Fashion Darlings is a set with 3 Lightroom presets that change your fashion photography into chiffon, velvet, and diamond ambiance.


Clean Vintage

Clean Vintage is a free Lightroom preset that changes your photos into a vintage shade. It is a basic preset for any kind of portraits.


Copper Tone Skin

Don’t have copper tone browned skin? Just fake it with this awesome Lightroom preset.


Wedding Day

Wedding Day is a Lightroom preset for wedding photos. It handles the vibrancy and saturation.



This is a free Lightroom preset that will give your photos an HDR-like look quickly and easily.


Fashion Look

If you’re looking for that a fashion look on your model shots, these presets will work pretty good.


MCP Mini Enlighten

 MCP Enlighten Presets allow you to define your style, tone your image, and give your photos a professional look.


Vintage Wash

This free Lightroom preset makes it easy to give your photos a gorgeous vintage effect.


Strong HDR

Want to give your photos a strong HDR-like effect? It’s easy with this free Lightroom preset.


Fashion Shot

Fashion Shot is a collection of 3 Lightroom presets that will make your photos look professional.


Polaroid Style

The first preset is titled x=polaroid+yellow and brings in the yellow color cast. The second has a cyan tone.


Summer Theme

Here are 8 free summer themed Adobe Lightroom presets created by Kevin Hosford.


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