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Today’s article contains an amazing collection of 20 free condensed fonts which can be used in various types of designs, for instance: posters, invitations, logos, headings, branding, marketing products, and more.

See which font inspires you and choose the right one for your projects. These condensed fonts come in different styles: bold, italic, black, lightweight, etc. and also some have hand-written styles, while others box layouts, and many more unique designs.

Although these free condensed fonts can be downloaded and used in personal projects, please check the license file individually, to see if you can also use them freely in commercial ones.

Forever Brush Script Font

This is a lovely typeface created by Pedro Teixeira Foundry. It’s a demo version and it’s available for personal use. For the full version and licenses follow this link.

Forever Brush Script free condensed fonts Pin


This lovely font is available for freeware and for non-commercial use, offering two styles, regular and neon. The commercial version is also available for purchase.

FTY DELIRIUM NCV FONT free condensed fonts Pin

Specify PERSONAL Normal Font

One of the most varied fonts in styles, with no less than 40 styles available. This typeface was created by Måns Grebäck and it’s licensed for freeware and non-commercial use.

Specify PERSONAL Normal Font free condensed fonts Pin

Grand Hotel Font

A hand-written style with a classic look inspired by the title screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole”. This font is available for both personal and commercial use.

Grand Hotel free condensed fonts Pin

Heathergreen Font

This font takes up more vertical space and is designed to fill body text or accompany titles. The fonts include ordinals, small caps, stylistic sets, ligatures, and alternates. A demo version of the regular style is included for personal use. Full version and licensing information can be found by visiting its page.

Heathergreen free condensed fonts Pin

American Purpose Casual Font

This is an amazing typeface which has a beautiful design. Download and use it in your future designs. 

American Purpose Casual free condensed fonts Pin

FHA Condensed French Font

The full commercial version, with open type alternates, ligatures, and extended language support is available for immediate download at the following link.

FHA Condensed French Font Pin

License Plate Font

This typeface is available for both personal and commercial use. It is an all-uppercase font and it will look beautiful in cards and invitations as well as in many other projects.

License Plate free condensed fonts Pin

Thomas Mag Font

Thomas Mag is a great font which you can use for sleek logo designs and headlines. This design features multiple weights and it’s available for free for non-commercial purposes.

Thomas Mag free condensed font Pin

Scantype  Font

This is a wonderful, narrow, elegant, round-shaped font, which is available for personal use. Download and use it in your current or upcoming designs. 

Scantype free condensed Font Pin

The Black Box Font

The Black Box consists of a negative message which is written on a black background, surrounded by a frame. This typeface includes lots of options and variations and it’s free for personal uses. 

The Black Box free condensed Font Pin

The Tribal Box Font

This typeface was created by deFharo. The Tribal Box is a sans-serif condensed font surrounded by a box, available for free only for personal use.

The Tribal Box free condensed Font Pin

Munich Font

This is an all-uppercase lightweight font available for personal use in a demo version. The full version includes also punctuation, diacritics, and special characters. This font was created by Out Of Step Font Company.

Munich free condensed Font Pin

Norse Font

For personal and commercial use, this font has a unique design inspired by Egyptian cuneiform writing. This typeface was designed by Joel Carrouche and it’s available in two styles.

Norse free condensed Font Pin

Mikodacs Font

This retro font is available for free download for both personal and commercial uses. It comes in two styles, offering the option of small caps.

Mikodacs free condensed Font Pin

BrightonTwo Sans NBP Font

BrightonTwo comes in 6 variations: Sans, Serif, Slab Serif, Square, SmallCaps, and Gothika. This narrow font can be used for personal and commercial purposes. This font includes capital letters only in Cyrillic and Greek for the moment.

BrightonTwo Sans NBP free condensed Font Pin

Sadie Sans Font

This beautiful typeface was created by PetroVivier. It can be downloaded and used for both personal and commercial uses. This font is great for logo designs, headings, and posters.

Sadie Sans free condensed Font Pin

Montepetrum Font

Montepetrum is an amazing font created by Johan Aakerlund. You can download and use it for free for both personal and commercial uses.

Montepetrum free condensed Font Pin

Pathway Gothic One Font

This is a basic, sans-serif font created in 2013 for both personal and commercial use. This design was created by Eduardo Tunni and it can be downloaded for free. 

Pathway Gothic One free condensed Font Pin

Authentic Hilton Font

Licensed as freeware and non-commercial this font is perfect for cards, invitations, posters or other designs. This design was created by Maellekeita and it can be downloaded for free. 

Authentic Hilton free condensed Font Pin

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